Sunday, December 30, 2007

Visit The Lost City @sumit usj and Shopping at Pyramid 2

Today ,we decided to visit the LOst City @ Summit usj ,because ,1 month ago ,DD's daddy bought the the ticket for us and their family ...we plan to go together ,but since dear dear house under construction then they cant come ......just left me and DD go only ....when we went to the car park at DD's apartment ,we saw a car is coming to us ,GOSH!!! It is DD's Family,they suddenly came to KL ,and today they plan to visit THe Lost city also ...gosh ..really is so "ngam" ..then we just went there together lo,..hehehe..
Before we enter to The lost city ,they brought us to a Gallery Hall first ,show us all the artifact ...

The artifact , 8 Terracotta Musical warrior ,Tang Dynasty ,2217 years old ...
Activity Spinning Wheel ,1300 years old ..Artifact value Rm200k..gosh ..
Don't know what is this,forgot the name ...
Tibetan Mask ,720 years old , The artifact value RM18 k .
It look terrifying but for a reason ,it is a spiritual Tibetan deity .It is manifested itself to a fearsome figure with a third eye to seek out ward of the evil spirits .It has to look more evil and terrifying than the evil spirits itself .It is hand craft out of wood and painted with colors made from fruit with flower .... hahaha,awesome !!!
some artifact ..............forgot the name ...

The Mummy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The step to created a Mummy it to enlarge the photo ....have a look..

After the gallery hall ,they brought us to a Video room to watched a 10 minute video about the Lost City..after that ,we prepared to enter to The Lost city ...
Before we enter ,they gave us a 3D spec ,and wear it .....
What i can said about inside the Lost City ,hmm,it is quite fun ,But some time will be a little bit scary ,before i enter to The lost city ,i felt scared ,because inside the lost city is Dark and they put some scary sound ...OMG!!! But it is quite Fun ,and the bad part is ,31dec is the last day that u can Visit the Lost city .......

the entrance to The Lost city ..........hehehe..nice nice..the price of the ticket is only Rm16.50 ..

After that ,DD and me wanna go shopping ,and DD's younger Bro just us too..we went to Pyramid..gosh so many people shopping ,car park full ..swt swt ......
And I bought some shoes and shirt today ,DD they all bought some shirt lo..
shopping shopping and buy buy buy .wakakakkakkaka..
After shopping ,we went to J.Co donut to eat DOnut !!! Nice nice .......LOve J.Co donut ,it opened at Pyramid 2 already .....yeah yeah !!
6 Donut ,same flavor ,Glazzy , I love Glazzy donut , I like Oreo donut too...But today don't have Oreo de donut ......
After this,we went to asia Cafe yum cha lo...thats all.....Tomorrow we will go to the KL Luna roof top Bar @ Pacific regency hotel ,to celebrate our 3rd anniversary and New year eve !! Yeah yeah !!

SHopping at 1u .

(29th December 2007)

today DD and me went to 1U and we wanna watch "alvin and the chipmunk" ,haha,when we reach there,gosh !! a lot of ppl there,and the ticket was sold out!! what the hell,nvm la ,we watch AVP (alien vs predator) nice nice also....after movie we have our dinner at FISH&CO ,this is a nice restaurant ,their sea food is nice....and not expensive nice ,price nice!! haha
Rice ......and fried Calamari ..........nice nice .......
"the Fish and Chip in the town" ,given name for this dish ,really nice..crispy and nice..

after dinner ,then go shopping lo..wanna buy some shirt ,but didn't see any things that i like ,then turn to buy accessories ..because i saw many accessories i buy buy ...hahahaha..thats all for today ...

Thursday, December 27, 2007

DD help me by uing his blog!!! this is the truth ,read yourself ya!

