Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dining Dining...

  Oh yeah, finally, finally,finally I could go out !!!! (Sounds like I am a prisoner) ...Yeah, I was no different to a prisoner this freaking week. I had been very very very busy for my freaking assignments since last 2 weeks and I didn't even have lil bit time to hang out with my friends. GOSH!!! This was terrible!!! Why I could go out today ???? Yeah, a good excuse, mum came back from Germany last week, and she came to KL today, therefore I had to put my stupid freaking non stop assignments aside for a day. As usual, we had lunch with her @ StarHill again, but this time, my cousin and Grandma(mother side) came along too.

Dining at Gonbei@StarHillGallery.

The Entrance 

I love Tatami Dining

Some of the food...where are the rest ??????? Sorry, "Eat" comes 1st, forget to take any pictures of them.

Kahyong's Favorite
I love Tamago.

I thought I wanna shopping at Pavilion after Lunch, but My Grandma wanna go IKEA ==', so just forgot about my plan, Gosh..Juicy Couture Summer Collection, see u next time.


Jerine said...

Whenever I go to Starhill I always go to Jogoya. never tried this restaurant before.

P/S: Juicy new yellow velour bags are sooooooooooooooo pretty!!!!!!!!

YinYin said...

Jerine : LOL...Jogoya,not bad also..but buffet not suitable for me..this reaturant is not bad either, but the food was just okay and they serve a la carte ...and buffet on weeked..buffet prices was just same with Jogoya but only a few selection not as much as jogoya.

Vinsiie said...

i had change my blog to blogspot so feel free to take a look ~
i already add your link into my blog.

YinYin said...

Vinsie: k then...i will link u too ^^ keep it up..