Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Fine City - Part 2

Bhahahahahahahaha, Hey world, I am here again XD,
Everyone is out, and I am alone in the room right now, here, the room in malacca.
Baobei(my doggy) is here too, lying on my legs, how cute, muaccxxx!!
Since everyone is out, and I can't do what I am suppose to do right now, blogging is the best choice for me, and I guess, it is time for me update ... XD

Let's continue with my singapore trip~~~~
Woke up in the afternoon as all of us were madly tired. After I done my make up (HA, I was the slowest one, obviously) we went for Brunch Hunting as all of us were crazily hungry, yes, very hungry...
We were so blessed as we found a very famous DIM SUM restaurant, to be honest, we just simply chose and settled down in a dim sum restaurant as we saw there was crowd in there, who knows??? It was actually a kinda famous Dim Sum restaurant in Singapore.... XD
We were blessed during the trips XD

OMG!!! ........
Sorry, I didn't bother to take all the pictures of the dim sum as it was too nice to enjoy and I was so hungry.

Aw...Looking at the dim sum will make me hungry ~~~~~

5 thumbs up for the dim sum... XD
By the way, it was kinda expensive compared to the dim sum in KL, Like Rm10 (4++ SGD) per plate??? I couldn't remember how many plates of dim sum we had eaten, Bhahahaha, TOO Hungry....

First stop of the day was ORCHARD ~ My favorite among all .......
But I was kinda broke, no LV this time T_T.

Woooo....Awesome Ion Mall, when will malaysia gonna have something like orchard ???????

Weeeeeeeeeeeee, never miss out Old Uncle's ice cream@Orchard ... Only SGD1 (Rm2.5) for each ice cream, assorted flavors and choices..

Definitely Durian Flavor ~ Slurpsss

Lv is Love

Candid ??

KY and I, Love one.

Everyone was busy looking at their stuffs, Aunt's was kepoh-ing in the Dior, Dad and my step mum were busying in Bally, Kah Yong was acting cool in Porche Design =='

Yee... Miu Miu ..... Miu Miu .....

How about ME ???? Shouting all the time, "where is JUICY COUTURE ???"
Wei~~~ at least get some juicy to comfort my heart ma, can??
By the way, juicy wasn't in Ion as I thought, I was like a siao po crazily looking for JC in ION,
It was in Takashimaya Mall instead.

Well, the Juicy Couture in singapore was small compared to Pavilion's, kinda small, but their stocks were awesome, better than Pavilion's, More new arrivals.

Yeah, Juicy Rocks.

After I got what I wanted, we headed to China Town, Ooooo, I really never been to this one, and it was also the place that I found the unique name of singapore, Fine City, as travelers addressed XD.

Acting Innocent..

 Nah..... This is me, Innocent is not my style XD

One Camwhore with ChinaTown .

There were tons of stuffs selling in Chinatown, and they were all freaking cheap.... SGD 12 for a T-shirt??
Besides, there was a Duty Free Perfume shop which sold all the authentic perfume at cheaper prices, 20-30% discount..... Wooo Laa laaaa ~~~~
By the way, I bought a miniature set for my stupid shryne as Xmas Pressie, Yeah, U never knew how freak she was into perfumes. How much was it?? Below Rm70 I tell you.
Basically, we gotta pay Rm40-50++ for each Miniature, but it was a miniature set, it came with mini body lotion .... Cute.....

OKOK, I am almost out of topic...
We went for food after this, yeah, dad read the traveller guide and he said there were a lot of nice foods in China town, so we gave it a try...
==' You never knew, how sucks the food was.
SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!! EW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

However, we were satisfied by the Germany Sausages in China Town? Whatta hell right? German food in China Town..... My dad and step mun were so in love with it as it reminded them of their sweet memories in Germany, they used to stayed in Germany for a very very long period, they studied there, worked there, even married there, how sweet XD
They can even speak a better Deutsch  ....
Way better than me ~
I am like ABC, Kinder Garden grade T_T

Besides, we got to taste their Bah Kua, My family was fans of Bah Kua, except me....

I don't eat pork!! Eh Eh, don't get me wrong, I am not muslim, I am not halal too, I just simply don't eat pork XD

Mum bought it as she said she never see this brand in Malaysia...
I think got, right ? Anyone know???

It was funny we got back to Orchard after this, Yeah, Orchard again, it was because there was something wrong with my juicy so I had to exchange it...

ION at night. I love ION...

By the way, I hadn't finished shopping too, I was looking for handphone stripes from Juicy or Coach,
However I couldn't find though..
U know what, luckily I didn't buy, Dad told me he knew someone in Coach and he could probably get me some Coach at discount .....
T_T Btw, I am not a Coach fans, don't really into it....
I just want their handphone stripes ~~~

We went back to the Dim Sum for our supper before going to Hotel,
you know, it was too yummy until you couldn't resist it.
Trust me, "Belum Try Belum Tau, Sekali Try, Hari Hari Mau" ...
LOL, I sounded like selling some "sexual supplement product". XD

Finished this with my spree of the day, not as much as I normally do, broke lah.....

Oh yeah, I got the special hair coloring solution  ..
It was a product from Japan, only available in SG, Currently.
You just got to mix up all the chemical and press the bottle,
it will come out with bubbles,
you just need to apply all the bubbles on your hair, like how you wash you hair,
leave it around 20 minutes and your hair are dyed.

Caution: Choose the darkest colour as all of the colours were almost blonde.....U know, JAPAN.

~Phuket trips on monday~
Vic Vicky Victoria

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