Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Chinese new Year !!!

YEAH !!!! Finally I am Back !!!!
I Had a wonderful vacation at Penang with a bunch of friends ! 
Will update soon ..stay tune .

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Last shopping spree for CNY


On Wednesday Kah yong and I went for the last shopping spree for CNY because wednesday is the only day that we were free this week and after today our schedule is full of " CNY appointment" ,like Party before CNY , Go back to Hometown or a vacation .

Last day Shoping spree for CNY !

And as usual , had some refill for my cosmetic

I like the shoes from Charles & Keith

SO Everyone !!! Happy Chinese New Year !!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Shryne and Kenny's birthday at Blanc le club

Few days ago, I went to Pavilion looking for Shryne's and Kenny's birthday presents ,spotted a cute thing from Juicy Couture and I bought it for Shryne ...But too bad,I didn't manage to get a Present for Kenny. (I will get it to u soon ,oK !)

And I bought some dresses for CNY too ...

Shyne's Birthday Present, Happy Birthday To you ! 
Last night , Shryne and Kenny hosted their birthday party at Blanc le Club @ Asian Heritage, nearby Loft Upstairs. I was invited, obviously.. lolx
It was the 1st time I went to Blanc le Club, u know what , my 1st comment was "It is freaking small" ... Kinda disappointed on the club ,It was not as nice as I thought , I thought it would be like Singapore SupperBed Club ...

We didn't dance on the dance floor that night because their dance floor design was freaking weird. It was just right in front of the VIP area ...Gosh. It made us felt like we were performers... And the Sound system was ....really =='......Haiz.....

Happy 19th Birthday for Kenny , Happy 20th Birthday for Shryne !

Birthday Girl Must drink !

And The Birthday boy too.

Dress Code of the night , Black !

Kah Yong and Kenny , he didn't obey the party rules .

Sweet moment ?

Candid Sexy Photo ?? Or not ?

Anyway, Shryne got drunk and we all too....sweat ==' 
Happy Birthday To You , KENNY and SHRYNE !!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Day Out at Pavilion again.

I Accompanied jess to the MDG audition last saturday , too bad , she didn't managed to get through, if you want to know why, read this, Poor baby .
This is such a waste ,because she is slim,and pretty ,and she is much more prettier and taller compared to other contestants.

The waiting room .

Look at the pictures that Jess took with some of the contestants , I mean they are pretty too,but baby Jess is prettier , and she looks charming ^^ 
Anyway,at least she gained some experience from the audition .

After this I went to Pavilion alone,
and I just did little bit shopping for CNY .
As usual , went to My favorite Juicy Couture for some CNY clothes, and then shoes .

at Pavilion .
After Pavilion , I went to StarHill for bags , I am looking for a CNY bag from Dior ,Yea ,Kinda like Dior recently ,But the bag I want was out of stock and they wont restock again ..Gosh ! I want the bag .

Does anyone knows how and where can I get this bag ?

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Malaysia Dream Girl Season 2

MDG season 1 (2008)
Everyone that watched the Malaysia Dream Girl Season 1 should know what I am talking about . The coming MDG Season 2 KL Audition is On this saturday (10th January 09). 
U know what ??
My Baby Jess is Joining !Gosh ! I am so excited now .. I can't wait for the audition , and I know My baby will get through the audition !! She will, indeed !
So baby ..Gambade !!!!!!!!!!!

Oh ya ...finally I got Something that I've waited for so long ..
I had finished watching the Gossip Girl Season 1 like 9 months ago and I had been waiting for the Season 2 all episodes like almost 9 months ????? ..
Woohoo..Anyway , I gonna watched the season 2 this weekend ..=)

Blair , My all time favorite .

Nate, The Hot 1 .
Xoxo, Gossip Girl .

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hello ..New Year !

HAppy New Year 2009 !
Gosh, time to say Good Bye to the Very Bad luck 2008!!! WooHoo!

Yesterday night we had a "Not so good" Seaside Party at Port Dickson .
U know what ? This was the first time I visited PD , It was not as fantastic as i thought !
But anyway , we had a happy moment there , although we missed the count down session ,
" thanks" to Fatty Hao's Friend .
We got only 10 persons , but we bought almost rm350++ BBQ foods , It was a lot , we couldn't even finish it..and I thought I left the unfinished vegetables there.
Anyway , It was Fun !

Preparing ...

And Party Time !

Andy .. What are you doing???

CK?????You Drinking or ?????

Ew............Very dirty ....

Drinking and Drinking .

And Guess what ???
My Lil Baobei Join Us too !

He Don't want to take any picture ==' 
Oh Finally , I got it !! Why ??? Because of  Hot Dog !

Looking for what ?

Actually, Before the BBQ Party ,Kah Yong and I was In Pavilion , we wanted to Celebrate our 4th Year Anniversary ! Yes It is ! Our 4th Anniversary is on 31th Dec 2009! And I planned to go on shopping spree too.
Suddenly I received a Call from Jia Hao , That fella asked us to go to Port Dickson for a New Year Eve BBq Party , a so called Very Last Minute plan. Hence, I only managed to buy few things there.

Oh yeah ! U know , I ordered a Special Callaway Pink Glove from Pan WEST Golf House Last week and it had arrived ,Woohoo...I got my Pink Glove !!!

My Pink Glove !Love It !

And This is My 4th anniversary Present from Kah Yong ...A singlet,
Spot the DD and BB ?
So cute !

Happy NEW YEAR 2009 AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!