Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Patisserie Sadaharaku AOKI Paris @ Bella Vita, Taipei

Well well well, just like the famous phrase " People changes " !
As the title, this is all about sweet dessert in Taipei!
I wasn't a Dessert person when I was in Malaysia, I even hated it, cakes,cream, puff, ice-cream, any sweet stuffs were definitely not my choice!

But people do change, I'm in love with sweet stuffs in Taipei. My appetite totally changed.
I can't stop thinking of the sweet dessert everyday here, there are too many cafes, bakeries, high end dessert cafes etc around and it tastes freaking nice ! HAHAHAHA !!!

Went to the very famous Patisseries Sadaharaku AOKI Paris boutique cafe in Bella Vita last night with my dessert lover friends!
This is kind of like a high end dessert cafe which serves cakes, dessert, chocolate, puff, macaroon which are imported from France.

There are 2 AOKI cafe in Taipei, the main boutique salon is in Regent Hotel, and the other one is in Bella Vita, the luxury shopping mall around Taipei 101 area. ( 信义区)

It's out of blue moon that we went to that cafe as we were in Qsquare and having Malaysian cuisine for dinner and planned to go IKEA after that. But due to the long travelling distance, we changed our mind and went to Taipei 101 instead of IKEA. 

TADAA! 101 AGAIN! But wait, can u spot something ?

Yeah, it's DIOR on 101!! HAHAH! celebration of Dior grand opening !

Since we were in the area, I came out with the idea of having AOKI dessert as dessert of the night XD I wanted to try it for so long and here's the chance. 
* I am a dessert lover now and yeah, FAT will come along too :( 

Bella Vita

Here is it, Patisserie Sadaharaku AOKI Paris.
This is smaller compare to the main boutique in Regent Hotel.

Here's the dessert of the night!

NTD 750 + (Rm82.50 included tax)  for this plate if I didn't remember wrongly.

Macarons 90NTD per pieces without tax

Cakes range from 190NTD - 250 NTD per piece

The cakes are not bad but there's room for improvement.
Macaroons are awesome! Love it !
I guess I will go back for it again! I will give 7.5 / 10
*gonna try out the main boutique salon in Formosa Regent  / Regent Hotel next time.

Address :
Patisserie Sadaharaku AOKI Paris @ Bella Vita
No28, Song Ren Road, XinYi, Taipei 11073 Bella Vita B2F

Patisserie Sadaharaku AOKI Paris boutique salon @ Formosa Regent
No 41, Chung Shan North Road, Section 2, Taipei 10450, Formosa Regent 1F/B2F

-Vic Vicky Victoria-

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Shop or Study in Taipei?

Caution : Long post! More than 100 pictures!XD

Daily campus look XD

Romantic, Passionate, Friendly, Food Heaven, Happening University, Happening place,
Laughter and Joy,
That's how I imagine NTU before I came.

Well, talking about fact, 50% was true of how I imagined. But if that's the case, where is the other 50%?
HAHAHA, there's no fairy tales in the university like how u watched in the Taiwanese Drama,
there's no F4, not hot one everywhere XD and I don't know does that really happen in other Uni or not, in my case, I felt that the students in NTU aren't friendly enough.
(some of my friends told me that it's because I don't look hardworking and nerd enough. Haha, NTU students are very hardworking and got good grades.)
The Taiwanese here is not as friendly as what everybody was talking about.
I felt strange and stress on the first 2 weeks, I was far away from home and totally in a new environment, feeling lost and the class selection was in a mess, why?
It's because I wasn't used to the class selection system.
I have to cancel all the classes that I've selected due to some problems and I even need to re-select my 2nd choices as most of the classes were full. Well, luckily the professors in NTU were good and helpful enough so that I have all these hiccups settled on the 3rd week, I have switched 50% to Department of Psychology now, not in the Department of Languages Literature anymore.

Screw the classes!!

Well, don't worry, things are getting better now, don't bother about the stress moment, it's all settled down! XD
Other than the messy class selection in the University, life in Taiwan was great actually. I can shop almost everyday. Most of my friends always ask me, "you go to Taipei for Study or Shopping? Darn, I see u shop all the times."
HAHAH, I can't deny, and I can't agree too, because I did both, study and shopping! HAHAHA

My Daily routine : Sleep, Study, Shopping and Hang Out!
20% of my times goes to Study,  30% goes to sleep, 50% goes to hang out/ shopping. XD

                                                               Dinner with friends :
Shanghai Cuisine, sorry, I forgot the name of the restaurant, around Taipei 101.

Dinner @ Coda with the bunch, Another Famous Restaurant around campus area.

Dinner at Q square alone. Hahaha, good experience.

I love the omelet rice in Q square.

Dinner @ Cafe Bastile with the bunch again!

