Thursday, March 8, 2012

Qs square 京站 @ Taipei

Went to Agnes.B cafe last week with my babes...
So any Agnes.B's fans here??
I saw many reviews of Agnes B cafe in magazines when I was in malaysia and finally I had the chance to visit. XD

The one I went wasn't really the main one, there are a lot of Agnes.b cafes in Taiwan, I don't know why...
This was actually a sudden plan, we were planning to have dinner in Q Square 京站 and I suddenly thought of agnes.b cafe and what a coincidence there's one in the Mall it became the dessert of the night XD

I like the mall, it's a new one as they told me, 2 years old I guess, I love the concept and interior of the mall, it's something like a GREEN concept mall XD

I was craving for Malaysia food, but I couldn't find a Malaysian restaurant, so I had chicken rice 
to comfort my crave XD 

and here we went, Dessert of the night @ Agnes.b Cafe.

120 NTD ( Rm13) for each, quite affordable though.

Actually this wasn't the main agnes.b cafe,
I guess I will visit the latest one, which is also the nicest Agnes.B cafe next week?
Let's see XD

Yin Yi, Me(YinYin), Hui Yin 
I just realized, 3 of our name have "Yin" in it. HAHAH XD

stay tune for another agnes.b cafe XD 

~Vic Vicky Victoria~

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