Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Under Pressure ...I think i am unable to work....

I got my first real job in my life as a call operator for Jetstar 2 weeks ago. After going through traning for a week, I finally started to answer calls from New Zealand and Australia.

I can't handle the call........i can't !!!!!!!! I am under PRESSURE!!!!!!!!!!!
I choose to work because I had wasted the past 6 months for nothing and my college only starts in August. But the thing is I sleep very late in the night and a normal 9-5pm job is not really my cup of tea. To be honest, I choose to work with the company as I heard that it is a 24hours call centre which provide night shift.

But now, I think that this job is not for me.

This is mainly because of the shifts that I was assigned to. I am an owl. that's why I hated the shift which starts from 7am/9am and ends at 3pm/6pm. I can only take the night shift after I have at least one month experience! wth?

Secondly, I can't take complaining calls as I myself am hot temper. And some of the Aussies are damn freaking rude! I hate it!

Jaya33 is a super nice office suit but the traffic jams in the morning sucks, I got no car and the public transport is very inconvenient!

This is not what I want. I can't take that kind of pressure. Maybe I'm not suitable for the job.

I hate the morning shifts that assigned to me because I feel very tired while working. The shift totally cut down my productivity! I want the night shifts!

The only thing that I appreciate most is that all my colleagues treat me very good. Besides, the office ambiance is pretty difference from ordinary office and it is full of colours!

I am very very tired now. The shift is freaking torturing. I feel like I want to quit the job but I don't hope to end my first job just like that. I want completion as DD always tell me, successful people always complete what they start.

But how?? This is only the first day I handle cal and I started to hate it... Should I go back to my normal life? Will it be better?

Sigh.. I gotta go to bed now, tired. Bye bye, good night guys. take care.. I will update on the Singapore trip as fast as possible ok.. so sorry about that..


Barbie said...

Uh Oh! Under pressure? Why? Princess? The work is kinda tiring or wat?

Let's just wait and see for the next couple of days or maybe weeks. Princess might not used to the current job, but if you give urself sometimes, you might get used to it, and enjoys working ^ ^

However, if BB still find it hard, maybe the last choice is to quit, and hunt for a new one! Just my comment, babe! Follow your heart! <3

Princess always have my support! I love you! *hug*

Kelly said...

Cheer up Princessbb ,everything will be okay .