Sunday, November 21, 2010

COACH Holiday Preview

The endless retail therapy will never get out of my life..haha,
guess it will ever get out of all the ladies life too XD
Girls!!! Let's cheers for retail therapy!!

Went to Coach preview last few day to have a look at their Latest Collection and also the sale items too.
Yeah, good news for the girls, Sale started!! But nothing nice though, as always, sale item.. = =' hahahaha

 Always love the finger foods they serves.

Welcome the new holiday member in the house XD

 Xmas Deco in Pavilion is awesome!!

 Got a wedding present for an indian friend too, aw, it's my first time to attend an indian wedding ceremony!! So funnY!!!

p/s: please bear with my photos, it was all taken by my lousy phone camera...XD HAHAHA

~Opps!! 1 week left for my final project due, and it's only 10% done!!~
Vic Vicky Victoria

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Princess Feyqa said...

until when coach sale? TQ :)