Tuesday, October 28, 2008

So Random post

Woohoo..Halloween is coming to town ..
We are ready for it !! How about you????
Who is going the awesome MOS Halloween Party on this friday???????

Last week ,Jesslin and I went to Sri Hartamas and looking for our Halloween Costume ..
Too bad ,i didn't find any costume that i want ,but Jess found it ^^ 
Her costume was pretty scary ! 
A dead Geisha ..

U know what ,i found a very cute costume for Fatty Hao as his Halloween Costume !
Jia Hao ,This is suitable for you !
Ta da.........
Jia Hao ,u like it??

And Baobei got his New Hair Cut ^^
He is so cuteeeeeee..

Saturday, October 25, 2008

A short passage for a friend!

I found a meaningful Chinese passage on my friend's blog.
Thought about my ex-friend when I saw this passage ..



Thursday, October 23, 2008

The fake invitation card .

Had requested by Jia Hao to create an invitation for Him ..
And I had done it today ,
The subject was" Euphoria Halloween birthday Party night" ...

This was the 1st time i created an invitation using Adobe illustrator ,
Everything was done by Me alone ! Yeah ! Lol...
I learnt about Adobe Illustrator during my Computing class ,It was pretty interesting ,but sometime it was kinda complicated ..

Invitation :
This is a "fake" invitation .Don't print it out and bring along to MOS ,U will be kicked out by their management team ...LOL..

Feel free to drop me a comment ,so that i can improve!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Club Quattro Grand Opening!

LOL ,It had been 1 week since i last updated my blog............
What am i doing for the past whole week???????
-Rushing for Final Assignment
-Clubbing (Only 1 day)
That's all ! LOL

I Had gone to Club Quattro Grand Opening Party on Last Friday ,
U know what ,it was so packed ,i couldn't even move in the club...And Too bad ,It is not non smoking club ...
So smelly !
Anyway, Their Club Concept was nice ,Club Design was not bad ,Everything was nice ,But Management and Organization have to improve ....
And so sorry that i didn't take any picture of the club ,because my camera battery was running low on the party night ..sweat =='
For More info about the club ,pls visit the website :

Only some pictures was taken ..

Jess @ Winter Bar .... OMG! The Ice sofa was very cold .....

Beside this ,I went to Pavilion for Dinner with My Friend ^^
And that stupid Lim Kah Yong ,he made me very angry during our dinner !
I don't care ,u have to buy me 1 Dozen of J.Co Donut ....LOL..........

Is Us^^ At PAvilion tOilet again..lol...

The sweet Couple @ Tony Roma ... Chun Fai and Jesslyn

19th October 2008

Today ,i went to Pyramid ..I was searching for acrylic Paint(white colour ) ...But It was so hard to find ...
Gonna spoil my final assignment again...............sweat =='
And U know what ,i had bought a Cute Disney princess Bag for My Pink Baby MAC ^^
CUTE ........................It matches with my Disney Princess Pencil Box .. LOL..
Some people might says i am childish ! But who cares ??? as long as i like it !!
The Disney Princess Bag for my Baby MAC ^^
Hehe..My pencil Box..

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Party night Again ..MOS

Woohoo...Before I show u the picture ,I Gonna tell u something that made me very happy ^^
Hehehe...I can wear the sweet earrings now !!! I got a new ear pierce ^^
Actually before this I had up to 100 pairs of earrings ,because I love earrings so much that I kept collecting them.. But in the end i give up (I scared !)..So i donated them to some other People ...But 3 months ago ,My baby jess brought me for ear piercing and I can wear the sweet earring to Party now ^^Yeah !

I went to MOS with a bunch of my friends for 3 times during my 1st week semester break !!! Crazy ..hahahaha...So now i am rushing for my assignments like hell...=='

8th October 2008

Woohoo...we are not kissing ..Just pretend ...wakakakakakaka...Really look like kissing ..
DD kah Yong ,No matter how much i hurt him,he will still always be there for me ^^ Thx kah Yong!

