Saturday, June 26, 2010

I Miss HongKong

Was talking with BabyJ last night, and we were talking about HK...
She made me miss HK.
So, I looked back into the photos that I took in HongKong during April 2010...
and I just realized that I haven't post up anything about my April Trip to HK...

I seriously miss that place !!! 

Look, Neway is everywhere in HK, Sing till you drop!

Yee!!!! the very yummylicious chicken rice!!! HKD 40+ (RM20)

LOOK at "Tzim Sha Tsui"!!! This freaking place is my favorite all the time XD

Beautiful ~~~~~~~~~~~~

Going back ~~~ bye bye~~ hehe, I love the Avatar on screen!!!

Bought this sparkling Swarovski pen on flight !! It's only available on flight or Europe/US/Australia.
You can't find it in Malaysia either HongKong as the SA said it's not selling in Asia.

 Part of the spree!!! 

BabyJ always wanted to go to HK with me and we were planning for it all the time...
But it didn't work T_T
Though I have been to HK for a few times but it wasn't with babyJ either...

We talked on phone last night and BabyJ promised me.!! ^^
I will be heading to HK again, and it's with BabyJ this time!!!
Maybe December 2010 ( BabyJ  & KY big day) ??? or Christmas ????? XD 

Friday, June 18, 2010

Retail Therapy

YEAH!!! Finally it's JUNE!!!!!!!!!!!!
WELL!!! Basically it's an Assignments month, Most of our Final projects will be given and to be completed in this month!!
I HATE IT because I will be very busy!!!
I LOVE IT as I will be FREE after JUNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Before I lock myself up in the room and start fighting for my assignment,
I did some shopping to reward myself for being a hardworking student who will soon lock herself up and fight for the freaking assignments !
or I should say a retail therapy to reduce assingment stress???


MadHatter Teacup party!! XD

Must take a picture with it!

Busy managing the shopping bag.

SPree spree spree!!

I like this one!!! XD

last but not least,
SPREE of the Day!

~ Retail Therapy is a good way to reduce stress!! ~
Vic Vicky Victoria

Monday, June 14, 2010

Baby Jess


BabyJess, a very special bestie in my life,
I never thought that I would have a friend like her ......
I knew her since the end of March 2007 during my Form 5 when I was transfered to a New High School, which was the place that I met her.

Very funny, When I first saw her, I didn't have any nice feeling towards her and never thought of being a close friend with her. In fact I always stayed away from her....
But, a crazy person like her, kept disturbing me for god sake!!!
U know, I was a sleeping queen  during high school period, I slept in the class all the time.
But U know what, she was the one who always woke me up by hitting the table, reason????
She wanted me to talk with her!!! "WTF"!!!!!!!!!!!

Days by days, we got closer, she did all the move all the time, she was the one who dated me, went to ky's place with me, girls day, girls gossip in the school and etc.
Later, we became the closest friend to each other, we shared our secret, we share our feeling...
I LOVED HER...... At that time I thought she was the last best friend that I would ever had, no one was better than her!

People always says, Time could prove many thing !!

2 years passed by, I thought we would be BFF Forever without meeting any obstacles, but I was wrong !! god still wanted to test us.....
WE went through a HARD TIME!!!
A very Hard one indeed !!!!!!!!!!!!  We lost our trust to each other !
I didn't believe in her anymore...and she felt the same too!! We suspected each others, we blamed, the lies in between.....and many more!!!
We were getting far far away from each other ....
We were trying to solve the problems, but it didn't work.....
And I was hurt and deeply disappointed...... I left.

After a year,
My mentor, Justin came, he helped us out and let us talked to each other again...
And Finally ..... everything was OUT!!!!
Misunderstanding and Lack of trust were the main reasons !!!!!!!!!

To me, Friends are like Angels, they help you, they make you happy, they stay with you when you are sad, they keep you alive ..
I treasured all of the angels that came into my life, no matter it's good one or bad one, it's part of beautiful memories ....
I told her I will wait for her..........until she come back...
The good old one....

U know what???????
WE PASSED the TEST!!!!!!!!! We went through all of this .....
We were back in old times!!
Hmm No!!
It's even better !!!!!!!!!
I couldn't even describe my feeling in words.....
It's just unexplainable ........

I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!! She Love me too...

To: Babyjess....

Baby, I love you .....
I am here to present my most sincere apologize to you for
everything that was hurtful to you....
You are my angel......
Forever in my life......

From: Yin


We had a girls day out last 2 weeks, she owed me a lunch for some reason ...XD
Then we went to Gardens, we were trying to find the old memories there,
Yeah, The Chino @ the gardens mall was the placed we used to chit chat and high tea....

Love of friendship.

Muacc!!! LOVE!!

~My Angel~
Vic Vicky Victoria

Friday, June 11, 2010

Chai Fong's and Terry's BIG TWO ONE!!


Chai Fong, one of my bestie, and Terry, my baby's bf,
Both of their birthday parties were held on the same day,
which I thought was a great one as we could attend 2 parties in a row!!!!

C.fong's one was held at  NEWAY, in the afternoon!!
Left: My beloved ChaiFong, Right: the organizer, wen hui.


After the party, Kah Yong and I purposely went to Pyramid to collect the presents for terry,
We rushed our ass off as the party was next, and we were running out of time! XD
But we believe it worth it !!!!!

Terry's 21st  Dnner/Party @ Tenji !

The important one!! The MC, The organizer, the photographer, the receptionist, 
and the love one.
My babyJ planned all of this for Terry!!!

Spotted! EAT EAT EAT!!

WaSaBi Sushi!
Punishment for the one who didn't follow the Dresscode,which is Purple/White.
There's always some people disobeying the rules!!

Lucky Draw session!!

ChaiFOng got iT!!!!! well...
do u think, she was just lucky ?????


NAH!!! it was the surprise for both of them!!! XD

JiMui gang!! XD

I looked so sleepy at that time, yeah, I was sleepy....XD

Shek Yee and Mun Mun, they looked so drunk XD

I think, he is the best dress of the night!

The AEC gang!!!


The late one! 

How could we miss this!!! THE couple of the night!!!!


OMG!!! look at the TALL one!!!
and the .............. one!!!

C.fong: eh eh eh!!! 

Yeah, Make a wish and let them fly to the sky!

OH, SWEET! My babyJ and I.
The Hug of Love....
Before she leave.......
sounds like she is going somewhere far away...hahah...


The end of the party !!!?

NO NO NO!!!!!!
The best always comes at last!!!
We had another after PARTY for CHAIFONG!!!
Well, she was finally 21, officially adult!! 
As she've never been to any night club in her life,
   GREAT friends like us brought her to OPERA to have fun !!!
Well, it was sunday night.... it's also my first time went to a club on sunday. XD


Well, I looked sleepy on that day all the time.

Chrysanthemum  Tea?????

SHEK YEE, another GOOD girl GONE BAD!

AR!!! I am too GEMINI, so u can't see me !! XD (inside joke)

DRUNK all the way out?!!

THE bad gang which made the Good Girl GONE bAD!!

Guess, I will end this post with this awesome picture!!!
BIG TWO ONE!!!!!!!

~Happy birthday to Chaifong and Terry~
~I feel so young as I am not 20 yet, hahahaha~ 
Vic Vicky Victoria