Saturday, April 12, 2008

I Am looking for Sailormoon !!

Um...Actually i am looking for Sailormoon Also ...Hmm,i might be very Childish ,But i Really Love to watch Sailormoon ...
When i was a kid ,I always Imagine Myself as a Sailormoon ,and i always collect their Gold Card ,Video Tape ,Sticker ,Toys and etc.I LOVE Sailormoon so much ...It is My favorite !

so now ,i am looking for Sailormoon DVD
They are separated in 5 part :
Part 1,Sailormoon
Part 2,Sailormoon R
Part 3,Sailormoon S
Part 4,Sailormoon Super S
Part 5,Sailormoon Star

I only got Part 4 & 5 ,So if anyone of u saw them ,pls inform me also .K......


suyen said...

talking about part 4, is my part 4 wit u? i remember lending u

YinYin said...

yayaya....i think it is at my place..i give u back la...hahahaha

suyen said...

u know i also looking for it..i wan cantonese version beside part one n last one is the best middle part is all ok ok onli