Thursday, April 17, 2008

16th April 2008
oh OMG,so tired ,woke up at 12:30pm,umm,very late already,but felt very tired ...
Prepared myself ,and went to the Law Firm and Collected my Document ,
oh gosh ,the lawyer is damn "cheong hei"(talked a lot)....waste 3 hour there !!

And the Total cost for certified my Document is Rm850 ,quite Expensive ,they certified ,chop the water mark there ,and get paid !!! Lawyer earned a lot huh...

Then headed to The garden ,Just for fun ,because during 5-7pm is the traffic jam period ,so just spended our time at MV and Garden ,to passed the traffic Jam period !
Had watched a Movie there - Awake ,not bad !!!
And Had our Dinner at Carl's Junior ...because DD wanted to try their BIG size Burger !
Hmm,Actually I am not really interested ,since DD like it ,just go and try ...The only thing i love in Carl's Junior was the French Fries ! Ya,I love French Fries ! My friend Call me French Fries Girl before,sound's like so lousy huh...
No matter how much i do eat ,i wont be fat ..
But now...I will!!!!!!!!Oh..stay away from French Fries .....I am trying ,really ,i am trying ,but it is very hard,I love French Fries so much!!

Oh ya ,I like Carl's Junior Signature Logo ,It is a Cute little star !!!
I love star ,because i love this song ,Twinkle twinkle little star !!
Remenber last 2 year ,i always wanted DD to sing this song to me ,It is so Funny !!!

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