Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I Love Small Bag!

Aw! This is a must get from MIu Miu!! XD

Many have wondered, why am I so into small bags??
According to my height, most of the people thought that I would carry a bigger bag instead of a small one as taller person could afford to carry a bigger bag with style....

Plus,  Big bag = Convenience, Multipurpose, Practical.

Well, I really don't know why ? I couldn't control my madness toward small bags.
I think small one is convenience as I do not like to bring many thing with me, a purse and a phone that's it.
Many have told me, small bag is not practical and it's expensive compared to the big one,
Actually, I do not think of the "practical" side when I buy a bag, I choose by my first sight!
In Love with first sight!! XD hahahahahahahahahahhaa

Look at all of these, isn't it cute!!!

From Chanel

From Chanel

From LV

U know what, I think I look weird with big bag, don't you think so??? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
I do not have the cool style! AW!!!!
I Think I should try more................... T_T
I want to be cool, yeah, who doesn't want to be cool???!!!
I am trying to look into big bag recently, maybe I will in love with them soon??? Perhaps???? HAHAHAHA!!!!

Well, you can actually ignore this post, was way too free...hahaha XD

~Vic Vicky Victoria~

Friday, January 21, 2011

Tea For Two with BabyJ @ Stelle, Pavilion

Went to Pavilion for High Tea with BabyJess last sunday as I promised to give her a treat!
It's like our routine.... never miss out the High Tea session... XD
Yeah, who doesn't love to tea with a bunch of pretty babes?...
LOL, Was with BabyJ at the first place, the bunch tagged along after that,
had a great time with them......

Just did a lil spree..

~Vic Vicky Victoria~

Saturday, January 1, 2011


HAPPY 2011!!!!! Woohooo!!!!!!!
I know My Resolution for 2011 will all come true!!!!!! Woohoooo!!!

I AM in LOVE with Miu Miu lately, it already replaced the Most Favorite in the list!!! Woohooo!!
MIu Miu!!!
Guess what, BabyJess and I had a secret deal that was related to Miu Miu.
What was that??? HAHA, I will not reveal it until the special day! XD

soon u will know ~~

 Miu Miu Holiday Season window display!

Cheers and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
~Vic Vicky Victoria~