Thursday, April 10, 2008

Selfish Colleague !!

Today,went to Pyramid with DD ..and we want to help jess to solved her work problem...but finally ,didn't solved anything ,it is because of her stupid company ,HMM NOT!!!!!not company ,it is her stupid Colleagues!!!!!!!! They are Selfish ,Cheap!!!!!!! Hate them so much.....

They Don't allow Jesslin to quit her Job ,Because they want Jesslin to stay there and help them and to relieve their work load !!!! What THE HELL @#$%$%^&*)@!!
Then Jesslin Told them,she wants to get into college this week,and she had paid all the fees ,and she already missed 1 week classes,so she have to resign the JOB Immediately and get into the college!! (P/s ,Jesslin is just a Trainee ,and she got no black and white with the company!) GUESS what they says???????

ALL of them sat around Jesslin ,and talked to her ,

CHEAP &SELFISH Colleague 1 : "aiyo ,u also miss 1 week classes already ,miss 2 more week also nevermind la,help us work for 2 more week la....u can call your friend and teach u again what,or u can borrow the notes from your friend and read it yourself what"

CHEAP & SELFISH colleague 2 : "Why u so selfish one??u resign already ,who gonna take over ur JOB" (I was thinking ,Jesslin Just only a Trainee,i don't think she got so much things to do!)

CHEAP & Selfish Colleague 3 : "Do u Know ,u make us so confuse ,u make our schedule become very very MESSY!! and i also don't know is it u really want to get into college or u just LAZY!
U can't be so irresponsible ,u called the college now ,and told them u want to postpone la! "

(I was Thinking ,If a Little trainee can make your schedule so messy ,then it is your management problem,lousy management !!and u want a colleague to postpone or absent for her classed because u need her to relieve your work load??? you are just selfish!!)

CHEAP & selfish colleague 4 : "U must help us,you can't go like this,u are so irresponsible,if u go now ,we have to take over your job , we have to serve so many customer le ,u make us so confuse,go and postpone your classes la!!And Debbie wont be here for 10days,we have to serve so much customer !!!
(Debbie is her colleague too,she take 10 days off ,because wanna go for travel ,This is more irresponsible ,but nobody put blame on her !!!!),

(Oh gosh ,even jess and debbie not there ,they still have 4 manicurist there !!! Why they can't take over the job ,even their Boss also said no problem already !!!But they keep putting blame on JESS!!!!)

why ??why?why??? Just want to resign a Job also can be so difficult ???????
The boss also let JESS go already ,why they all still want to talk so much?????Just like those B*tch!!!!!!!! Crazy !! Lousy!!!! Selfish!!!! GOSH!!!!!

They are just selfish !!!!! Even jesslin was sick ,and she just take a off day ,they also though that ,jesslin cheat them....Jesslin just lazy ,she is not sick!!!!!!Not body will care about her!!!


Haiz...then after this ,we went to Gasoline to had our dinner !Sunway Pyramid got a New Cafe ,named Gasoline !! It is a special restaurant !!
Pirate theme restaurant....Oh ya..they have different theme at different Gasoline restaurant nice...
Their cute dining table..
I love this shrimp bomb !!! nice!!
I love Longan ICE!!

At night ,Jess ,DD and I went to asia cafe "yum cha" ,after we finished our movie ,Nim's Island !!


Joel said...

Screw that work la..
What famous company?!!
All give bunch of excuses that their scedule will be confuse if jess if gone, it's just they are lazy to work...

YinYin said...

Yup..Crazy colleague!! selfish and cheap