Stop Bullshitting.. zzz

(edited on 10pm, 26Dec07 - "F" word striked out + added some info)
(this blog is copy from DD blog de,he was scolding those copy cat with the real fact!!)

this is a war that started long long time ago, but recently it continues here

I never want to do this SHIT on my blog but now I will.. I never wanna involve in this sucks game as I thought someone will just wake up and look at what she's done.. but NO, instead she stepped deeper into the sin and won't stop fucking people..

I don't want to teach HISTORY here.. you know best yourself, and to all the gentlemen and ladies that don't know much about the past, just see for yourselves the recent happening if you want to know what happened.. it's no need for YinYin to further explain herself or the copycat to defense her own..

and since some illiterate Anonymous requested the meaning of copycat..
for the benefit of all, the definition of COPYCAT (from is :

–noun (Also, copy cat)

1.a person or thing that copies, imitates, mimics, or follows the lead of another, as a child who says or does exactly the same as another child.
2.imitating or repeating a recent, well-known occurrence
–verb (used with object) imitate or mimic: new domestic wines that copycat the expensive imports. copy slavishly; reproduce: The clothes were copycatted straight from designer originals.

and the definition of Anonymous
-adjective : lacking individuality, unique character, or distinction: an endless row of drab, anonymous houses.

simply said, anonymous = no individuality (no personal style), or no distinctive characteristic that can differentiate them with other people, or simply said = NO NAME or rather live in the shadow / shame of their name being known etc etc..

Enough of definition, next time if you don't understand some words.. just use your dictionary to find out, my blog ain't dictionary.. zzz.. if don't know how to read dictionary, just log on to

Just look at copycat blog la (so sorry that the blog has closed down by the CAT, no idea what's her intention, maybe want to burn the evidence? but we have a copy of it if you interested to see it xD), don't fucking tell me everything so damn coincidence la.. Christmas time everyone post about Christmas, this is damn NORMAL.. but just after YinYin post something regarding her 10 favourite things, you came out with "my favourite magazine"? don't say coincidence la, I'm sick of this kinda excuse already.. unless you have the SAME MIND.. I don't know la.. maybe U can fucking read people mind? or can fucking imitate someone's action. or maybe you have some special mimic ability than normal sound human don't have.. maybe you're copycat-lady? who knows? shot a movie about your super-ability and share with the world la..

and EXCUSE me.. since when YinYin write her favourite magazine is POPTEEN?? please let me know if she did or I miss anything on the blog or anywhere else.. but I'm TELLING you that you have NO FACTS at all when you want to debate.. I guess only you alone can do that kinda of thing?
in case you don't know, not in case, sorry, I'm doubly sure you don't know anything.. the FACT is YinYin long long long long long long long time never read POPTEEN already.. zzzzz

everyone feed puppies la, girl.. don't say something so FUCKING GENERAL can ah?? give me SOME FACT.. who cares just only ONE fucking REAL FACT.. if you don't understand the blog, i copy and paste again here..

" Next week , She told every body that her Bf gonna buy a dog for her !!!
what the hell!! what she told me and what she do is totally different !! "

understand now? do I need to fucking define every words for you AGAIN sohai? you don't know how to check dictionary meh?

Friendster and blog is again so fucking common thing that everyone do la.. so you trying to say all users of friendster trying to COPY you?? do you want me to do you a favour and tell the world that they are copying you? or would you just do yourself this favour?
do I need to tell the bloggers including MYSELF who register after you register is COPYING you when WE NEVER POST A SINGLE TOPIC SAME AS YOU???

LAME.. zzzz CAN YOU GIVE ME SOME FACT SO THAT I CAN SAY NOTHING BUT TO SHUT UP???????? I'm sienz of typing the same words = NO FACT, again and again...

Mc Donald is fucking normal too laaaaa donkey.. but the fact that I know is you never said you love McD so much until recently... but for her, I listen the word "favourite McD" until I scare already.. everyday eat McD until I also scare..