Woohoo...The super tall man with a kid ,..hahahaha...
The Top RnB DJ in UK , DJ shortee Blitz

I didn't take any photo at Thursday

Photos of Saturday
11 October 2008
If u noticed,u can see that i was wearring my Pink crystal earring ! Love It so much!!!

Hey ..where is Yin Yin???????
Arha.....Yin Yin is here with bunch of crazy friends !
Vincent ..the special one..does he look like some1 ???

Holy Shit !! GAY Party ????????????????????????????????????????
The good one and the Cutie Fat one
Vincent ,Jesslyn and Ryan(a Kid)
Vincent and JessJia Hao and Jess
The Kid was drinking the beer !

Woohoo..We Ordered a Glass of GraveYard again !! HAHAHA!
U know what ,the Bartender get shock when we ordered a GraveYard from him ..

here is the GraveYard ,Rm60 per Glass ..
Jesslyn is drinking !
and it is Me ^^
Woohoo...a Drunk Kid wanna be lala ...... Lala is cute...hahahahaha ^^
Jia Hao ....Obviously ,I am slimmer than you !Don't Jealous , Face the fact ! HAHAHAHAHAHA

Woohoo..Euphoria Rocks !

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I Got My Facebook Account !

UPDATE : Hey ya!!! I created a Pink attack Album at Facebook ... That is my personal Favorite !!
No Plagiarizing allowed!!!!!
woohoo..I gonna Make a PINK ALBUM AT MY BLOG TOO !!!!!! 

Phew.......Finally I got my own Facebook Account ..Yeah !
Actually I wanna sign up 7 months ago... But I just couldn't make it..Busy like hell....

Woohoo..I got it now !

I spent almost one whole day to create this account because i am not really familiar with Facebook ..
And it got so many application and games ..
Sweat==' so outdated right ...
Anyway ,I am learning now ^^

Facebook Account :
Victoria Loi Yin Yin
Email : Pinkstrawberrybb@hotmail.com

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Some Strawberry Souvenir Shop @ Cameron Highland

WOO HOO!!! Cameron Highland ,A Heaven for STRAWBERRY LOVER like ME ^^
OMG!! I love strawberry figure so much..It is so sweet and cute ^^
U know what? I found loads of things that are related to strawberry ..I just couldn't list all the things here but these are some of them:
2.strawberry pillow
3,strawberry purse
4,strawberry key chain
5,strawberry soft toy (various sizes)
6,strawberry umbrella
7,strawberry handphone cover
8,strawberry chocolate
9,strawberry juice
10,strawberry coffee
11,strawberry tea
12,strawbery jam
13,strawberry cap
14,strawberry pencil box
15,strawberry necklace,hair clip ,bracelet .etc
16,strawberry muffin
17 ,strawberry cake
18,strawberry choco fondue
19 ,strawberry puff
20,strawberry tart
21,strawberry school bag
22,strawberry handbag
23,strawberry bed sheet
24,strawberry blanket
25,strawberry display item
26,strawberry plastic curtain
27,strawberry slipper
28,strawberry shoes
29,strawberry ice-cream
30,strawberry ice blended
31,strawberry stationeries
32,strawberry photo frame
33,strawberry clock
34,strawberry apparels
35,strawberry note book ,file
36,strawberry photo album
37,strawberry bottle
38,strawberry container
39,strawberry tower
40,strawberry soap
41,strawberry shampoo
42,strawberry toothbrush
43,strawberry perfume
44,strawberry candle
45,strawberry cd album
46,strawberry toy
47,strawberry sticker
48,strawberry greeting card
49 ,strawberry car seat cover
50,strawberry seat belt cover
51,strawberry biscuit
52,strawberry carpet
53,strawberry candy
AND EVEN .................
STRAWBERRY Fried Egg =='
The strawberry fried egg !!
but it is quite tastety ^^
(This is only what i can remember of those millions types of "strawberry things"...)