Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Shoppint at Pyramid...

Received a called from Jess...Gosh...she wanna wake me up..Crazy man ....Then woke up and Prepared myself ,and went to Pyramid with Jess and DD ...Hehehe,because i wanna buy sport suit........I wanna buy TENNIS SKIRT !!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!! SO sweet !! Oh ya, i wanna learn Tennis!! SPORT SPORT SPORT !!!

Before that ,we went to WENDY"s to have our dinner ,,, hmmm,Carl's Junior is Much MORE better !!!! Nicer !!!!!!
Wendy's Burger !!! ^^

Then went to NIke to looking for my Tennis Skirt ....yoyo..Found it ....Tried then buy ,really look nice.....If got Pink 1 ,will be better la..^^ ....and because the skirt is New arrival ,so will be EXP than other tennis skirt ,normally ,it will be RM120-130...
And Mine skirt is about RM149..........But Love it!!!!!!!
And a sweet apple green Polo shirt to match with the skirt also..
Love it..........................Gonna be Tennis Champion !!!.............YOYO....HMMM..Dreaming =='

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dinner With My German Language Classmates !

Maureen ,1 Of my German Language Classmate ,She is going to Singapore to Have her New Job Soon ! So Tonight ,We got a Farewell Party ! And She decided to Treat Us !! Wow!! My Favorite TGI Friday's ,Love it!!

Since i quited my German Language class Last Month ,I didn't meet them anymore ,Until Today ,I Met Them ,Miss them so much ,and Tonight ,we really talked a lot ,and they keep fooling around !
And they teased me all the time,GRRRR.......I wanna beat the John !!!HAHAHAHAHa!!
It was a Great Dinner ! Here is some Photo about the Dinner :
The Margarita Drinks at TGI Friday ...
I favorite Fish and Chip ..
The appetizer !!
Food Food Food ..Main Course ! Main Course ! Main Course !

All Of us at TGI , From the left ,black shirt - Johnathan ,and then Wan ,Sathya ,Me ,Maureen!

Then ,at the Mid night ,Yum cha With My Baby Sopo Lin at McDonalds again ...Ok ,we always Yum cha at Midnight ...Coz it is fun !! Like it!!!And Finally ,the Sopolin got her own New Blog ,So Pls Visited to her Blog ,Nice !

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Happy Birthday To My Cutie Angela

Jeng jeng jeng jeng..................................12 am lo...................
Finally Reached the date ,27th April 2008 ...
My Cutie Angela 's Birthday !!!!!!
HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy birthday to u ,
Happy birthday to u ,
Happy birthday to Angela,
Happy birthday to u ,

To : Angela

Hmmm,Remembered that ,i knew u at a PJ class at school...That time ,u called "leng lui" and i turned around and looked at u ...hahahaha,i was so "perasan",but the truth was,u really called me....hahahahahahaha....then we started to talk a lot.....
Until now...we built a very good relationship....
I am proud to be your friend................................ANyways.......Friend Forever ya!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p/s : So sorry that ,i can't attend your birthday party.........I am so sorry...i only can go after 4pm.......................haiz....................

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bought new contact lens !

Yesterday ,DD brought me back to Kepong Maluri ....My secondary school .........
because i Miss there a lot.........................Emo-ing .........
My secondary school ....SMK Taman Bukit Maluri....Hmm,,so dark...not so clear!

Hmmm,about today ...Not feeling well at all..So ,didn't go anywhere ,just stayed at home for the whole day....

At night ,asked DD brought me to Taipan to buy New Contact lens .............
Hehehe,had try Blue and Green lens before....Now ,i wanted to try Grey lens ...Nice nice..Love it..
Rm50 for the lens and Rm10 for the eye drop..
My New Grey contact lens...^^

Bought some New clothes at Taipan also....No branded cheap de..but nice..hahaha

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Birthday !

Today was Waikit (Jia Hao's Friend )Birthday ,he invited Jess and I join his Birthday Party at 1U ,Neway !!HAHAHAHAHAHAH!! It is So fun ....
All of us were Jay Chou gang ....we sang all the Jay Chou Song !!

Heheheh..Cam whoring ....

Half way through the party ,Jia Hao and I ,left secretly to buy a Cake for Wai Kit as his birthday Present.. although i don't eat Baskin Robin, I still chose Baskin Robin ice cream cake because it is the nearest cake no choice !
Then we went back to New way ,gave him a surprise...
Oh gosh....the cake design was outdated.....and very hard to cut it....................=='

After the Party ,i went back to Damansara to manage my "rubbish" .. Oh gosh ,i really got a lot of "rubbish",all soft toy , small display items ,bags ,clothes and etc.. tidied them up for about 2 hours ,but just managed to clear away some of my "Rubbish" only ..Aiyo...Felt like Don't want to clear them already ....left them to my step mom ,she want to throw or donate also can la..really damn lazy .....

