Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dining Dining...

  Oh yeah, finally, finally,finally I could go out !!!! (Sounds like I am a prisoner) ...Yeah, I was no different to a prisoner this freaking week. I had been very very very busy for my freaking assignments since last 2 weeks and I didn't even have lil bit time to hang out with my friends. GOSH!!! This was terrible!!! Why I could go out today ???? Yeah, a good excuse, mum came back from Germany last week, and she came to KL today, therefore I had to put my stupid freaking non stop assignments aside for a day. As usual, we had lunch with her @ StarHill again, but this time, my cousin and Grandma(mother side) came along too.

Dining at Gonbei@StarHillGallery.

The Entrance 

I love Tatami Dining

Some of the food...where are the rest ??????? Sorry, "Eat" comes 1st, forget to take any pictures of them.

Kahyong's Favorite
I love Tamago.

I thought I wanna shopping at Pavilion after Lunch, but My Grandma wanna go IKEA ==', so just forgot about my plan, Gosh..Juicy Couture Summer Collection, see u next time.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lighting workshop

Gosh!!! I have been dying for my assignments since last week, I have more than 10 assignments which I have to hand in before this friday (29th May). They were freaking difficult to do and it took me a lot of time and effort to do it .....
Site analysis, client profile, concept research , over 20 pieces layout plan and elevation , facade design, logo design, CD's cover, letter head, business card design, glass bottle drawing, more and more and more !!!!  God!! I am going to MAD and insane now.........

Anyway, I don't want to neglect my blog again, so I am here to update a lil bit about my lighting workshop class trip. We had a class trip to Sungai Besi Lighting workshop last week.
I didn't get to follow the BUS to get there coz I was late, luckily I have a kind bf who willing to fetch me to Sungai Besi .

I just got some of the pictures from my senior: 

These are some of the lighting Designs.

This is funny....
Anyway,  the workshop that we visited is the main distributor of Artemide.
They provide all the high end lighting and most of them are fully imported from Italy.

The worker is explaining about the technology of the Artemide lighting.

We paid full attention to it..and I look so funny.

Oh, Nice ..Erm..I mean the Crystal lighting.

Gosh..I forgot the name of this light.

Yeah, we had a free buffet lunch that was provided by the workshop @ their conference hall.

And the Group Picture!!! 

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Am I still an ART student ....or not ?????

Emo -ing
I am thinking of my studies right now..........
Should I quit or not ???? I hate studies, I hate assignments, but beside study what else I can do..

Now, my 1st impression to all my classmates was a spoiled kid who just wanted to play and not serious in this course...
YES !!!! I had to admit now !!! At first, I was really serious in this but as I progressed, I found that the assignments that lecturers wanted us to do were totally boring ................ And I started to hate the course. I threw my real heart away since the 1st semester, I did everything in the very simple way,and never tried to make it as nice as I can .............Even until now..............

When I was in primary school, I was considered a Very ART student, I joined every single drawing/art competition , and I got so many awards ......I loved drawing, I loved colouring ...
I joined drawing and colouring classes every week........ teachers loved me...

But now... my classmates said," Victoria is not an art student, she came here just for fun" ........
Kinda sad when I heard this...why ???? I knew the reason, I was not interested in studies or design anymore and the most important reason - MY LAZY-ness ...I always wanted to finish my assignments as fast as possible, I didn't care about the quality, as long as I finished them and hand in before due date then I am OK...............

I hate it !!!!!!!

Should I continue my study ????????????????????????????
But beside study what else I can do ??????????????????????
Can anyone tell me??

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Snacks for your little cute doggie

Hey guys, I am here again XD (of course, this is my blog )
U know what, I went to The curve Last saturday with Kah Yong, and I spotted something very cute and lovely at the Street. 
What was that ???????
 Oh................ It was the cute lovely SNACKS for your doggie... GOSH..they looked so cute, U know what, at first I thought it was some mash mellow, but it was actually snacks for your beloved dog. There were plenty of choices, you could choose any snacks you want, but it was a lil bit expensive compared to the normal dog snacks that are sold in the Pet shop.
Price : Rm8 - 100gram 


The cute lil snacks for my cute lil Baobei/Teddy/Beibei(Oh, he has many names), and he loves the snacks so much !

Oh, I want the snacks .........

That's all I want to share. 

and I am a Snickers lover !!! 

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Oh again, I left my blog a side and busy with my stuffs ...........
Sorry for the lack of updates. In fact, I have load to update including the Malacca trip, Mother's Day etc..
But I got no time due to the freaking assignments and the freaking due date again.

Before Go out @ Kah Yong's apartment 

Anyway, Gonna have a short update first. I went to Pavilion with Kah Yong yesterday because it's been so long that we didn't catch up any movie together. We watched the X-Men Origin, Wolverine.
Oh yeah, some of my girl friends asked why my bf is willing to go shopping with me because some guys might feel boring with shopping.
Yeah! This is the truth, guys don't like to shopping with their gf but Kah Yong is exceptional,
that's why I heart him a lot. But don't get me wrong,I don't ask for or use bf money to buy my own stuff or some glamorous goods. I will feel shameful if I do this...(yes, this is an outdated thinking, I admit)

Oops, stop the craps, continue with the shopping spree ..Oh I did a lil bit shopping and Kah Yong too...I was freaking in love with high heels recently, kept on buying high heels nowadays ... The high heels from Charles and Keith, Nine West and Guess are kinda nice. Heart 'em...Go and grab them girls..
and Pictures time : 

Beside the huge mirror toilet, girl loves to take picture at Fitting room too..
Ah, He is trying out some shirt ...

Camwhoring while waiting for him XD
Oh, Finally, he is done...Look at his "==' lame " expression.

shopping .......
Eee.. and new earrings added into my wardrobe.

Oh yeah, some of my friends always asked me where did I get all my earrings and they were so nice and not easy to find in the market. Thanks for all the compliments, Yeah I bought most of my earrings at Pavilion,P.avenue, Eclipes etc, so you can go and have a look ..
They also talking about the 3 pairs for Rm10 earrings at the night market, but I would say, better don't buy ........but this is only my advice, U can go ahead if you like the designs, because I spotted some very unique design earrings at the Night Market before..

That's all XD ...Good night ....Or I should say, Good morning, because I just got up from my bed =='
Signing out...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

DIS !!! I LOVE YOU !!!!!
The option Angel !!! I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Thursday Night = Drink Drank Drunk !

The eve of Labour day, everyone came out for party !!!!!
Yeah, we were planning to Party at Poppy instead of MOS but something happened and someone was rushing for time so we ended up at Thaiclub.=='

At first, we thought it would be very bad and boring but it ended up a great experience. Maybe because of the people and the liquors XD !

And I only got a few pictures from my friend, yeah my bad, always forgot to bring camera...

Group picture, I look weird.

Flaming Lamboghini

Sky, Calvin and Kah Yong

The real smoker