Saturday, December 27, 2008

First Time !

Few weeks ago (on the 10th Dec 08),  I decided to have a movie at Pyramid alone because I was so bored at home!!
OMG!! It was alone ! I couldn't imagine that I watched movie in the cinema hall alone !
OMG!! This was the first time in my life!!!!
ok..enough for being dramatic =='
I reached Pyramid around 3pm and caught up a movie in my To-Watch -List : WildChild !
I loved the girl ,she is so sweet and bitchy enough ! I liked her style....
After that ,I got my ass off to shopping but didn't find anything nice...
However , I saw a new shop named Kitschen , It was a new boutique in Pyramid ,And I got myself some clothes there ..


Another shopping day ..
Last week again (16th Dec),Before we went to 1U, we went to TransviewGolf because that very picky Lim Kah Yong was searching for golf shoes =='  ...
After that , we got our ass off to 1U for shopping !! XD weeeeeeeeeeeeeee.........
U know what !! I am freaking in love with Ashworth ladies' golf apparel....Oh gosh ! I wanna get more and more polo from Ashworth ..
Anyway ,Kah yong got himself a very nice mock neck shirt !

..That's all for my recent life.

Xmas Present from Baby Jess.. ^^ Thx baby, I like Etude House ..Heart you ! 

Thursday, December 25, 2008



we wish you a merry christmas
we wish you a merry christmas
we wish you a merry christmas
and the happy New year !!!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Beverly Hills ChiHuaHua

Oh gosh ! it Had been 10 days since I last updated my blog ,
U know..can't blame me , I was in Malacca this week , and i forgot to bring along my camera cable ,that's the reason why i didn't update my blog ...
Anyway, I watched Beverly Hills Chihuahua (Chi wa wa )yesterday with Kah Yong and His Family. Chiwawa is so cute !!! I want a Chiwawa too!!(Long hair ) Love it baby !!!
U know what , there is a chiwawa in the movie. her name is Chloe and She is so cute..I love all her outfits and collars , there are so lovely ...But too bad..My baobei is a male dog ..T.T 

This is cute Chloe with lovely pink outfit !

Chloe 's Cute outfit..

This is Papi , He is so funny !
I found this superb cute Chiwawa on Google......Cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

And the Trailer of Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Enjoy!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Yinyin Heart Christmas - The Polar Express

Oh gosh ,Christmas is coming to town ...Christmas is coming to town ...
I am so excited and i can't wait for it to come !!! 
Christmas is the most wonderful day among all the holidays .
For me ,Christmas is HOPE , LOVE , HAPPINESS  and WONDERFUL .
U know ,when I was a kid , I always dream of wonderful incidents to happen on the christmas night .
I always dream that , on the christmas night , a special train or angel will come to my house and bring me to the place where santa lives to celebrate the merry Christmas with him.

On the December of 2004, a movie on Christmas came out ! I love The MOVIE SO MUCH !! I totally fall in love with the movie .
This is my most favorite movie among all christmas series !
It is "POLAR EXPRESS "....

The movie reflects my story and my thinking about christmas ..AND IT IS MY DREAM !!!
So ,everyone ,let's celebrate the coming Christmas !!! MAY you Have a Wonderful Christmas .. ^^ 
Besides, I will add some christmas songs on my blog for the wonderful christmas !
It is the soundtrack from "The Polar Express" ! I love this so much !
1, When christmas comes to town (This is my favorite )

3,Seeing is Believing 
And This is the special soundtrack which i like it so much .But i only found it on imeem ....
So my flashfetish player don't have this soundtrack .

Enjoy ya ! Polar Express rocks !!! I love It ! I love Christmas !

p/s : you can play my polar express playlist on the bottom of my blog .Thx

Monday, December 8, 2008

Oh ! Can't wait for it

I am freaking boring right now ... The upcoming movies flash through my mind...

Beverly Hill Chiwawa ...This is so cute so lovely ! 

