Sunday, April 13, 2008

Every Government is the same!!!!!!!!!!!

I GONNA KILL SOME ONE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YOU are WASTING MY TIME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Since January till April ,I can't Do anything ,i can't get into college ,Can't travel too far ,just stay at home ,and waste my time for YOU!!!!! STUPID GERMAN EMBASSY!!!

Just Received a Call from my mum ,It is about the Germany Resident permit again ,GOSH ,they can't approve my apply yet ! ...WHY ???? IT IS Because i don't have the custody letter from the COURT !!!!!!!!!!!!! I gonna KILL U ,STUPID German Government !!!!
WHY Don't you tell me early !!!Wait until my mum find a lawyer sue you ,u just told us the main reason that i can't apply for the PR!!!!!!!!!!
Don't think German Government is so efficient !! They are the same !!! ALL the Government is the same!!!!!!!!!!!!

Every Government is the same !!! SLOW MOTION ,LAZY ,DELAY DELAY AND DELAY !!!!!!!!
3 more month ,i gonna be 18 years old ,that time ,i can't even apply for Resident Permit already!
Do u think i can get my Custody letter from the COURT within 3 month ????? !!U just kidding me!!!!!!!!

If i have to waste another RM10k to hire a lawyer to apply for the custody letter ,i gonna Kick your ass !!!!! RM10K i can BUY 3 LV BAG LA!!! STUPID !!!!!!!!

AR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SUPER ANGRY NOW !!! and the worst part is ,I have to go back to IPOH to request for the CUSTODY LETTER !!!!!! IPOH !! IS IPOH !! NOT KL !!!
KL to IPOH ,need almost 3 hour !!! and I have to go there for many times,NOT ONLY 1 time,and i don't think government issue can be settle in 1 time !!!! U must be kidding me !!!!!!!!

I HATE U!!!!!!! gosh !!!!!!!!!! so many thing's have to settle now ,my driving license ,stupid Undang ! STUPID GERMAN RESIDENT PERMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Calm Down calm down ....Wanna share a Short Video with u all ...
I found mY video today ,it is about a Magical Fountain show at Singapore .
went to Singapore Last week ,and visited to Sentosa island ,
I recorded a short video (5minute ) from the show , "SONG OF THE SEA "at Sentosa island..
It is a Magical fountain show that held at Sea side ..Very Nice ....

This is the Short Video :
The middle part is very nice !! Be patient ,Must watch this !!


KahYong said...

i always this kind of feeling that govt love to waste our time and most of them fear of the wealthy/mighty and bully the weak normal citizen.. sucks..

yinyin said...

yup..just suck...if u never find a lawyer to settle it,i dun think they will reply u