SHOW OFF or not we know ourselves better la.. the writing style clearly shows everything.. I don't want to offend other bloggers here.. if you really fucking wanna know why (or maybe you knew it yourself), then let me know.. I'll TELL IT OUT LOUD here...

regarding outlook, I don't need say anything la... whoever got eyes can log on to Friendster to see.. my baby is definitely better than you.. zzz

if you still don't understand about shadow thingy.. let me explain once MORE..
why is it EVERY time after YinYin change new style / use new accessories, you will do the same things?? or is it FUCKING coincidence again? Let me warn you, don't copy me by saying it is GENERAL MATTER as it is NOT general at all.. if it is so general? why is it I only see you and YinYin using the same accessories / dressing the same style when she has so many friends in her friends list? Not same style actually, but SIMILAR Dress / Clothes etc but in different colours..

Let me teach you about qualification dude..
When people scold YinYin, of course she has the qualification to fight back la.. zzz
But when people say NOTHING about you.. who ON earth that you have the qualification to criticized people when you ain't perfect at all??
Did YinYin say her bad things at her back? Did she?? You fucking tell me.. you have ZERO fact and you still want to talk SHIT here is it?? Everything I say, YinYin say, we say only the FACT.. and the FACT is, the COPYCAT love to CRITICIZED people even the person that once helps her so much.. CopyCat, you tell me la.. if not because of Yin, will you change? maybe you will, but when? when you are 20 years old? think la.. only know how to BACK STAB people.. the FACT is you are DOUBLE-DEALERS.. if you wondering how I know.. I know it from your ex-friends..

Oh my dear, you are damn CLEVER this round.. I'm 19 this year, BINGO.. and the car my dad buy for me, BINGO.. but you miss one FACT again.. zzzzz.. There's a reason why I have the car, my dad bought that because of my effort behind it which you have no idea at all.. simply said, your boy work to earn $, whereas I study to earn $.. why not put it this way, if he can do what I've done and been doing for to get the car, I'll BUY him a car that he LOVE..
On top of that.. not that I want to compare.. but if you want to compare.. 5 years down the road when I'm the age of your boy, I triply sure I can EARN MORE than him.. zzzzzzzz..

To get a view of your FACT-less comment.. I copy paste the comment here.. sorry for the copyright, you can sue me if you want..

"you're damn freaky SOHAI !!!!!!!!! SOHAI Rubbish Old woman !! Haha !! You are just a poor TRAMP !!!! A Rubbish TRAMP !!!! A Disabled person !!!! A despicable person !!!! A degrading person !!!! A sordid person !!!! A SUPER HYPER DAMN FUCKING CHEAP PERSON IN THE WHOLE WORLD ! haha ! YOU ARE SO UGSOME !!!!" --by Anonymous (again)

only know how to scold WITHOUT FACT.. zzzzzzzz CAN YOU FUCKING SHOW SOME FACT IN YOU ARGUEMENTS?? everyone can scold la.. but did you see me Scold like what you did in my blog... zzzzzzzz..

Anonymous, who ever you are.. I pity you this Name-less dudes.. but if you want war...

I've stay silence for too long.. but I WARN you in the first place.. if you want debates.. show some FACT.. my blog is not for you to BULLSHIT.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Celebrate at Pavilion .....

24th DEc 2007

Today ,DD bring BB to Pavilion again ....for celebrate Christmas ........and I get a Christmas Present from JUICY COUTURE !!!!!! DD bought for BB de..........Thx DD ,love u ooo.....It is a BAG from Juciy ....very nice ...i like it .....and we keep shopping and buy buy buy .........yoyo shoppinng have our dinner at Pavilion lo ............after 12am then we have our supper at infront of Star Hill Galery ,because of Traffic jam ,then we stay there at wait until 1am ,just went back...and that time we decided to go JOEL place (Jesslin's Boy Friend).......

