Monday, October 20, 2008

Club Quattro Grand Opening!

LOL ,It had been 1 week since i last updated my blog............
What am i doing for the past whole week???????
-Rushing for Final Assignment
-Clubbing (Only 1 day)
That's all ! LOL

I Had gone to Club Quattro Grand Opening Party on Last Friday ,
U know what ,it was so packed ,i couldn't even move in the club...And Too bad ,It is not non smoking club ...
So smelly !
Anyway, Their Club Concept was nice ,Club Design was not bad ,Everything was nice ,But Management and Organization have to improve ....
And so sorry that i didn't take any picture of the club ,because my camera battery was running low on the party night ..sweat =='
For More info about the club ,pls visit the website :

Only some pictures was taken ..

Jess @ Winter Bar .... OMG! The Ice sofa was very cold .....

Beside this ,I went to Pavilion for Dinner with My Friend ^^
And that stupid Lim Kah Yong ,he made me very angry during our dinner !
I don't care ,u have to buy me 1 Dozen of J.Co Donut ....LOL..........

Is Us^^ At PAvilion tOilet

The sweet Couple @ Tony Roma ... Chun Fai and Jesslyn

19th October 2008

Today ,i went to Pyramid ..I was searching for acrylic Paint(white colour ) ...But It was so hard to find ...
Gonna spoil my final assignment again...............sweat =='
And U know what ,i had bought a Cute Disney princess Bag for My Pink Baby MAC ^^
CUTE ........................It matches with my Disney Princess Pencil Box .. LOL..
Some people might says i am childish ! But who cares ??? as long as i like it !!
The Disney Princess Bag for my Baby MAC ^^
Hehe..My pencil Box..


Akira 思胜 said...

Ice sofa? So cool! Never see that before neh...

Barbie said...

OMG! BB! *sob sob* How bad I wanna have that protection case for my pink laptop too *sob sob* Seriously, I have no idea where I can get this in my country >,< So sad! and BB, I also use Disney Princess pencil case too, and I don't care wat ppl think about me, childish or watever, that is just who we are ^ ^

Again! I can't stop repeating this that I really love your Disney bag. =(

nice9 said...

Your Disney bag is nice...

The club sofa is so special~

pikakitty said...

omg BB! your Disney Princess Bag! exactly like mine.. all the princess character.. but mine is document folder.. i bring it everyday to school ^^ just the bag colour is different ^^

YinYin said...

Akira : yea...but very cold...

Barbie : yea...i am who i am ,..hahahah...i can try sony vaio CR laptop bag,i think they got pink..coz they have a PINK laptop too

nice 9: yea..i like the bag !hahahah

Pikakitty : yea^^ we are the same !!

Barbie said...

Yeah princess, but like your bag better, and you surely know the reason why, don't u? :P

pikakitty said...

yeahhhh =) heheheheheh

Jonathan Nathan said...

Wah, looks like you're pretty busy! Keep it going! You'll do well in life!

Carely_Babystar said...

so cute ur things~
seen u also look like busy~
tis sunday i going barcelona~
i hate there~
but fren birthday said wan go there~
no idea....T.T

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

I heard about this new club recently...too bad im in UK now ><

Childish? LOL! Dun care about what other might think. Just be yourself =)