Loving the Tea - 150NTD

 Fruit Sandwich

Vegetarian Sandwich.

Dinner with the girls @ Vegetarian Restaurant.
Kim Chi Hot Bowl Rice

Here comes the Taiwanese Bento!

HAHAH, my daily bento 150NTD (Rm16.5)
I always have it as my lunch or dinner, it's really nice.

Sport wears shopping for the sport club in NTU XD

Book Shopping ? XD

 I love the bookstore in Taiwan, one of the famous one called Eslite 诚品书局。
They have all kind of books, even better than Kinokuniya in KLCC,
they even have their own mall which opens until midnight, some even 24hours!  Awesome!!!!

Spree of week 2

Groceries shopping at 7-eleven, loving their 7-11, freaking awesome!
(Will explain at another post)

Hello Kitty  @ 7-11 ( for my baby)

Skin Cares shopping XD 

Skin condition was bad, thought changing a new skin care might help?
So, Give Dior a try, but it's even exp compare to Msia.

Oh yeah, I went to Taipei 101 with my friends last 2 week, like finally!
I love the area of the 101, it's totally like how I imagined, happening, full of tall buildings.
There's not only Taipei 101 around that area, there's a lot of other world class shopping mall around the area, totally shop till you drop!

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Mall 星光三越。There's a lot of SKM in Taipei,
almost in every busy districts. They divide their departments into 3 different buildings which means you will see at least 2 -3 SKM buildings in each district.
Department such as : Luxury Department Building(Chanel, Gucci, Tiffany and etc) ,
World Class Fashion Department Building(Thomas Sabo, Designer brands and etc)  
Youngster/ Teenage Department building (Roxy, Quicksilver, Adidas, Liz Lisa and etc)

This is the luxury department building. 

Here's the youngster department of SKM @another district, I forgot the name, sorry!=P

The interior concept is very close to the " street/ free style/hip hop " style.
Nice one.

Customer service XD

Cute locker for shopper.

Entrance of the toilet. XD

Back to 101 XD
Taipei 101, covered by the haze. LOL

Dior in 101

Miu Miu in 101

Tiffany & Co in 101

Entrance of 101 mall.


Area around Taipei 101. I love this area seriously!

Chanel @SKM

Another luxury shopping mall, Bella vita. 

So the spree of the day. XD

Miu Miu Iphone Cover!

I have been looking for Miu Miu cover and finally I found it at Taipei 101!XD

Bags and all that will save until the last month in Taipei because I can get tax refund when I leave, although it's only 5% ... XD
Opps for your info,
Branded in Taiwan are slightly cheaper than Malaysia (like rm100-200 difference). Depends on Brands.
HK is still cheaper compared to Taiwan and Msia.
But Branded Skin cares and Fragrances are not any cheaper in Taiwan, malaysia will be cheaper compared to Taiwan.

Other than that, I am gonna show you something about the universities in Taipei,
Attended one of the event which is called 北区乔生春期联谊(event for the foreigner students who study in Taipei) host by my friend's university, 东吴大学(Soochow University) last weekend.
So you will see a lot of students from all around the world, especially Hong Kong. HAHA, there's some from Malaysia too XD but I don't know them.

Selling foods from all around the world. 

Performance by the students 

Went for dinner  @ Bongos with the bunch after the event!
Gathering of students from Sabah , HAHAH guess I am the only one from KL XD
Well, Another famous restaurant again, Bongos, 
kinda similar to Coda, both of the restaurant are from the same company.

30+ ppls. But I couldn't rmb all.

And what a coincidence, my university, which is NTU was having "The NTU Azalea Festival" on the same weekend too, it is like an Open Day of the Uni, lots of departments and students will host their own events/ booths in the campus to do the explanation/ introduction for outsiders and students in NTU.
So I made it on Sunday. 

Brunch with the bunch before I visit the festival.

Welcome to NTU.

 It was already 4pm when I reached the campus and the festival will ends at 4:30pm. So I have only half an hour to walk around, and too bad, most of the booth were closing, didn't get to see all!

Although there's only a few booths left, but I managed to catch some interesting picture for u guys XD

 LOOK!!!It's GAY student clubs, awesome right!!!!!!!

And here it is, fake NTU Student ID for sale

To be honest, the student ID of NTU is very valuable, 
it's a pride to be a NTU students for the Taiwanese.
They can even make a fake one and sell it for fun XD
Funny and Interesting!

Well I Guess that's all for the summary of 3 weeks here in Taipei, 
I am very lazy to type anymore. 
Oh man!! This is long enough!!At least to me!!
Lots of assignment to go ~ and Exam is on next month !!!Darn!!

Stay Tune for the next post XD
~ Vic Vicky Victoria ~