Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Secret !! 不能说的秘密!

今天,荣告诉我要去1u看周杰伦的戏!!!(不能说的秘密),起初我还觉得一定会很闷得咯,因为之前他演的戏都是很闷得。。。。可是戏一开始就觉得还蛮不错的,第一次看见周杰伦比较活泼的一面,哈哈,好帅哦,他是我的偶像。。戏中他们斗琴那一刻真的很厉害,很帅叻!!爱死他!!然后跟女主角谈恋爱的时候也蛮好笑的,剧中还有一些有趣又好笑的地方,哈哈!!!还以为这套戏会很闷,有人会死,像韩剧一样,有人死了就结局了,可是不是了,这套并不像那些无聊的偶像剧,抄来抄去的,这是一套没有抄袭的戏剧,拥有自己的故事。。。满特别的咯。。。。我觉得最不可思议的就是琴谱,那秘密的琴谱,拥有神奇的力量,弄到整部戏很浪漫咯。。。哈哈,不透露那么多拉,不能说的秘密吗,希望你们去看啦,真的很不错的戏咯!我喜欢。。周杰伦要加油哦!!!之后就去ikea咯,帮我妈看厨房的家私。。因为它要装修她家的厨房,可是她没有时间回来,就叫我帮他弄咯。。要租出去,因为那间家在山上 ,很麻烦,我没有办法住,没有人要住,哈哈!!不过那边的环境很不错。。。爽爽可以去club house游泳!!打golf,gym..明天就要去弄了,顺便打扫一下咯,condo还说比较容易,而那是双层排屋。。。不懂搞不搞得定阿!!反正顺便罢了,就随便啦!好啦,晚安咯,十二点多咯!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Weakness of friendship!!!!!!!!!Jealous,misunderstand!!And Trust!!

Few days ago,I Know somethings very unbelieveable ......My Best friend was betray me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was very sad and angry when i know this!!!!!!!She talk alot of my bad things behind me,but infront of me,she still can be very kind to me (good in acting ) ,and treat me like very good!!!!!
she is too sensitive !!!!!But she is wrong!!! (我真的是从来没有想过你会这样讲我!你男朋友是很好人,但我并不时像你无聊的想象中的贪心!我从来也没有觉得你的男朋友很厉害!也许你觉得你男朋可以满足你,他可以给你你要的东西,所以你一直提心吊胆,怕人家抢走他!可是你尽然说我要勾引你男友,发桥!拜托,我才第一次跟他见面也,也没有说过话!你会不回多疑了一点!)I never aim her bf b4,coz her bf is not my type!!!" !

She thought she got a very good bf,thought her bf is rich(Actually it is not)!!!Thought everyone will love his bf!!!!!!!!!!!" i NEVER AND EVER WILL AIM UR BF!!!!Don't think u are so fantastic ,Please look at the mirror before u said something .!!
Oh ya..U are the 1 that said wanna end up our Relationship ,So u dun have the qualification to remind me!!! U know what ,No matter how i angry about u,i will not and never criticize your weakness and let it became a joke!!!!But u...U betray me! U made me deeply disappointed in you! !!!!And until now u still blaming others who break our friendship!!!!Why don't u think about it again?? who did this ???!!!IS that you? cheap whore ...

And I admit that i got talk about your bad thing,is it about ur greedy!!! I really very confuse about your personality now...!!I felt so sad .becoz we were very best friend during form 3 ...but now....everythings suck!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

HEy,This is my 1st blog ^^

Having a special feeling now,because it is my 1st time to create my 1st blog post .
So I Gonna introduce myself,I am yinyin,17 , An Ordinary Girl who loves shopping !
In Love with a lot brands! ^^
Loves to hang out with my Baby Jess ,

About today , it is a normal day,i ponteng sekolah,because i got caught by the stupid discipline teacher ,she said i dye my hair ,actually i am not ,that is my natural hair coloue ,but she still wanted me to dye black my hair , if not
i cant step in my school,so today i dint go=(
And er,, tomorrow is my friend ,Shermaine birthday ,so went to Pyramid MCKY and buy a present for her ,hope that she like it ,because i heard that she like mickey !
The promoter advise me to buy their accessories her,because it is suit to be a birthday present,then i bought It ^^

Anyways ,Thats all for today ^^