The second one is the Bedtime Stories ,
Oh god ,this must be a freaking interesting movie , I LOVE IT !!!!!!
I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh ,I am crazy right now...Crazy for all the Disney Series !
Oh gosh!!!! I wanna visit Disneyland now!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

My life = EAT and Sleep

Woohoo...Everyone loves eat and sleep !
Yea , I am totally that type of person ...
Every time after my breakfast i will sleep.
when i wake up, i will surf the internet for few hours before having my lunch. After that, i will continue to sleep again .. Then wake up, have dinner and sleep again..
Sometime ,i am absent for my classes because i want to sleep more ...lolz ..
My life =50% for sleep and 40% Eat 10% for others !

That's the reason why i am gaining weight non stop ! lolz !!!!!

But I still love to EAT AND SLEEP !!!!
So i am going to buy a T-shirt which designed with "i love eat and sleep" logo to show off that 

So do u love to eat and sleep ????????
If u do , go and get one for yourself to prove that u love it !!!!
LINK for the T -shirt seller .

Rm22 per T-shirt ..It is really affordable .

Oh ...This is a good idea to make a special T-shirt for yourself ..
Maybe be next time i should design my own T-shirt with : 
I love LV ? Juicy Couture ? Chanel ?
I love Pavilion ?
I love FFK ?
I love Disney ?
I love Donut ?
I love McD?
I hate .... Fatty Hao ??? (lolz..joke joke..jh ,take it easy k? XD)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Finally i met the very "pro" golfer

Yesterday, I received a annoying call from the Fatty Tan Jia Hao early in the morning and he asked us to golfing with him ==' lolz .
So Kota Permai was the Golf Club we chose .

And U know what , I got some insider news from CK about the very "pro"golfer ,Tan Jia Hao .... 
Please imagine that a very cute fatty holding a Driver (club) and trying to hit the golf ball as hard as he can ...
As he hit the golf ball, the ball flew to the green and followed by the head of the driver right after it!

Yea..This is the very "pro"golfer with the broken Driver. He is very proud of it though .

Ck's poor broken driver ==' 

When i heard this ,I was like "WHAT????????????????????The ...." and non stop laughing !
Why on earth got such stupid people like Tan Jia Hao ???
The very weird pose .

Ck here .

The very smart Jia Hao and CK 

The Mini Putting Green for practice .

Because of the very smart Jia Hao ,CK's Rm1k Driver Gone ...Wohoo..Congratz CK ^^ 

JiaHao , I bet that after this silly case no one will borrow you their Driver ...You better go get one for yourself .

In the end ,Ck found a motivation sentences for all the beginner golfer which goes like this
"when u feel that you are very poor in golfing , please think about the very "pro"golfer ,Tan Jia Hao,think about how "pro"he is  and you will feel better ."

After golf, we went to One U for movie - Bolt. It was very interesting, funny and touching at the same time. I love Disney's Movies!! They are so interesting.
I love DISNEY !!!!!!!!!!

CHristmas is coming to town ,1U shopping mall had their own christmas decoration now ...
Guess what is the theme for christmas decoration ????????????
Gosh !! It is 1 of my beloved Disney Movie - Alice and the wonderland! Woohoo!!!

Oh ..the bad bad red poker army .

Hey ya..Remenber this ?? "Paint the roses in red".lolz..
The Black poker worker paint the roses for the bad fat queen .

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Attracted to PINK !

Gosh ,I am freaking tired right now , I haven't sleep for the damn whole night after I came back from L's hostel / house or whatever ..==' 
We had a friend gathering night. what we did last night ??? you guess! we played the truth or dare again!!!!!!
I will upload all the videos soon ^^ 

Well....I just came back from MST Golf and Transview Golf @ Kelana Jaya with Kah Yong ,
We are looking for new golf shoes, gloves , apparels and accessories but couldn't find anything nice at MSTgolf except some lady golf apparels .
After this ,we headed to Transview. 
Yeah!Spotted a Sweet pinky Golf shoes and no doubt , i bought it!woohoo...

U know what...i love this mock neck shirt so much ! Don't ask me the reason ,i just simply like it!

The Pink Golf Shoes , U are mine !
I got everything I wanted but a pair of new gloves. Seriously, I want another pair of PINK Gloves! I want the Callaway pink gloves !!!