When we reach there,we played the Present Exchange ,and how lucky DD is ,he received a Present from JOEL !!!! IT is a shirt from GUESS !!!!!! And it cost RM399 .............
OK ,what i can said about JOEL is : He is a Damn Rich GUys....Very Rich ..........And have a good educated family !!!!!! He like ARmani Exhcnage .......he got a lot of shirt or jeans also from ARMANI EXchange !!!! HE really got a lot,i think whole wardrobe is GUESS and ARmani ...... all his apparel all up to RM 400 -1000.............And he BUy many things from GUESS ,Until the Guess shop give him a special discount,a special customer , matter what he buy ,also got 10% discount ,u can imagine that ,how many things he bought from GUESS!!!
How Lucky Jesslin Is !!! Hehe ...sometime some COPY CAT also jealous her ... hahahaha...
Jealous Jesslin is pretty than her ,got a nice bf than her fun fun !!!
And we stayed over night at JOEL place ........a nice christmas !!!
This is The Bag from juciy couture .........DD bought for BB happy u all DD ,u always so sek you forever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 24, 2007

10 of my Favorite !!!!

(23th DEcember 2007 ,night time)

It is almost 1 week i didn't update my blog ,and now ,i wanna blog about my Favorite Things !! It included my hobby ,car ,shopping centre ,food etc ...

1 , My Favorite Shopping centre !!!

* ceneleisure (i like to watch movie at here )

2,My Favorite Brand :
*Louis Vuitton
*Juicy Couture

The Crazy Louis Vuitton Car .........................

The Charm Fron JUicy Couture ......very nice.......This is The brand I like the most !!!!
The First JUICY COUTURE at Malaysia @ Pavilion

I Like the Bag and clothes from Guess ......

I like this pefume .....hahahahhahha.....but i sensitive to the aroma ....
I like the Jewel from BVLGARI
B = BB , I like this Picture from BVLGARI ........Love it !!!

Quite like Gucci .......haha....................

3,My Dream Car:
* Volkswagen New bettle Cabriolet

-But Malaysia don't have this type ,if wanna buy this ,have to import ,The car cost RM270K ,Havent included Tax......Gosh it will be RM300K ........who wanna buy this for me???

*BMW cabrio 1 ,OMG!! This 1 damn nice ..i like it ...........

4,My Favorite Restaurant :
* Japanese Restaurant
* Mcdonalds
*Chinese restaurant

5,My Favorite Colour :
* PINK ,I love Pink very much !!!!!
* Red
*Black or white

6,My Favorite Hobby :
* Manicure
(when i felt boring ,i will go for mani ,pedi or spa ...haha..especially SPA and relax)

7,The country that i like to travel to:
*Hong Kong

8,The Date that i like :
*Christmas Eve 24th dec (can receieve present)
*New Year Eve 31th dec (BB and DD's aniversary )
* My Birthday (Present Present)
* CHinese New year (ANg Pau Ang Pau)

9,The things that i like to buy :

10,What I like to Collect :
*Paper Bag
*Cute Box
* BArbie (before i got a lot of Barbie,but i throw all my barbie when i watched the "CHILd Play")

This is some of my paper bag .......
Ok ...This is just a portion of My paper Bag collection ......I still got A LOT of Paper Bag was stored in My Store Room!!!!!wakakakakkakakkakakakkakaka(i am show offing ,so bad ,hahaha..but i always let my cousin said..i collect so useless things !!! hahahaha)

Some Of My socks Collection ........I got almost 200++ pair of socks ...Not for wear ,just for collection !!!!! wakakkakakkakakakkakakakakkaka!!!!!!!!!!!!Maybe u all wonder that i am weird!! But i like ! (mostly my grandma bought for me de..i will appreciate it ......)

These are the 10 of my Favorite !!!!!!!!So about my Christmas present ..I think u all know about it !!hahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahahha!!!!!!

and the ONE and ONLY I hate + look down upon : COPY CAT
see for urself the content of the post and the way of writing/pictures etc etc etc compared to mine.. damn freaking pissed off.. check IT out...
link : COPY CAT

Monday, December 17, 2007

Rich and Poor .....................

