Saturday, June 26, 2010

I Miss HongKong

Was talking with BabyJ last night, and we were talking about HK...
She made me miss HK.
So, I looked back into the photos that I took in HongKong during April 2010...
and I just realized that I haven't post up anything about my April Trip to HK...

I seriously miss that place !!! 

Look, Neway is everywhere in HK, Sing till you drop!

Yee!!!! the very yummylicious chicken rice!!! HKD 40+ (RM20)

LOOK at "Tzim Sha Tsui"!!! This freaking place is my favorite all the time XD

Beautiful ~~~~~~~~~~~~

Going back ~~~ bye bye~~ hehe, I love the Avatar on screen!!!

Bought this sparkling Swarovski pen on flight !! It's only available on flight or Europe/US/Australia.
You can't find it in Malaysia either HongKong as the SA said it's not selling in Asia.

 Part of the spree!!! 

BabyJ always wanted to go to HK with me and we were planning for it all the time...
But it didn't work T_T
Though I have been to HK for a few times but it wasn't with babyJ either...

We talked on phone last night and BabyJ promised me.!! ^^
I will be heading to HK again, and it's with BabyJ this time!!!
Maybe December 2010 ( BabyJ  & KY big day) ??? or Christmas ????? XD