Saturday, December 25, 2010

HO HO HO!!! Merry Christmas 2010!!!!!!!

MERRY Christmas, folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOL, cute santa postcard from the D...

And Yeah, always love the present under the christmas tree!!

How's your Christmas??????
Mine was great!!!!!!!
By the way, wish you have a
Merriest Christmas!!

Vic Vicky Victoria.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Shopping SPree of the week.

Well, The never miss out weekend shopping spree once again.
Went to StarHill Gallery to have early dinner with the family.
He looked so stupid!! ><

Jokes all around with the family once awhile is a great moment.
I like it!! It's been so long since I last dined with the family... Very busy,Not me though....
Dad promised there's another Xmas dinner with us ^^

Shopping spree the next!!
Aw, The Huge Royal Selangor is opened...Awesome!!

Look at the snow in Pavilion, the snowing show starts at 8pm daily.

Off to KLCC after The Pavilion spree as I wanted to check out Miu Miu.
LOL, I was there few days ago therefore this was the second time in this week. Not Enough! XD
Aw, The SA in Miu Miu was such a devil, they brought me so many pretty adorable pieces to try on, from dress to bag, accessories to heels.... ><'
That means more money to burn T_T

New Babies in the house.

~Vic Vicky Victoria~

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Happy Wedding, Celyn!!!

Wish you live happily ever after.

~Vic Vicky Victoria~

Monday, December 13, 2010


Went to KLCC with the D last 2 days,  It's a great shopping day....HAHAHAHAHAHA

U know what? I saw a handphone strap in Gucci, It's cute and it's PINK! I couldn't resist, so I bought one, but I didn't realize that Iphone doesn't have handphone strap hanger~!!!! 
AW~~~ Stupid.......

HAHAHAHA, but it's still a good day, I got my another love one! Very love one! What's it???!!! HEHEHE,
I will keep it to myself XD

~Vic Vicky Victoria~

Friday, December 3, 2010

Harry Potter 7

HEHEHE, Watched my beloved Harry Potter  Deathly Hallow Part 1 last 2 weeks ago with KY in Pavilion...
It was freaking awesome, and I couldn't wait for the PART 2!!!!!!!!
For those who said HP7 was boring I bet you never caught the previous chapters,
so please do some home work before you watch. XD

 Getting the ticket! Aw, I hate his bag, it's annoying !!!!! But no choice, there's a lappie inside, it's not safe to leave in the car ~~
 Yippie!! Tang's Xmas season is here!!! CUTE!!!

Picture of the day.

~Christmas is coming to town~
Vic Vicky Victoria

Sunday, November 21, 2010

COACH Holiday Preview

The endless retail therapy will never get out of my life..haha,
guess it will ever get out of all the ladies life too XD
Girls!!! Let's cheers for retail therapy!!

Went to Coach preview last few day to have a look at their Latest Collection and also the sale items too.
Yeah, good news for the girls, Sale started!! But nothing nice though, as always, sale item.. = =' hahahaha

 Always love the finger foods they serves.

Welcome the new holiday member in the house XD

 Xmas Deco in Pavilion is awesome!!

 Got a wedding present for an indian friend too, aw, it's my first time to attend an indian wedding ceremony!! So funnY!!!

p/s: please bear with my photos, it was all taken by my lousy phone camera...XD HAHAHA

~Opps!! 1 week left for my final project due, and it's only 10% done!!~
Vic Vicky Victoria

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Recent One.

with Calvin and rachel, for rachel's birthday XD

 My Treat for BabyJess...big hug for her as it's not easy to be my best friend XD 

 Dinner and Spree @ Pavilion. 17.11.2010

New Baby of the day. 18.11.2010.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Oh! Shibuya, Tokyo.

 LOL, after watching the latest The Resident Evil (I know I am slow) , I only realized I haven't blogged about my experience in Shibuya!! OMG!!!
Why?? Remember the first scene of the Umbrella company in R.Evil ??
 It's in the underground of Shibuya Street!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!
And the virus started from the street of Shibuya too XD

Well, I wasn't aware of shibuya when I was in tokyo, I thought it was just a place where they were selling all the Japanese Fashion Brands.
I was looking for the street that was super crowded which we always see in the TV...
I thought it was Shinjuku as it's the most famous spot in Tokyo city, yeah, it was crowded, but not super crowded like what we have always seen in the TV.
So yeah, Kah Yong went through a research during the 5th night in hotel, and he found that, the crowded street was in Shibuya.
Then there we go, Shibuya and also Ginza at the 6th day in Tokyo aka the last 2nd day. T_T Aw, I miss tokyo.

It's Shibuya Station.

Oh yeah, 1 of the good thing in japan, you can easily find a locker in the their Metro,JR line stations.
I hate to carry heavy shopping bag all around, so yeah, the locker saved me, 
I could put all of my Ginza Spree in the locker before I started my Shibuya Spree XD.

So advance, it's function by computer, No keys ~~
Oh yeah, it cost only 300Yen - 400 yen (Rm10-Rm15) per locker per day.

 So, Here we go!! Shibuya!!

Look at the super crowd!!!!

 Yeah, that's the crowd that I was talking about!!! AW!!! Crazy!!

Or a better way to look at it.
Ta daaa~~~

Started to cross the road.

Crossing ~~

almost done.

Then time for vehicles.
You can see this scene every few minute in shibuya!!
The crowd never stop!

 Finally, a more quite area~~~ HAHAH.

 The way they sell or get attention from the pedestrians.

Shibuya 109 spotted!!!

 You can find most of the Japanese fashion brands in it!! Not cheap though, 
price range for an apparel - RM300-500.
Why would I say it's expensive? 
Because most of the apparel's quality looked like our's one..
With 50% Discount, it still cost you 3000-8000 Yen (Rm100-200)

 AW!! Shoes !!!! Buy yeah?? No, I am loyal to my favorite brand..So no!!

Yeah, another good thing in Japan, you can see pretties everywhere,
all of the japanese dressed up with heels, 
awesome outfits, and pretty make up. 
I couldn't find one with slipper and t-shirt!
OMG!!! It's totally awesome!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 It's Liz Liza.. 

 Everything was so cute, adorable, sweet in Liz Liza, 
Again,  RM100-200 for each piece of accessories.
Top up around Rm100 I can get a Juicy Couture Charms already.
But yeah, it's from Japan, so I thought it worth a buy!


Music Band Spotted !!!

 Again, selling their album on the street!

Yukata is soooo cute!!!
We shopped until all of the shopping mall closed, yeah, 
they closed at 8pm =='
what a life.

Say Bye Bye to Shibuya!!

Aw..Gonna visit Japan again!!!!
-Vic Vicky Victoria-