Sunday, March 15, 2009

@@ ?

Hmm, Just received a phone call from Jess and she immediately shouted " Yin , your photo is on ifeel magazine website!" when I picked up the call.
I was like , what ???????!! I didn't join any competition at all! How come ????
But finally, I found out that it was a brochure for the competition. However, I didn't upload my pics at Ifeel. I wondered how they got my pics or who sent it ???????

The brochure from the website.

Anyway, Kah Yong and I went to Pavilion again as we go nothing to do (Having semester break now) and I just bought some clothes and accessories from Juicy Couture  ,oh gosh, I am crazy for their charms lately ... 

Bought from Pav.

Some of the Juicy charms I bought Lately ^^


Akira 思胜 said...

The charms are nice wor!
Hehe, congratz for appearing in the magazine ya!!!

ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...


the charms looked so nice!

Hau said...

THe charms are so nice.keke take care

YinYin said...

akira : aw... actually the brochure is nth la..haha ^^

zara : yea..i love it......wanna buy!!

hau : hey thx ^^

Jonathan Nathan said...

Wow! You're on the iFeel competition ah? Damn... let me know if there's some kind of voting system, I'll vote for you =)

Btw, I just updated my blog. I know you've been pushing me to do so, so I finally did! =P

YinYin said...

Jonathan Nathan is a brochure for the competition....==' hehe..anyway , thx 4 ur kindness

Shryne said...

wa, so yeng !! congrat congrat get in the competition.. fast fast go join de competition v jess la.. i sure vote u 2 leng lui 1.. haha.. i wanna crazy d after see u bought all de charms, so nice ~~~

YinYin said...

Shryne : haha..aiyo..not competition la...just a brochure....hahah...i am not interested in modeling industry ...u and jess should go ^^
Yaya..I love the charms , I am waiting 4 their new arrival ...The love shape JC necklace ...can't wait ae!!!!

Barbie said...

I'm sure if it was the competition, my princess would knock other contestants dead *grin* *muah muah*

Anyway, i love your stuffs, princess! so cute! and yeah, my princess is also cute too <3 ^ ^