Saturday, October 11, 2008

Party night Again ..MOS

Woohoo...Before I show u the picture ,I Gonna tell u something that made me very happy ^^
Hehehe...I can wear the sweet earrings now !!! I got a new ear pierce ^^
Actually before this I had up to 100 pairs of earrings ,because I love earrings so much that I kept collecting them.. But in the end i give up (I scared !)..So i donated them to some other People ...But 3 months ago ,My baby jess brought me for ear piercing and I can wear the sweet earring to Party now ^^Yeah !

I went to MOS with a bunch of my friends for 3 times during my 1st week semester break !!! Crazy ..hahahaha...So now i am rushing for my assignments like hell...=='

8th October 2008

Woohoo...we are not kissing ..Just pretend ...wakakakakakaka...Really look like kissing ..
DD kah Yong ,No matter how much i hurt him,he will still always be there for me ^^ Thx kah Yong!

Woohoo...The super tall man with a kid ,..hahahaha...
The Top RnB DJ in UK , DJ shortee Blitz

I didn't take any photo at Thursday

Photos of Saturday
11 October 2008
If u noticed,u can see that i was wearring my Pink crystal earring ! Love It so much!!!

Hey ..where is Yin Yin???????
Arha.....Yin Yin is here with bunch of crazy friends !
Vincent ..the special one..does he look like some1 ???

Holy Shit !! GAY Party ????????????????????????????????????????
The good one and the Cutie Fat one
Vincent ,Jesslyn and Ryan(a Kid)
Vincent and JessJia Hao and Jess
The Kid was drinking the beer !

Woohoo..We Ordered a Glass of GraveYard again !! HAHAHA!
U know what ,the Bartender get shock when we ordered a GraveYard from him ..

here is the GraveYard ,Rm60 per Glass ..
Jesslyn is drinking !
and it is Me ^^
Woohoo...a Drunk Kid wanna be lala ...... Lala is cute...hahahahaha ^^
Jia Hao ....Obviously ,I am slimmer than you !Don't Jealous , Face the fact ! HAHAHAHAHAHA

Woohoo..Euphoria Rocks !


Akira 思胜 said...

Wow, you looks so hot and sexy inside the photos!!!

jia hao said...

walau that pic u also put ah...yalah u more slimlah...

Kelly said...

It is been so long
since i last commented
on your blog ,

Girl ,
u look so hot in da picture,
and the earring
make u look sweeter !
It is suitable for you.

Carely_Babystar said...

hey dear
i would like go MOS too~hehe~
but my fren told me
is wan above 21 years old jz can go in~
em~so i confused
coz seen u od go few times~

Carely_Babystar said...

hey dear
i would like go MOS too~hehe~
but my fren told me
is wan above 21 years old jz can go in~
em~so i confused
coz seen u od go few times~

lcfu said...

wow you guys look so young...

Barbie said...

Princess! I really love the pic of you taken on October 11th, 2008 ^ ^ the one in black dress! Oh my god! You're so adorable, and I love that pinky crystal earrings so so much. They look so good on you <3

Thinking to steal this pic of yours again ^ ^ *grin* I'm collecting collecting, and keep collecting ^ ^

BB? hope all is well with you there. I miss you as always, and everyday, and I hope you also miss me the same way I do. My first princess ever. Leaving with love, *hug*

YinYin said...

akira ; WOHOO...THX 4 UR COMPLIment !^^

JiaHao : yea..i like the picture

Kelly : hey ya^^ thx 4 ur are u ?

carely babystar : hey ya^^ bbaby..u wanna go??if i am going again ,i will call u ..K??we go together ^^

Barbie : hey my lovely princess^^ I am so happy that u are collecting my picture ,it mean my princess like me ^^ so happy to hear that ...and of course ,My princess..I miss u always ^^ Love ya..Muacc

nice9 said...

your earing is nice!
you really enjoy the nite..i can see it from you pictures..You are enjoy and sweet~

jerine said...

hi there...

i was googling for Juicy Couture boutique in KL but it seems that you're the only who has it. I've used your photo on my blog entry. And I've put a credit on it with link to your site. If you're not happy with it please let me know. I'll remove it. BTW, it'll give you a lot of hits if I don't remove it :) I love your blog. And I'll visit more often


jerine said...

the website is here...

happy shopping. but let me warn you. its really addictive. i didnt realise ive shop for AUD 6000 plus just for juicy couture. anyway, im more than happy to link your site. since im going to check out your site often, i might as well.

YinYin said...

nice9 : hey babe..thx 4 ur compliment always ! ^^

Jerine : thx 4 the link....^^ appreciate it...

Carely_Babystar said...

look quite nice at there~