Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Xmas 2009 ( Yeah, I know, the classic common xmas tittle for a blog)

Happy New Year, Happy 2010,
Let's let go all the bad past of 2009 and move forward to the new 2010!!!!!!!!

Jingle bell, Jingle bell, Jingle all the way ~~~
(LOL, I know this is kinda ancient as it is 2010 already, this post supposed to be updated on 30th of Dec but some issues about blogspot made me couldn't update this on time =p)

I know, Xmas was over, but I just couldn't get on with it...
I have done quite a lot of shopping during this awesome Xmas month, like Xmas ornaments, Xmas presents, Xmas Deco and everything about XMas ( It was a good excuse to shop without guilt. XD)

There were a lot of outings during this december, it made me very headache to choose which one should go first,
so I will try to update it as much as possible ..

There was a family outing with KahYong's family, we went to Sunway Pyramid for lunch, shopping and dolphins show.



I don't know if you guys know about this or not, there is a Dolphins and Sealions show at Pyramid,
it cost only Rm40++ for the entrance fee, if you love dolphins or sealions, and you are lazy to fly all the way to Hong Kong or Australia for it, you may try this.

Besides, I got the chance to take picture with the adorable dolphins too, aw, cute !!!!!
Deng Deng Deng Deng....

It costs only another Rm15 to take picture with it, I mean, dolphin is kinda rare nowadays,  if u pay only 15 bucks and you get the chance to take picture with it, or even kissed by the dolphins, WHY NOT ??? XD

We went to Pavilion right after this, yeah, shopping again~~
Yes, again..... U tell me, which girl doesn't love shopping???!!


Ok Ok, Let's continue this with my Xmas celebration.
My Xmas 2009 was filled with Harmony, I celebrated it with Ky's family, my Family and other lovely's friends .....

After so many xmas party invites, I decided to choose the warmest one !! U know, XMas supposed to be Holy, Silent, Srene, Warm, Happiness....

It was a home party organized by some of my friends, they even made out a lot of games for us to have fun at the party ....

The night was Xmas eve, and we had Caroling to welcome the coming of XMAS..We even danced under the snow (Fake one of course)

It was fun, it was really fun and warm.....
The party was totally covered by all the joys, laughter, and happiness....
I  really love this .....

Actually, there is a video to share with you guys, but youtube has been acting like a dumb lately, it takes nearly 2 hour to upload a short video. ==' (faint)

So, what's the present I got during Xmas, Erm, not as much as the others did, but it was the warmest present I have got in 2009. There are 3 presents that melted my heart.

First one was DD, he bought the xmas present secretly, he wanted to give me a surprise, but he failed, HAHA!
DD, you failed the surprise, but you won the LOVE ^^ ... You have done a lot of for me, Thx you.
Recalling my mind, we have been celebrating Xmas together for 5 years,
1st Xmas was the day you tell me you wanted me to be your girlfriend, and we even celebrated it at Paris.
The dineyland ..Love it..
Aw, I miss the moment now, we shall plan our Xmas trip for 2010 now... Another disneyland country? Perhaps?

Second was my babe Shryne, I wanted the Pink Boxer, but she got me the purple one ==' she said, we all can wear this on our Phuket trips..Aw...SEXAYYY huh..
By the way, she got me another oversized ring from Topshop as a replacement of the pink boxer ...
HAHAHA, Ok la, satisfied ... XD

Thirdly, my dad and step mum were so thoughtful, they got me a new pink phone because they thought my phone had spoiled as I never picked up their calls.  Yeah, I know,  I didn't really like to pick up calls lately, LOL.
To me, answering calls was tiring XD
The phone was not really as high tech as the latest phone like blackberry, HTC or Iphones...
LOL, I lost 3 phones in 7 months, and I don't think I can really take good care of the phone like them,
Plus, I can't afford to lost it la, they are so expensive, and I am so poor....
So, a sweet pink phone is enough for me, and what I really concern about was, can I cam-whore with my phone? And it does a great jobs XD

1 more, babes, u guys till owe me a Xmas present. Don't run away ~ ~ =p

So guys .. How's your Xmas 2009 ???
I love mine, I am appreciate all of them, I love it.

LOL, Finish this xmas post with this Xmas Manicure / Nail Art, LOL,
it didn't look so XMas though. XD

By the way, Happy 2010 to all of you,
All the best !!!!!!!!!!!

~Merry Christmas~
Vic Vicky Victoria


Peiling said...

lolzzz...U still rmb ur xmas present ahhh?!!hahhaa swt lo cham lo.U're also another one very difficult to pick present.hmmmmm

shryne shirly said...

lolz... yes yes.. i agree v pei.. hahaha.. so hard to buy a good present for u & mia this kind of pinky princess.. cos u gals have everything jor.. hahaha...

Victoria Yin Yin said...

Peiling : LOL...Of course I rmb, and I hv your xmas present with me right now.. XD ..

Shryne : LOL XD, It is easy la..give me all your money XD HAHAH, the best present ever!!

angeflo said...

heyhey!!! how are you doing? just dropping by to tell you tht i changed my blog link =)

Victoria Yin Yin said...

ANgela : hey's been awhile huh....
I am fine bout u???

Anonymous said...

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