Thursday, March 12, 2009

What is judgement all about ??????

It is undeniable that everyone is judging and being judged at every moment. However, what I want to emphasize is that when a person judge another, the judgement is in fact the reflection of yourself, of your values, your thoughts, your inner world.

For instance, what would you think when you see a killer? Do you think he is cruel? evil? bad? Why so? because it is against your values, you think that killing is a crime, is bad, is evil..
But on the other hand, why do he kill? because to him, killing is the only way to settle his problem or to fulfill his needs. that is his value. Further, I wonder if you watch Prison Break before? Or any cop movies? what is the common theme among the criminals? It is their values! Why do a raper still rape people after being released from jail? Because that is his value, he thought it is the 'right' thing to do.. Does every criminal regret of killing? No, NOT everyone of them regret, because to them, it is not wrong!

Will you kill to survive? Will you kill to revenge? Some will, some won't. Whatever it is, that is your value..

When you judge people every moment in your life, think 1st, why would you think so? If you notice that, it shows you your value, what is important to you. It is a great way to know yourself.. Think about it.



Akira 思胜 said...

I wanna see your paint ya!

Barbie said...

Any indirect implications from this post, princess? Perhaps, no, perhaps, yes lol.. doesn't matter *wink*

People have different value in life, and see things differently. "A" would utter that " B shouldn't react this way " while B also say the same statement " A shouldn't react that way ", which mean, what is right for A, doesn't mean that it is what is right for B =) so take a chill pill, princess. Not many people would be able to find those truly understand one another mutual feelings, becuz people are just different *hug hug*

Anyway, my dear princess! I miss you so much, and hopefully you still rmb Barbie =( sorry to be away this long, but just wanna let u know that i never forget you, and you know that i won't.

and what happened to ur c-box princess? I don't see the tag board on ur fairy blog anymore. You removed it?

Jonathan Nathan said...

It is important to be yourself but I believe that we need to look to other (good influences) for inspiration to be better than we already are now.

My inspiration would be my favorite football team, Manchester United. They work hard, they are very successful and most of them are really good role models. So, I draw inspiration from them, hoping that I'll be as hardworking as them and maybe someday be as successful as them in all aspects of my life. =)

BB, who is your role model/inspiration?

YinYin said...

akira : more la

barbie : oh my princess !!! finally u r up have you been ???? I miss you so badly man....what happen to you ??
Anyway , this blog post is about what I learnt from a seminar , it is something like a mindset seminar ...Kah yong told me about this , and we were discussing about this few days ago , so I posted this to share with you all.

Jonathan nathan : yea !! ^^ you are right , agree with you .....I kinda like Walt Disney , he created the dreamland to everyone and many more ....