Saturday, September 27, 2008

who is going??

Hey ya!!! WHO IS GOING MOS-HedKandi Event today???????????
Yoyoyo......Hope to meet u all there...........

Saturday, September 20, 2008

CLub Like No Body Business ..

Very Tired right now....Emo-ing ... moody !
As my friends know....I hated night club....To me,night club is a place that waste money and time.........Lame....

But after MOS ...I started to club .....I am in love with MOS ^^ .......
and club like no body business!

And Now..........
I started to avoid everything that will bothered me ...My assignments ,my Family, Relationship problem and skipped 2 days classes just for nightclub !

U know..This week, i went to night club for 4 nights ,which is monday ,wednesday ,thursday and friday ..I am dying soon.................

Now..I feel like..I am not myself anymore...I became a clubbing gang ....I hate myself....
I am kinda regret now.........

I don't know why ....I was so moody when i was in the night club last 2 night....
Not happy at all.........I thought i could release my feeling in the club.. but it was made me sick !

I am kinda sick of it...
By right, it's a place where you have fun and enjoy.......
But i am not.....................why ? what happened..I really don't know......moody and i am depressed .........
and U Stupid JIA HAO..Always FFK when we planned to go MOS !!!and my baby jess was they left me at MOS with bunch of guys on thursday..........sweat=='

Jia Hao...remenber what u had promised last night ........If u FFK again .....U gonna buy me a LV !

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

M.O.S Rock!!

Euphoria/M.O.S Rock !! But Maison suck !!!!

11th September 2008
Last Thursday, we planned to Go M.O.S together with Crazy gang ..But in the end they changed their mind and went to Maison instead...what the hell is that ...sweat==' but we got no choice but to follow them ...

The bouncer at the was checking very strictly on the girls' ID at the main entrance ...
U know....Jesslin and I can't get into the club because we forgot to bring our IC...but the bouncer told me that if I got any documents that could prove that i am 18 then I can go in ....
And I gave them my Student ID ...But they didn't approve ??u know why ?????
They said the picture in the ID didn't look like me !!!!!It looked like a kid !

Worse still, they refused to give me back my ID and kept asking me where was the girl that lend her student ID to me ..WHAT THE HELL!!!!!! The student ID is mine OK!!!!!!
And Jesslin too....she borrowed the IC from her friend..and the bouncer didn't believe in Jess..and scolded the the girl who lend the IC to Jess!!! What the hell!!! You scolded your customer!!!!
Maison u sucks!!!
You are just a normal night club need to be like this ok!!!!!!

So we left the Crazy gang there and headed to OUR Love Club !! M.O.S !!!!!(5 of us ,shryne ,harry ,jess ,DD and I) Euphoria is much more classy than Maison ...They have a nice dance floor..Nice and friendly bouncer, everything is just nice...

In the Bar ...we ordered a Jug of Vodka Cranberry ....and u know what ??we got another jug for free ...^^ SO LUCKY !!!!! M.O.S We love u !!!
Wo dance dance !!!!!!
And we met some ex-classmate there ...

And last time i had promised you all i gonna bring more picture from MOS right?? here u go :
Euphoria By Ministry of Sound @ Sunway Lagoon Resort
Gals ^^ Me ,Jess and Shryne @ Dance floor ..

I took the picture when they are closing ^^ look better
The Main Dance floor

The DJ deck .

Toilet ?
the Mezzanine Level
The Bar ^^
The Drunk CAT

Jess and DDMy Baby Jess and I@ Euphoria
Jess and Mix.Fm DJ

The Entrance ^^
Boys and Girls ^^
15th September 2008
Today ,Something very bad happened to Jess we went to M.O.S to relax...She needed alcohol...(Baby time you shouldn't drink so much k !! No good..)

This is the Deq ,the second dance floor at Euphoria..

Lounge at The Deq @ Euphoria
Lounge Bar @ The Deq (lower floor Euphoria)

U know..the washroom at Euphoria is just nice!! Nicer than many nightclubs ..No sharing toilet anymore! Clean and Clear ..
Ladies' room

My baby and I @ Euphoria .....Toilet
Dance and dance...But she just can't release her feeling ...
At the Resort Car Park ^^

We headed to the another Wine House , Vintry@ Jaya 33 .

And She have a glass of "Graveyard"..

Oh My GOD!! This "Graveyard " Gonna make u die ...They mixed 7 type of pure liquor without any mixer(like coke or lime juice)...the whole glass is PURE Liquor !
And ya!! She get drunk ..and talked like crazy ...........

(Baby ...hope that you are ok...No matter how..i always stay beside you !)

p/s : we going to MOS this Wednesday and Thursday (17th and 18th September 2008)^^

Oh ya..Last few days I had bought a Pink Cover for my Baby MAC ^^ cute ...hehehehe
The Lovely Pink Cover for my MacBook ^^The 8GB pendrive ^^

Friday, September 12, 2008

LUV Apple * Mac * Pink

Today, I Went to Pyramid for movie after my class ..We watched "Money not enough 2" ,i thought it was a comedy ..but in the end ,it turned out to be a touching movie. It was more of 'educational' than 'comedy'.

I can't stop crying during the the part where the tragedy happened ... Besides, I dare not watch this movie again......I am worried that i will cry the whole day long..
But, it is a nice and meaningful Movie which all modern world people should watch.. ^^ There are so many things that we've taken for granted in our lives..
After the movie, we went for dinner and bought a Pink Vodka from Wine house ^^

Oh yeah ! I got My New Laptop last few days^^ Love It ...MY LOVELY BABY MAC ^^
Bought it at Pavilion Epi centre ..It is so nice..Just love it ....
Throw PC and old laptop away...hahaahahahahah....babyMac ,u gonna help me a lot for assigment ^^

Oh ya...Does anyone know where can I get nice desktop theme for my BABY MAC?

Heheh..and this is the Mac iSight test ^^ nothing to do..took some picture from the laptop camera ==' Not Really clear ...

Me and the PINK VODKA ^^ PINK PINK PINK!!!!!
DD and I ...before going MOS=='

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Busy Update ...

Oh ! Before i create a new post ,i have to take a deep breath 1st!!! Phew .....Finally !!!! I can lay my fingers on the keyboard and Update my blog ^^
These few days i have been busying for my Assignments ,classes ,activities and many many more ...t
I miss my blog so so much =(

Anyways,i got some time now !

6th September 2008
After I Came back from Fairy Park ,I Slept for the whole day at home !
At night ,DD brought me to Pavilion for Movie ...ACtually we wanted to watch "Money not enough 2" but it was Full House, so we watched "BABYLON A.D" instead....
Before the movie start ,we had supper at ChocoLate ....ChocoExpresso Cake ^^

After the Movie ,DD brought me to Bintang Walk and checked out the street ..OK ..I admitted that i've never been there before.....sweat ==' ...
The street is so hapenning ,a lot of nights club there ^^ nice...
I saw a cute club "ALOHA" ...a hawaii style night club ,so cute...But it is just the club exterior design ...Interior and atmosphere? I don't know.
Here is all the Picture :

Aloha Club ,Bintang Walk ,KL
Modesto's NightClub
Thai CLub .........

7th and 8th September :
Nothing special....Rushed my stupid assignments and Golfing ...

8th -10th september :
Get so damn many Assignments again of 5 assignments. Due date? Next week !!!!
A BIG SWEAT on my head =='
This gonna be a busy week .....Guys me !!!!!!!

Will Update my blog very soon ........Promise!! Update before sunday ^^