Sunday, October 24, 2010


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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Vietnam Trip with the Babes.

Well, why Vietnam???? It's because we wanted to pay a visit to our lovely babe Mia's hometown..
Mia promised to be our tour guide in vietnam but something came up and she couldn't do that T_T 
However, she still planned everything for us even though she wasn't there..
How lovely was that!!!! To allow Mia to plan easier, we also changed our plan from 5 days to 3days.
Without Mia's kindness, we couldn't even have such a great experience in Vietnam...Good one.
Thx u so much!!

So let's enjoy the trip.
It's at KLIA, flight was on 1pm..

Here we arrived Singapore Airport for transit ...XD

 LOL, The aunties leg's pain...

 Two bucks left...LOL..

The first meal when they arrived Ho Chi Minh City ...
It's like Mee Soup in Vietnam Style.

 They said it tasted nice.....^^
I didn't have my one as I already have my meal on board, kinda full...

It was already night time when we were at Vietnam,
blame the delayed flight!!!
Mia's relative was the one who accompanied, guided us, planned for us for the
3 days 2 night trip!!

The first place they brought us to was the Hot Spring resort.
Well, it's located at the country side of Ho Chi Minh City..
So to get to the country side, you have to pass across a river by ferry......
Yeah, It's Ho Chi Minh, the city and the country side was separated by a river.

EWWWWW~~lick lick.
It's us, playing around on the ferry....

Sweet one.
We arrived the resort at 3am midnight, aw, that was tiring..

The next morning !

Ready for hot spring..AH! Nearly forgot, two of the handsome guys are Mia's younger brother and cousin.
They accompanied us all the time, it's easy for us to communicate as her cousin could speak both english and vietnamese.


Tadaaa~ The Hot Spring..

It's 37 degree in this pool.

Ang Pei Ling, the chao tut one...

Woohooooo~~~~ Sexyy Pei

Oh yea~~

After the hot spring, they brought us to the Mud treatment!!
AH!! I was shocked when I heard that at the first place...
U know, it could be disgusting~~~~~

He was the first one to try it!!! OMG!!!!! I couldn't imagine if it applied on my body~~

I hesitated for a few minute, then ..hmm.... DIE then DIE la!!!
But who knows???
It felt kinda good...The mud was warm....
It's me and Pei...can u spot shryne ?

Oh, black one? and the white one?

Here I proudly present!! THE sakai~~~~ HAHAHAHAHAH
LOL( no offense )

Pei was the most "semangat" one.
It was a great experience during the mud treatment,
according to the instruction, we have to leave the mud on our body for an hour,
therefore we played TRUTH or DARE during the waiting time and so many funny incident happened...
I was so happy and so were they.

After the mud treatment, here we were,
the Egg wells.
What was that???

Here you go, put your egg into a basket and boiled it in the well...XD

EEEE~~ Looked delicious~~

The coconut jelly that was prepared by Mia's were just so sweet!! ^^

We left the resort around 12pm as it took 5 hours to reach the city from the resort....
So the picture mania in the car~~

LOOK!! All of their house looked like that, Tall and very slim~~~~~

We arrived at Mia's Grandma's place around 6pm due to traffic jam,
U know what, I loved Mia's grandma so so much as
she reminded me of my grandma, so kind, so lovely, so caring ~~ AW.
Plus plus, 
Mia's grandma was superb as she's a vietname but she could speak
 all kind of chinese dialect like cantonese, mandarin, hokkien etc..

We then checked - in at a famous tourist dining cruise to have our dinner.

It's so cute that, the dining cruise would cruise all around the river during our dinner...
They cruise session by session, from 7:30-9:30pm so that we have 2 hour to enjoy our dinner.

Of course, Camwhore!!

Look, the very nice dining cruise.

It's almost 10 when we finished our dinner,
therefore, we decided to walk around the city to have some exercise...burn fat!! XD

Louis Vuitton Spotted!! 

Ho Chi Minh city is kind of a good place to shop.
Branded all around, and they have Emporio Armani Cafe!!!
Who's the fans of Armani???!!!

We stayed at Mia's Granny's place for the second night,
we have some chit chat time with her grandma too, aw, she's just so lovely~

The Next morning T_T, Time to go back!!
Guess what, Mia's father came so early just to pack the souvenir for us, aw~~~~
That was so so so ......... aw...It made me so guilty as her family treated us like a VIP!!
So Mia Tran, please grow some meat as your family ordered!! HAHAHA!!
Eat Eat Eat, Eat more, we pay the bill!!! XD

It's Mia's granny's place..lovely~

After all the packing,
we then headed to the broken rice restaurant to have our breakfast!
HAHAH!!! Was she really reading?????!!!!!!! Nah!! It's all in vietnamese!! XD

Look at the doggie on the newspaper, so cute.

Here we were.

The Broken Rice.

Mia told us that, the mano mano salon in Ho Chi Minh city could make a 
really nice hairstyle, so we went there for a try !! XD

The hair salon.

Pei and Shryne decided to do the Manicure and Pedicure only,
so I was the only one who got a new hairstyle !! HAHAHAH!!  HEHEHEHE!
Believe me!!! They really made awesome hairstyle!!! I really loved my one!!!!!
I swear, I will go back to the salon whenever I want a new hairstyle, I don't mind to fly all the way to Ho Chi Minh City because it's awesome!!

We then flew back to KL after the salon session!!!
I miss Mia's Grandma, and the city!
Thousand thanks to Mia's relative and family, not forgetting our beloved Mia Tran too!!!
Thank you so much! Love you.

~The Happy Memories~
-Vic Vicky Victoria-