Monday, March 30, 2009

Sorry, sorry, will update soon.......XD

Monday, March 23, 2009

About Today =='

Today was the 1st class of the new semester and of course a good girl like me would attend the class even though I know the lecturer wouldn't teach us anything today. XD 

I Went to MST@ Kelana Jaya with Kah Yong after class as he wanted to buy a New GolfSet.

DD's New Golfset.^^

Then, we went to 1 Utama for lunch. Garden was our choice. 
I'd been there for few times with babyJess but this was the 1st time I was there with Kah Yong =) LoL
I kinda liked this restaurant because they served nice food and had nice ambience.It is really a nice place to dine. 

The foods and drinks they served:

The Interior Design :

I felt freaking tired after shopping at 1Utama for 5hours non stop, Gosh! Then I went to SPA for relaxation. That's all for today XD

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Girls Nite Out @ MOS Euphoria

It's been awhile since we last visited MOS , and hey there we were last Thursday!
We went there with a really big gang, at least 15 people, but I only know 8 of them , It was Baby jess, DD, shryne, peiling, jay, calvin, philip, kenny..

Mos is getting crowed nowadays but it is still Ok , at least we can breath and we all gone tipsy due to the non stop liquor XD 
Anyway,these are some of the pictures I got,enjoy : 

Not really a group picture, only 6 of us...

The 3 .....

Me , DD ,baby Jess and Kenny(shryne's god's bro)

Drunk ??

The crowd @ MOS euphoria on Thursday (Only happens on thursday)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

@@ ?

Hmm, Just received a phone call from Jess and she immediately shouted " Yin , your photo is on ifeel magazine website!" when I picked up the call.
I was like , what ???????!! I didn't join any competition at all! How come ????
But finally, I found out that it was a brochure for the competition. However, I didn't upload my pics at Ifeel. I wondered how they got my pics or who sent it ???????

The brochure from the website.

Anyway, Kah Yong and I went to Pavilion again as we go nothing to do (Having semester break now) and I just bought some clothes and accessories from Juicy Couture  ,oh gosh, I am crazy for their charms lately ... 

Bought from Pav.

Some of the Juicy charms I bought Lately ^^

Thursday, March 12, 2009

What is judgement all about ??????

It is undeniable that everyone is judging and being judged at every moment. However, what I want to emphasize is that when a person judge another, the judgement is in fact the reflection of yourself, of your values, your thoughts, your inner world.

For instance, what would you think when you see a killer? Do you think he is cruel? evil? bad? Why so? because it is against your values, you think that killing is a crime, is bad, is evil..
But on the other hand, why do he kill? because to him, killing is the only way to settle his problem or to fulfill his needs. that is his value. Further, I wonder if you watch Prison Break before? Or any cop movies? what is the common theme among the criminals? It is their values! Why do a raper still rape people after being released from jail? Because that is his value, he thought it is the 'right' thing to do.. Does every criminal regret of killing? No, NOT everyone of them regret, because to them, it is not wrong!

Will you kill to survive? Will you kill to revenge? Some will, some won't. Whatever it is, that is your value..

When you judge people every moment in your life, think 1st, why would you think so? If you notice that, it shows you your value, what is important to you. It is a great way to know yourself.. Think about it.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Your subconscious mind

Sorry for neglecting my blog for so long,kinda busy these few days (for shopping XD),so today I am going to talk about Subconscious mind ......hehe..Shit ...I feel like I am an old women who wants to lecture some kids. Lol...actually I just want to share what I thought !

Yeah, after Kah yong came back from a camp, Warrior Camp by T Harv Eker , he told me that actually human judges people by their subconscious mind or by their files in their brains.
I didn't really believe and focus on this at 1st , but eventually I found out that it is real ,because plenty of examples appeared in front of me.
For instance, some of my friends, they didn't buy branded stuff at all because it was too expensive to them, like 3k-5k a bag ? They had to work very hard to get it and even though they got this kind of money they won"t spend on a Bag, they rather spent it on dining or travel. Yeah, this was what they thought. 

When they saw some girls who carried some branded bags or stuffs, they would say It was FAKE !!! I asked them why ? They would answer me," Of course la ! No one will use a few thousand to buy a bag la,that is crazy ....If not, they ask their boyfriends to buy want, I don't think they will buy on their own, so expensive."

Yeah , this is 1 of the examples, they couldn't afford the bag and they thought everyone was the same.

You are poor/rich but doesn't mean everyone is poor/rich as you, you will never know how rich/poor people can be.

Second example : 
It was about 1 of my friend's ex boy friend , his personality was poor, he owe money, selfish, cheap,stole things and he was a liar. When my friend wanna break up with him, he shouted at my friend and said : "U know what, you will not find a Boyfriend as good as me, the other guy who wanna go after you just want to have sex with u and bring u out to show off!!"

Actually we all knew him, he was selfish and cheap, he was together with my friend because my friend was pretty and he wanted to show off. Oh yeah ,1 more thing, my friend would give him some money to use...OH MY GOD !!!! 
So u can see that his subconscious was projected through the sentences he shouted on My friend.
Oh yeah, now my friend got a Boyfriend which is 100 times better than him.
.You are the one but doesn't mean every one is the same with u .. They are they and you are you !!!
1 more, Judge by look is another issue, But I will not talk about it now, I do judge people by their look before, but I won't from now on ! XD

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Phew.....Just Finished 2 of my exam papers ,which are English and History test,but I felt so hopeless of the exam,I thought I could score Straight A's for this semester, but......after this....I know it wouldn't be.......haiz...1 more paper to go !!

Picture of the Day
Anyway, I went to Pavilion with DD yesterday night as we wanna catch up a Movie - Seven Pound ,It is kinda boring at the beginning but very touching after that. 

And I didn't managed to get anything today, Just got some earrings from Eclipse ..Oh my!! Can't stop buying earring ......

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Chanel Classic Flap Bag

The following are some power point slides that I did 2 week ago and I am kinda proud of it because my presentation caught my lecturer and classmates attention ^^ 

Chanel Classic 2.55 Flap bag 

The Mademoiselle Lock

The Price Range .

And I have chosen Chanel Classic Flap Bag as the topic of my first English Journal either.

The new arrival , I love this one ..Lol