Sunday, January 31, 2010

Meet the bitches on the beach @ Phuket,Thailand - Part 1

Caution : There are over 100 Photos in this post, it might take a while to load, so be patient XD
Well Well Well ~~~
We were back from phuket, thailand !!!!!!!!!!!
I think I got a lil bit Tan right now... XD 
The trip was awesome !!! Awesome, memorable, wonderful, funny, joyful, bla bla bla, the words couldn't even describe how wonderful the trip was ....

U never know how awesome a trip could be when it comes with a bunch of your besties/ close friends XD......

Let's start the trip!!! 
We went to Shryne's place to stay over on the night before we departed as her place was nearby to the airport and we wanted to make things easy for her brother (yeah, the driver XD)
Our flight was 7am in the morning and we reached Phuket at 8am in the morning....

So here comes the airport mania : 


Here's our Dummy Agency XD

So the agent sent us to the Resort right after this, woo Hoo~~~~~


Shryne and her Bobo, settling the payment for our Villa, yeah, she got us a Villa..
It was actually her 21st birthday trip .. HEHE..Thx babe ^^

 Passport for sale, mine is definitely the cutest one XD

But it was too early for us to check in. Therefore the resort provided us a free shuttle tut tut to wander around the beach side...

Woah.... applied sun block first ...
We didn't want to get sun burn ..


The hot birthday chick XD

Did we land on the wrong land?


Woooooooo ~~~~~~~~~Look at the beach !!!!!!!!

The beach was awesome, crystal clear water with golden sands.... OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We decided to stop by and chill around............

Many funny things happened on the beach...we met some cutie baby elephant called Lily XD
and a lot more, I thought the pictures would tell you what happened there XD

Elephant massage...
Free one ...

Hand.... Hand..

Ah Pei, you light bulb ar !!!!

LOL XD ....

CUTE ~~~

Yee..Lily on the beach side..XD Jess and I

Chilling @ the beach bar was next.


SLEEPING ???????????????????

Apa lah ni sleeping???

When it came to 12pm, we went back to the resort and got ourselves checked-in to the VILLA !!!!
Yeah, our awesome 2 stories 4 bedrooms Villa with private pool ...... Woohooo ~~~~~~~~
Whenever I looked at the pool, it made me wanted to jump in....
By the way, it was a new resort at the beach which some part of the resort was still under construction..
No unwanted noise though...
Proudly presents our Villa... Thx babe..We love it!!! XD

The Kitchen ~~

Living area..

My Room's balcony

My Room's  Bathroom XD

The amenities in my room XD

Besides we had a surprise for Shryne at the pool as it was her birthday !!!! But it turned out to be mine and pei's surprise as we got dumped into the pool in the end .... T_T
Will show you on the video XD

We all were resting in the Villa as all of us were mad tired, erm, at least Pei and I lah, ok...
I knew some of them were just too excited, still party around in the villa while we were sleeping XD

Woo...Woke up in the evening and ready for our next destination.

Our Dummy Car..MUAHAHAHA...

PHUKET FANTASEA was next !!!

From the left - Anderson, Jess, Zling, Me, Pei, Kah Wai, Nick, Shryne and Andy.

It was an awesome themepark that located at the Kamala beach of Phuket...
U know, it kinda reminded me of Disneyland......

Entrance fees was around 2500THB (Rm300) included transport. (If i am not mistaken)
Jess and Zling

Me and Pei.

The Palace 


By the way, this was also the place that I loved most during the trip....
Look.....How cute.....

Well, time for dinner as all of us were mad hungry ~~~~~~
We hadn't eaten since our breakfast ......

The restaurant, Golden Kinaree.

The entrance of the restaurant.

The Usher in the restaurant..

Shryne Shryne..

Well, Buffet dinner was suitable for all of the hungry ghost like us XD
Foods were nice, beverages were good and services were awesome !!!!!!
Nom ~~ Nom~~ Nom~~~~~

 Camwhore session was next XD

Cutie Pei and I

 Here comes the babes !!! XD Opps...But, where is MIA?? T_T

Zling, Me Me, Jess

We went for elephant ride after the dinner, LOL XD, I was freaked out when I was on the ride, it felt like I would fall down anytime........
MUAHAHAHA, I know I know, I am kampong kia....I never ride an elephant before.....

Well,It was only 590 TBH per ride (Rm60++)

What about others ??? They went to explore the theme park and so did I.
I went exploring with my babes right after I came down from the elephant...Oh I couldn't wait...

Aw...I loved this Ocean bar..

Picture credits to andy...Nice one..

My Shryne.. Hot eh??

Shryne and her BOBO

I personally thought that this place looked kinda like Pandora in Avatar.

Besides, We did enjoy an awesome show in the Palace, but camera and recording weren't allow...
So I can show you nothing about the awesome show..T_T

By the way, We went for souvenir hunting after this XD

PEI..With her shoes..

Souvenirs !!!!!!!!!! Nice one..

So what's next again????? Yeah.... Swimming in the Villa XD ...
How could we miss it since the pool was so nice..


Mad at Pei as she didn't get into the pool....XD

Zling, What were you looking at????

Woo Hoo~~~

Well,kinda enough for today, I am so tired right now...

Stay tune for part 2...
Even awesome one!!!! XD

~The awesome first day in Phuket ~
Vic Vicky Victoria

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