After this ,went to Joel 's place and Yum cha with them at McDonalds ,oh gosh ,from Monday to Wednesday ,i also have my dinner at McDonalds ....yeah...haha..
But still wont get bored with it ...because I'm Lovin it!!
And Every time i order the same thing !!!! I love McNugget !!!!

After this ,went back to Subang lo....

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Pavilion and Fish Spa

Today ,DD Dropped me at Pavilion and then he went back to his college and Jess is on the way ,then i shopping first ,Hehehehhehe,Went to Guess ,and Looking for New clothes ,
Finally ,Found 3 clothes that i like ,then Tried it ,hahaha,really nice,it is suit for me ,then Bought it ...Hahaha....
3 clothes from Guess ..Love it .....hahahahahaha....

After that ,just simply walked around there ! Suddenly the Sopo called me ,told me she had reached Pavilion ,And we have our lunch together !Gossip and Gossip ,Oh ya,whenever I go to Pavilion with Jess ,we will find a restaurant ,to Eat and chat ,Talked a lot ,seldom shopping ,because the SoPo Jess like to talk!She talked alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will shop the whole day Only when DD and I go to Pavilion !

After that ,i recommend them to try the Fish Spa at Pavilion ,Oh My gosh !! It is Funny la !!! hahahahahahah!!! Very itchy when i put my leg inside the little pond !
Here is the photo about the Fish Spa.
Jesslin really become a SOPO at There ,she was laughing non stop !!! Her voices surrounded the SPA centre ..Gosh ...Really Sopo !!
our hand .....Fish Spa...all the fish was so hungry ....

Fish SPA............
Sopo Jess aka Sexy Jess ..................................................

After that ,we went to J.CO and high tea...hahahahaha....Talked talked talked again ..........
Around 8:30pm ,DD reached Pavilion ,wanna bring me back ,but it was peak hour and the traffic was heavy, so we just stayed at Pavilion 1st ....
Then I brought Jess to Star Hill ,coz she said didn't go there before ,so i brought her to LV ,and show her some bag that i like ,and asked her to Buy for me on my Birthday !!she gonna buy for me!!! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!!==' dreaming.........

Around 9:30pm ,we went back to Kepong 1st ,because Joel said wanna "belanja"(treat) us to "eat" Seafood !!
Jesslin is a Seafood lover ,she love seafood so much!!! Then they oder "LALA" ,Crab ,Curry Fish ,Toufu ...
But the only things i ate was the Crab ,because i Don't eat the other seafood...

After we finished our supper ,and then went to Joel 's place and Gossip again !!

This is the photo that we took at Forever 21,force her to wear this lousy cloth and take photo..haha

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Phatom Of the Opera

Just finished this Movie !!
this is awesome !! I love this Movie so much !
As i remembered ,we learned this Novel when we were in Form 2 ,
The story is Interesting !!! I like it so much!!!
And i like 2 character in the novel ,especially the Phantom,He is Intelligent ,but he has a very very pitiful background ,quite pity him...
And Christine ,She has a very pretty voice ,she sang the Song that i like!
And Raoul ,Hmm,Nothing to explain about him ...because not really interested about him!

And the things that i love the most in this Movie was their Opera Song!!! Oh gosh! I love Opera song !! Especially "Think of Me",this is the song that i like the most!!
Christine Daae and the Phantom
This is Carlotta ,she is Funny..hahahahaha...
Christine and Raoul
The Phantom brought Christine to his secret underground home!
16th April 2008
oh OMG,so tired ,woke up at 12:30pm,umm,very late already,but felt very tired ...
Prepared myself ,and went to the Law Firm and Collected my Document ,
oh gosh ,the lawyer is damn "cheong hei"(talked a lot)....waste 3 hour there !!

And the Total cost for certified my Document is Rm850 ,quite Expensive ,they certified ,chop the water mark there ,and get paid !!! Lawyer earned a lot huh...

Then headed to The garden ,Just for fun ,because during 5-7pm is the traffic jam period ,so just spended our time at MV and Garden ,to passed the traffic Jam period !
Had watched a Movie there - Awake ,not bad !!!
And Had our Dinner at Carl's Junior ...because DD wanted to try their BIG size Burger !
Hmm,Actually I am not really interested ,since DD like it ,just go and try ...The only thing i love in Carl's Junior was the French Fries ! Ya,I love French Fries ! My friend Call me French Fries Girl before,sound's like so lousy huh...
No matter how much i do eat ,i wont be fat ..
But now...I will!!!!!!!!Oh..stay away from French Fries .....I am trying ,really ,i am trying ,but it is very hard,I love French Fries so much!!

Oh ya ,I like Carl's Junior Signature Logo ,It is a Cute little star !!!
I love star ,because i love this song ,Twinkle twinkle little star !!
Remenber last 2 year ,i always wanted DD to sing this song to me ,It is so Funny !!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

14th April 2008

Yum cha with Ex-classmate at night ......they brought me to a Very Cute dessert house ...
Cake cake cake and cake.........

