Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Oh, I hope i can have a break .

Oh gosh , sorry for the lack of updates. I am freaking busy for last week and this week as I have presentation of assignments every alternate day ==' sweat .... However, I like my english presentation because I presented on my FAVORITE CHANEL CLASSIC FLAP BAG !!!! I love it man . Hmmm, I hope I can upload the photos on my blog, but u know , I am kinda lazy right now ==' hehe...

Anyway , next week is my Final Exam week!!! Gosh,I am really busy .............
But !!!! No matter how busy I am, I can never forget about shopping  XD. 

DD just came back from Singapore and we couldn't wait to hang out together, hence, yesterday we went to Pavilion again as I wanted to update my accessories ^^ 

Picture of the day @ On the way to Pavilion .

 Necklace @ Juicy Couture , Tons of earring @ Tangs/Parkavenue and Apparel @MNG
Oh yeah, I gonna get back my 100 pairs of earrings soon ...

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Went to TGifriday for dinner with DD and his friends yesterday night. And i found that the big portion meals that they served always had changed...

The pictures was kinda blur ,because it is taken with a lousy phone.

Anyway , I kind of like spaghetti strap tank these day. I've been buying different colours/types of spaghetti .
And I bought 2 new spaghetti top from Forever21 today.  Yeah, as my friends know,I do not like to buy my apparels from Forever 21 because their store is too big. Every time I step into the store, I will feel like headache as there are too many clothes to choose from and it is really "complicated". But the cutting of the spaghetti top from Forever21 is nice .. so I just bought mine there. Moreover, the place that they display their spaghetti tank top is simple and neat.

Black and Grey ,yeah baby ,I love GREY!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The 5th Valentine's Day .

The way I present the Vlentine's Present .

A Present For Him 

And Pictures of the Day @ Pavilion

Monday, February 9, 2009

Pre-Valentine's Day Shopping .

Yeah, we had a Pre-Valentine's Day shopping at Pavilion today. 
What is that huh ? This is it: 
DD and I went shopping separately at Pavilion and we had 1 hour to shop and buy a present for each other.

After 1 hour, we met up and the result was : 

I got something for HIM from MONT BLANC.

And He got something for me from Juicy Couture .

We will never know what we bought for each other until 14th February , The Valentine's Day ^^ Sweet ya ......

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Baobei @ Afamosa Melacca

I went to Malacca last sunday because Kah Yong had to send his dad's CarKey to him at a'Famosa Safari Park. Well, his dad left his car key in the car and the car auto locked, ending up we have to be one-day postman .
However ,we had lots of fun there. 

Photos session :

Baby Little Baobei in The Car ....
DD and Baobei at water world.

Baobei ,what r u looking for.

Baobei : Take my picture ,please...
Baobei ????

He is tired ...

Let's take the last picture.