Sunday, October 5, 2008


Some Strawberry Souvenir Shop @ Cameron Highland

WOO HOO!!! Cameron Highland ,A Heaven for STRAWBERRY LOVER like ME ^^
OMG!! I love strawberry figure so much..It is so sweet and cute ^^
U know what? I found loads of things that are related to strawberry ..I just couldn't list all the things here but these are some of them:
2.strawberry pillow
3,strawberry purse
4,strawberry key chain
5,strawberry soft toy (various sizes)
6,strawberry umbrella
7,strawberry handphone cover
8,strawberry chocolate
9,strawberry juice
10,strawberry coffee
11,strawberry tea
12,strawbery jam
13,strawberry cap
14,strawberry pencil box
15,strawberry necklace,hair clip ,bracelet .etc
16,strawberry muffin
17 ,strawberry cake
18,strawberry choco fondue
19 ,strawberry puff
20,strawberry tart
21,strawberry school bag
22,strawberry handbag
23,strawberry bed sheet
24,strawberry blanket
25,strawberry display item
26,strawberry plastic curtain
27,strawberry slipper
28,strawberry shoes
29,strawberry ice-cream
30,strawberry ice blended
31,strawberry stationeries
32,strawberry photo frame
33,strawberry clock
34,strawberry apparels
35,strawberry note book ,file
36,strawberry photo album
37,strawberry bottle
38,strawberry container
39,strawberry tower
40,strawberry soap
41,strawberry shampoo
42,strawberry toothbrush
43,strawberry perfume
44,strawberry candle
45,strawberry cd album
46,strawberry toy
47,strawberry sticker
48,strawberry greeting card
49 ,strawberry car seat cover
50,strawberry seat belt cover
51,strawberry biscuit
52,strawberry carpet
53,strawberry candy
AND EVEN .................
STRAWBERRY Fried Egg =='
The strawberry fried egg !!
but it is quite tastety ^^
(This is only what i can remember of those millions types of "strawberry things"...)


Akira 思胜 said...

Gosh, I love strawberries!!!! I wanna have some too!

Anonymous said...

walau...yin u so like strawbery...u pindah to therelah like u wont waste the money to buy all this thing...

jia hao said...

hey yin yin...that baba strawbery reli like u fat and cute...haha....

Jonathan Nathan said...

OMG... so much of strawberries... if it were me... I'd go nuts and start having strawberry nightmares! Lol! Glad you enjoyed yourself ;-)

YinYin said...

akira : hahaha...give u some la..

anonymous and Jia Hao : is u ??leave 2 comment ....aiyo..i love strawberry dun mean i have to stay there ma..u stupid crazy sia.....hahah,,the baby more like u la fatty hao....jealous i am slimmer than u ...wakakakakakaka

Jonathan nathan : bf's family start to avoid the strawberry ady ...hahaha

Naughty Girl said...

baby strawberry very cute!!
so..u enjoy the trip?

nice9 said...

you really like strawberry so much!!!

YinYin said...

naughty girl : hey ya^^ i like the trip....becoz i go with the rite person ^^

nice9: yea..i love strawberry

Barbie said...

Oh my god! Oh my god! So many cute stuffs here, dear <3 Honestly, seriously, Barbie really LOVE the PInky strawberry umbrella! OH GOSH! I wanna see my princess walking in the rain holding this pinky umbrella *daydreaming* BB? I miss you so much! Really :( Miss me or not? Why don't drop by my blog? Well, u don't go, here I come, and hug my princess! and yeah, kiss *muack muack* How's school? Everythign's ok?

BTW, Yin Yin dear. My new skin color is just similiar to yours ^ ^ I got it from the free blogger templates :)

One more thing left, I send my love all the way from my house in PP to ur house in KL. Barbie sayang sayang my princess! *hug*

pikakitty said...

omg BB that was so cute! awwwwww! so many strawberry's stuff ^^ even strawberry fried egg! i wonder how it taste if i eat it with rice ^^ i miss coming to your blog these 2 weeks :( but so happy to read this new entries :)

Carely_Babystar said...

so cute la those strawberry stuff~
make me hope to get one oso~
those strawberry is jz same like u~
cute and nice~
miss u~