15th April 2008
Went to Law Firm ,looking for Notary Public to settle my Custody Letter Problem ...
The Lawyer is a Funny Man....They are friendly ,and they like to talk ...
The Lawyer asked DD ,what course he is taking now?
Then DD told them ,ACCA ....Then the lawyer very happy and said:" wow,ACCA ,It is a very good Professional Accounting Course ,Sunway ACCA is very Good !Next time u will earn a lot of money..U know what ,after 3 year working experience ,u can earn Rm30k++ in a month ,This is a Very Good Course ! But very hard to pass !If u passed it ,This is a very good job! "

The Uncle lawyer told me "Girl ,U Must "Tied up" BF ,Must appreciate him,he will be a successful guy,he will earn a lot...ACCA is not easy !! "

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Funny .... after we settled our case,DD brought me to Pavilion Shopping ...
On the way to Pavilion
But on the way ,we were facing a Heavy Traffic Jam !!!! 7:30pm just reached there...Hate la!!
And i felt very hungry , DD suggest to eat Teppanyaki ,because last time he saw a Magazine introduce the Teppanyaki at Pavilion .......
But ...............................................................................Not Nice at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=='

after this, it is 8:30pm already ,just simply walked around Pavilion .....No enough time to buy things ,so i just bought a Very Cute T-shirt from Roxy .............Hahahaha..Love it...

DD and I at Bintang walk !

After that ,we went back to subang ,and had our supper at Mamak lo..ngek ngek...

Tomorrow have to go back to the Law Firm to collect my Document again ..==' ..This week will be very busy for my Germany Resident Permit !!! Haiz..........................Complicated case!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Every Government is the same!!!!!!!!!!!

I GONNA KILL SOME ONE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YOU are WASTING MY TIME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Since January till April ,I can't Do anything ,i can't get into college ,Can't travel too far ,just stay at home ,and waste my time for YOU!!!!! STUPID GERMAN EMBASSY!!!

Just Received a Call from my mum ,It is about the Germany Resident permit again ,GOSH ,they can't approve my apply yet ! ...WHY ???? IT IS Because i don't have the custody letter from the COURT !!!!!!!!!!!!! I gonna KILL U ,STUPID German Government !!!!
WHY Don't you tell me early !!!Wait until my mum find a lawyer sue you ,u just told us the main reason that i can't apply for the PR!!!!!!!!!!
Don't think German Government is so efficient !! They are the same !!! ALL the Government is the same!!!!!!!!!!!!

Every Government is the same !!! SLOW MOTION ,LAZY ,DELAY DELAY AND DELAY !!!!!!!!
3 more month ,i gonna be 18 years old ,that time ,i can't even apply for Resident Permit already!
Do u think i can get my Custody letter from the COURT within 3 month ????? !!U just kidding me!!!!!!!!

If i have to waste another RM10k to hire a lawyer to apply for the custody letter ,i gonna Kick your ass !!!!! RM10K i can BUY 3 LV BAG LA!!! STUPID !!!!!!!!

AR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SUPER ANGRY NOW !!! and the worst part is ,I have to go back to IPOH to request for the CUSTODY LETTER !!!!!! IPOH !! IS IPOH !! NOT KL !!!
KL to IPOH ,need almost 3 hour !!! and I have to go there for many times,NOT ONLY 1 time,and i don't think government issue can be settle in 1 time !!!! U must be kidding me !!!!!!!!

I HATE U!!!!!!! gosh !!!!!!!!!! so many thing's have to settle now ,my driving license ,stupid Undang ! STUPID GERMAN RESIDENT PERMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Calm Down calm down ....Wanna share a Short Video with u all ...
I found mY video today ,it is about a Magical Fountain show at Singapore .
went to Singapore Last week ,and visited to Sentosa island ,
I recorded a short video (5minute ) from the show , "SONG OF THE SEA "at Sentosa island..
It is a Magical fountain show that held at Sea side ..Very Nice ....

This is the Short Video :
The middle part is very nice !! Be patient ,Must watch this !!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

I Am looking for Sailormoon !!

Um...Actually i am looking for Sailormoon Also ...Hmm,i might be very Childish ,But i Really Love to watch Sailormoon ...
When i was a kid ,I always Imagine Myself as a Sailormoon ,and i always collect their Gold Card ,Video Tape ,Sticker ,Toys and etc.I LOVE Sailormoon so much ...It is My favorite !

so now ,i am looking for Sailormoon DVD
They are separated in 5 part :
Part 1,Sailormoon
Part 2,Sailormoon R
Part 3,Sailormoon S
Part 4,Sailormoon Super S
Part 5,Sailormoon Star

I only got Part 4 & 5 ,So if anyone of u saw them ,pls inform me also .K......