Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Oh Baby..

Gosh, My life was surrounded by Parties and assignments recently. Sigh, assignments are getting more and more nowadays but I will never forget about party, yeah baby, sometime we have to relax right ....
I Had a CheongK Session@ Neway after class with my girls, and no doubt they gone crazy again and again ... Anyway, It was great. 

==' Shryne and baby Jess
Erm .....Lawrence and KahYong here
Opps...1 more..U know, girls will never forget about shopping. A new Christian Dior bracelet was added into my wardrobe. XD
The CD bracelet

Saturday, April 18, 2009


I, like a Bad Girl, was absent for the class today. And the reason???? Because I couldn't finish my freaking assignment due to the out-of-ink printer ==' 
So Kah Yong and I went to Pavilion again as I wanna shopping !!!! Yeah ...
But u know what, I only bought a belt and a birthday present for my friend. 
I was really out of mood when I was at Pavilion. I didn't know if you guys had this kind of feeling? It's like you wouldn't see anything nice even though they were nice.

The only belt I bought, Boring =='

Dior White Lotion as the birthday present. Best wishes from All of us ^^ 

Anyway, I went to college around 5pm as we got nothing to do at Pavilion (due to my emo-ness ). And guess what, I borrowed some books from the Library, they were all about Walt Disney ! OMG, Awesome awesome !!!!!! 

Yeah, Disney Rocks !!

Yes ! Cars , I love this Movie !!! MUACC MUACC MUACC!!!

Designing Disney's Theme Park ! I love this !

My sweet Ratatouille..^^

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Poppy, Open air club ..What if raining ??
The Swimming Pool
 Someone got thrown into the pool ..LOL
Yeah..Drunk ass..

The 3
Shryne and Peiling

Monday, April 6, 2009


Hmm, Nothing good but bad happened recently, I lost Rm1K ++ last week, Sighh....Oh, Detachment, Detachment!!
Anyway, This time I gonna Blog about some random picture ^^ 
These are some of the pictures we took at MOS @ Euphoria during Hedkandi event:

BByin,Yin Yin or Me and Shryne @ HedKandi MOS

Me,Shryne,BabyJess (another clubbing day at MOS)
KahYong , Shryne , BabyJess and Kenny 

Besides, I have some random pictures that were taken after clubbing .
It was after we came back from the Quattro Grand Opening Party and after removing everything like make up, nice dress bla bla bla...

Camewhoring by my Sweet and Pinky  BabyMAC.
Baby Jess and I
 peace or their so called lala pose..LOL XD.....

Oh ...Ugly ...And the Yummy Pringles 

The strawberry Shortcake Body Mist 
Sexy Pretty Baby Jess ^^ 

Or Something Hilarious ??
LOL...That's me
LoL...Baby Jess

XD .....Ew......

Jess's signature pose....XD 

Oh ??? 

And Some Chill Out Session @ McD, I'm Lovin it ! Yeah !

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Yeah, I know, it's my bad for not updating my blog for so long..It is like few years had gone by...
Anyway, Nothing special happened recently, so I would just blog about my recent life.
College started Last week and we started getting busy of our assignments again =='.

30th March, Monday,
Went to StarHill with Mr.Someone/Anonymous for Dinner@Shook. It was good but I was not feeling well on that night. Therefore I went back home right after dinner and couldn't join them for party.

Tiramisu @ Shook.

Tuesday 31th March, 
I was looking for a very rare book, so Kah Yong and I went to Kinokuniya Bookstore @KLCC looking for the book and unfortunately the book was sold out. They needed to reorder if I wanted the book =(  but it would take 2 months to order the book !!!!!!!!! I couldn't wait!!!! 
These are some pictures that I took on that day, It was at KLCC ^^ 

Wednesday ,
I Just bought a New High end Condominium at Sunway South Quay....Look at the show room: 

Master Bedroom and bathroom

Bedroom 2 and 3

Mini South Quay WaterFront Villa

Nah!!!It was a class trip actually, We went there for some furniture and furnishing materials.
Happy April Fool XD