Rich and Poor !!!!!

This is the bad problem between human ........

Rich .........
Some 1 is rich ,they have their over million/billion property ...
They can get every things that they want .....

Some 1 is poor ,they have to work so hard for their meal ...
They cant get every things they want .......

I Admire those people that ,They have mature thinking ,and they work hard for their meal ,and they can bought every thing by their own salary .... Like 1 of My best friend .....
,she said ,when she get the job ,she will bring half of her salary back to the home,and give it to her family.. ........OMG!! SHe is just 17years old ,ok!!!! She also try to bought her favorite car by her self ...She is a strong girl ....She wanna become a Cabin Crew at Mas ....
Hope that she can get the job!!!This is what i admire !!!

I hate those people that ,who like to show off and they are not Rich at ALL!!!!!
They like to criticized other or look down at those ppl that who are poor ...
Ok ,If i wanna look down at some one,please look at your self first........Poor is not a crime!!
Ya,they are poor ,but they don't show off like u ,and they work hard for their every meal !!
(This is what i cant do that!!)

But I will look down at those people who are poor,but they still wanna show off or look down at people.............................This is what i hate !!!!!!I am damn hate!!!!

I face to some problem .......
When some of my friend saw that ,i bought some branded stuff,they will said ,show off!!
But let me tell u !!! I buy ,because it is Nice ,good quality and it is suit for me!!
Isit Buy Branded is a crime????
WHy u all like to said that,those people who buy Branded Just wanna show off!!!
Come on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why They call Branded???
It is the Quality ok !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Like a watch ,
A watches from branded,Like Rolex !!!
And A watches from Pasar malam ....

A watches from Rolex ,u can use it with a very long period ....It is very nice and good quality!!
And A watches from Pasar malam ,Maybe after 3 month ,the watches will be damage or what!!
Can u see the different ???

YA , I know ,those branded is very expensive .........But if people can afford it ,why u still wanna criticized them??? Ya ,I know quite a lot of people buy branded just wanna show off!!
But Not everyone OK!!!!!!!!
If u are the Rich one ,do u think u wont buy any things or any branded that u want ?????
COme on ..........Don't keep saying people are show off!!!

This is what i hate!!!!!!People can afford it then just let it la....
why still wanna criticized!!!

Merry Christmas !!!!!

Christmas is coming soon ,now ,every where ,every shopping centre ,every restaurant also have their own Christmas decoration ....
I love Christmas ,it is a wonderful days.....
A lot of ppl will celebrate Christmas even they are not a christian ....
And the Main reason that i Love Christmas ,is ....I can Get many Present from my Friend!!
SO ,u all.........Don't forget My Christmas Present ya ^^

I went to some shopping centre ,and i saw thier aweseme Christmas decoration ......
It is really awesome!!!!!!! nice...

The Christmas Decoration @ Pavilion
..Look very romantic ,like the white christmas .....
The is the Christmas decoration i Like the most!!!
And This is My Favorite shopping centre.....
OMG!!!!!!!!! awesome !! I love all the decoration @ Pavilion ...................My favorite shopping centre!!!! I love u!!!!!!!!!!

Christmas Decoration @ 1 Utama ..
THis is the cutest and most creative Decoration ..
I like this also ...cute cute cute and cute!!!!
My second Favorite decoration :

Christmas Decoration @ 1 utama New wing ...

This two is Christmas decoration @ 1 Utama Old wing !!! Is about Disney Princess ,I love disney princess ......Especially ,Beauty and the Beast ,Cinderella ,The mermaid ,Sleeping beauty and snow white !!!! Nice nice !!

The Chistmas Decoration @ The Curve
Very nice !!!!
This is a nice decoration ...feel very warm ............nice ..

Christmas Decoration @ Sunway Pyramid

The decoration at sunway pyramid ..not bad la.....hahaha...

this is the 4 christmas decoration that i like ......

Wish U all have a Merry Xmas!!!!!!!!