Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How's Taiwan ??

Time flies, I am here for 2 weeks already,
well, How's Taiwan ??

Hmm, very fattening !!!! LOL!! Lots of foods and snacks all around, plus my suite and campus are located at the busy district where there are lots of restaurants, snacks stores and night markets around.

First week here was quite fattening, went to a few famous restaurants in Taipei with my senior and friends.

The first one was the very Famous " Dazzling Cafe " which sells Honey Toast !!
Well, basically , you will need to wait for 1-2 hours just to get a seat in there, and 1 more, due to the crowd, they have time limit for you to finish your food, 1hour and 30min...
I was like "WHAT?!! Time limit"!! but I am kind of getting used to it as I explore more of the famous restaurant in Taipei.
Yeah, sitting out there and wait for the queue. Darn,
it's freaking 2 hours. 
But luckily, I wasn't the poor one who waited there from 5pm-7pm.
Friend was the one. HAHAHAH

Here comes the toast!
There's one more rule in the restaurant, no matter how much you spend, you will have to order a special drink from the menu.

My fruit tea XD 
NTD 150 If I didn't remember wrongly.

                                                              230 NTD (approximately)

290 NTD (approximately)

My banana toast. NTD 320 I guess?? 
Couldn't recall the price. 
I can only remember the total, I think I paid 450 NTD (Rm47) for my own portion. 

We went to "XI MEN DING" for Midnight Karaoke after that.
钱柜 PARTY WORLD,it's their famous / common Karaoke in Taipei. The size of the chain stores is something like Neway in HK, you will see them all around in Taipei.
The time limit for midnight session??? U know what, there's no time limit, you sing all the way you want, they charge by hour.. XD awesome..

 Lobby and Reception of Party World.

Lots of people during midnight session.

U know what, there's a funny fact, by law, Karaoke will not let you in for midnight session if you are under 18years old...  U know why? Because sometimes there will be police operation during midnight, I was like what?? Operation at Karaoke box??? Yeah, law of Taiwan.
and guess how lucky I was? There's a operation on the day I went XD hahahahah.. Well, no worries, I was old enough to join the midnight session.

We ended the session at 4am I guess, imagine from 10:45pm - 4am ? LOL I was kind of "fainted" when I got home.

We Went to another famous restaurant the next day, which is DEJA VU,  Guess who's the owner?
It's Jay Chou.周杰伦。
Located at "Zhong Xiao Xing Sheng "忠孝新生, Taipei city.

 The reception.

Well, you can find his style from the design of the restaurant, Old english, Ancient. Mysterious.

The stage for performance XD there will be magic performance at certain times.

Live singer.

His "Bat Man" car. 

Bakery I guess?

Magic Performance in the restaurant,
you will get to see it if you go at the right time XD
So we were quite lucky as our dinner time matched with the show time. 

Opps, yeah prices?
It cost around Rm40 ++ average or above per dish.
It's basically all italian food, taste ? I will rate it for 6/10. 

So How's Taiwan ? So far so good!!!
~Vic Vicky Victoria -

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CK Kher said...

HAHA! There's a Deja Vu Strip Club where I am staying at now... Gona visit the place soon ;D