Friday, September 5, 2008

Euphoria By Ministry of Sound

Hey ,Finally ,i went to Euphoria ^^ hehe..
Yesterday night ,Kah yong ,My classmate and I was free and we decided to pay a visit to the night club that we love the most ..It is the awesome Euphoria (M.O.S)..
You know what? The club is pretty awesome. It is much more better than other night clubs !!!
And it is a non smoking club it ....

Unlike some club that play pop music all over the night without mixing and worse still, repeating some songs for few times a night, MOS's DJs has better skill in DJ-ing. The House music that they play yesterday was just NICE!! This is what we called night club.

They have 2 different dance floor which play different music.. The theme for the main dance floor was 'Open Format' and for the Deq (second dance floor) was 'Save the Robot' where they play kind of robotic house music. The club is just classy ^^ Euphoria rocks !!!

However, Whiskey, Liquor etc cost around Rm400++ and it only compliment free entrance for 3 person!!(around RM130-150 per person ). Compared to other club ,it is a little bit expensive but it worth it !

Anyway, if u don't drink u can just pay RM40 on weekdays and Rm50 for weekend to get in there...^^
And Crazy Gang ,don't bother the bottle price, try and check it out, just once ...I bet that u guys will fall in love with it^^ believe me..
Inside Euphoria ,hmm...It is very dark..because i didn't bring my camera and the photo is taken by normal phone camera...sweat =='But never mind,i will go again next week,and will bring a long my camera and take more photo for you^^


Akira 思胜 said...

Wow, looks like very high inside ler...

Barbie said...

Euphoria? Erm... The 3 pics uploaded here is abit not-so-clear, but the way you described this club make me feel like Euphoria is very nice indeed ^ ^

Hey princess? This time, no pic of yours? =(

YinYin said...

Akira : ahhha..kinda classy ^^ the bst club in town ^^

Barbie : ya..euphoria is the best club in town ^^ very nice and classy ^^ and about the picture ,i didn't take because didn't bring my camera =='

Anonymous said...

ur blog aren't surviveing any more... its not like the past... its dying soon..

Jonathan Nathan said...

I've been wanting to visit MOS for quite some time now. Hurmmm... maybe in a few weeks time. Thanks for the info, now I know I need to blow 30% of my salary just to have a good time there :P

YinYin said...

anonymous : i am so sorry for the lack update...because i am busying with my study ,and my home online system haven't fix yet.....=(

Jonathan nathan : hey dude...u like MOS too?? ^^ hehe...u are right ..wanna club at MOS u have to spend quite a lot ..==' hehe..but the asmostphere is just nice!!! worth it..I love MOS ^^
Hope to see u there ..^^

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

Take more pics next time!
I want to see =)