Friday, September 12, 2008

LUV Apple * Mac * Pink

Today, I Went to Pyramid for movie after my class ..We watched "Money not enough 2" ,i thought it was a comedy ..but in the end ,it turned out to be a touching movie. It was more of 'educational' than 'comedy'.

I can't stop crying during the the part where the tragedy happened ... Besides, I dare not watch this movie again......I am worried that i will cry the whole day long..
But, it is a nice and meaningful Movie which all modern world people should watch.. ^^ There are so many things that we've taken for granted in our lives..
After the movie, we went for dinner and bought a Pink Vodka from Wine house ^^

Oh yeah ! I got My New Laptop last few days^^ Love It ...MY LOVELY BABY MAC ^^
Bought it at Pavilion Epi centre ..It is so nice..Just love it ....
Throw PC and old laptop away...hahaahahahahah....babyMac ,u gonna help me a lot for assigment ^^

Oh ya...Does anyone know where can I get nice desktop theme for my BABY MAC?

Heheh..and this is the Mac iSight test ^^ nothing to do..took some picture from the laptop camera ==' Not Really clear ...

Me and the PINK VODKA ^^ PINK PINK PINK!!!!!
DD and I ...before going MOS=='


Akira 思胜 said...

Wow, a new laptop! I love the colour too!

Svetlena said...

cute laptop!!
Seem like many ppl begin to us mac :D

Bridge Schmidt said...

Your laptop is nice. There is a promo here for students. You can get a Macbook (Apple) PC with an ipod for only $970.00.

How big is your PC and how much did you buy it in Malaysia? You can buy a lot of accessories for it here in the US.

Barbie said...

Wah princess ^ ^ Princess got a new laptop ady ^ ^ You gonna make it pink or not, dear? but well, white is still nice ^ ^ Would u exchange ur new baby Mac with my oldie pinky laptop? :P Lol... Dang Barbie! No way lol...

Hey, u are so cute, Princess ^ ^ Love the 2 pic taken with ur laptop camera *hug*

YinYin said...

Akira : hahaha^^ i love mac

Lena: hey princess^^ u using mac too???

bridgida : hey gal^^ hehe..but that promotion only available in US....Malaysia do not have the promotion...
and much more exp than normal mac is around Rm4.6K around 1.4k Us dollar....haha...

barbie:^^i will exchange with u if u wanted u...but i bet that ,u can;t let go ur pinky laptop ..u love pink!! hahahahhah///

Jonathan Nathan said...

Nice Mac, next time buy me one oso :P

Carely_Babystar said...

new laptop

Carely_Babystar said...

4get told u
i oso got watch
"money not enough"
really nice~
funny and touching