Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Party everyday .. Say Party everyday

I gotta feeling, that tonight's gonna be a good night, that tonight's gonna be good night, that tonight's gonna be a good good night ~ Feeling! wuuhuu ~

I gotta feeling became our favorite song since August, and even now we still love it !!!!
It always cheered me up when I was down XD ... YEEHAA...

Oh,Monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday, friday, saturday ~ saturday and sunday ~
Get Get Get Get Get with us..U know what we say, say party everyday, PPP party everyday !!!!
(This is my favorite part XD)

"I got my money, Let's spend it up !!!"
(This is Kah Yong Favorite, and he sing the loudest when it comes to this phrase)

So here are some recent party pictures , it was at MOS and Penang ...

Eve for chilling XD Rachel and I


I really got drunk easily ...

Penang Freaks..

May was working there on that night, and also her first night there, so we went there to show her some supports !! XD




Amelia and Billy Jeans


BTW..I am looking for RED Dress...I love red ..... I so freaking love Red Dress recently !


Note : YEE HAA!!!! The Halloween Party is COMING On this Saturday !!! Oh!! I can't wait !!!

Party Mood
Vic Vicky Victoria

Thursday, October 22, 2009

7ate9 all in white

Remember that I told ya we were so happening recently. Party, outing, party, outing and 7ate9 was one of them...
AND! Soon we will go to a vacation XD ..Yeah..babes..I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!
U know what, it was my dream actually, I talked about overseas vacation with a bunch of good friends since form 3 ..
But friends always couldn't make it and ended up I travelled alone or with my family =='
But wish my dream will come true....I love u, my babes...

OKOK, out of topic now, I wanted to post this for so long...but I was waiting for the photos from Amelia ...
And Finally...I got it today XD .....

It was on 10th Oct 09 ..
Amelia invited us to the event ...
And it was the first time I wore a white dress to attend an event....
U know what..I never like to wear a white dress but because of that event I bought a white dress for myself and it turned out I got many compliments from friends, and my bf ........
Oh...I love white dresses now .... XD

So here it goes :

Welcome to 7atenine all in white !!!

Wines of the night ...

The sexy pose and "welcome to 7ate9 "
from amelia when we arrived there.

The ambience:

The babes & Camwhore :

Shryne the babes

Amelia & S

Shryne and I

The Babes

Billy Jeans

Drunk Ass..

Amelia And I

Shryne and the boobs...

Let's eat!!!!!

The Calamari, The Pizza and the Martini ....

I friggin love this Calamari Rings ....

They were so hungry..

And Let's get Drunk !!!

Drunk Cat 1

Drunk Cat 2

She wanted to be Hawaii Girl...XD

Daniel the boy friend??? Amelia the Girl friend??? Nah..where was Billy Jeans ?? XD

Finish this with the boobs of the night XD


Note of the day : Yeah..I will try to update twice a week instead of one..XD Happy ...