Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Usual Hang Out with DD

LOL, I just realized, it's been so long since I last blogged about my usual life,
yeah, have been blogging all about Japan, well, think I should take a break first as
so many photos and shopping spree pictures in my photo folder are waiting for me...
yeah, some are kind of expired already ==' Guess I would just ignore the old ones and blog about the recent one... XD 

Had an usual shopping spree with DD last week..
Place? Pavilion as usual....
Got my new love ♥ 

Besides all the spree, there we spotted a new shopping mall which just opened recently !!
It's  "Fahrenheit" !!
It's still new, but 60% of the shops has opened...
Well, what so special about it?????

Hmmm, I personally thought that it looks kinda nice from the outside, 
and there's Zanmai Sushi in it!!!
So when you are shopping at Pavilion and yet you still crave for Zanmai as your dinner,
walk across the street , walk into Fahrenheit and there you get Zanmai. (Like we did xD)

Well.....It's kind of a good day overall!! ^^

Spree of the Day~

Vic Vicky Victoria

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bvlgari Cafe at Ginza, Tokyo

Well, it's Bvlgari Cafe after Gucci Cafe!!!
HAHA!! I love both of them, especially bvlgari, their chocolate was decent!!!!!

This cafe also located at a 10 Level BVLGARI boutique !! It's awesome right??!!
Where can we find a 10 Level Bvlgari boutique in Malaysia??? No, never T_T

 U might spend at least 10,000 Yen (Rm370) for a meal in the cafe.
Nice one. =='

Here we were! The Cafe!

Aw!! It's the chocolate Bar!!!
And of course I got myself some Bvlgari Chocolate


AW!! Just couldn't resist !!!
Well, It's even more expensive compared to Gucci Chocolate.
It Cost 1500yen (RM56) each.
I got 5, so It's RM280 for a box of 5!!
Aw!!! I Just simply love it!! It's simply irresistible !!

~Do u love it?~
Vic Vicky Victoria

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Gucci Cafe @ Ginza, Tokyo

I had an assignment which titled Luxury Cafe Design last semester, which caused me to go through a research of luxury cafe in the world.
And I found Gucci Cafe at Japan on the website, no doubt, I love it to the max!!!
Well, I think most of the girls do!!!
It's an exclusive cafe which only available at JAPAN and ITALY!!
Well, that's the reason why I wanted to visit Japan.
So here I was, I finally went to Gucci Cafe @ Japan during my semester break!! XD

I was wondering where will the cafe located in Ginza, and here I found, it's at an awesome 7 level Gucci Boutique.

The Cafe was at Level 4.

Tadaa!! My beloved one.

DD choosing his coffee..

 Pretty Menu.


Loving the english tea..

Cute one.

Aw, it's the Gucci Chocolate.
Ordered one to try before I order more!! XD HAHA
Guess what, it tasted real nice!!
Well, it's kinda weird that the chocolate cost cheaper when you dine in there.

SO SO YUMMY!!! I forgot about the exact price of the chocolate,
but it's around Rm20 each 
and I bought 16 pieces !! XD

HAHAHAHAHA!! Loving it!!!!!
Now only 2 pieces left in the fridge, it's so yummy!!!!!

It's kind of a good idea to have a cafe in the boutique.
You can go shopping in Gucci after tea.

Nice one!!

So, Anyone want to go the Gucci Cafe in Italy?????
Let's go together!!!

~Gucci Love~
Vic Vicky Victoria

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hello Kitty & Shopping at Ginza 銀座 @ Tokyo

Ginza, it's a shopping district that is full of luxury goods, Love it to the max!!!!
Guess what, I had been looking for the famous Hello Kitty in the town but I couldn't find one though,
it's weird right????
Well, I found them in Ginza in the end!!

I wasn't a fan of Hello Kitty, I was just curious about it as I always heard Hello Kitty was a signature in Japan, so I wanted to take a look at it, Plus some of my babes are the fans of HK, so all the pictures here might make them crazy ?? XD

Kitty Mac!!Rm5800++ only for the cover!  It's more expensive than a MacBook.

Kitty Flower!! What a good job!!!

Hello Kitty Bicycle.

Tadaaaaaa! It's Sanrio ``

 All of these different hello kitty shops were in a same shopping mall, I forgot the name of the mall though, so I named it as Hello Kitty Mall!! HAHAHA

 Here we reached the luxury shopping district !! 
Spot DIOR? LV?  Chanel?? Cartier ? Miu Miu??
Time to SHOP!!!!!!

OH! Nice one!! They blocked the main road in order for pedestrian to walk around, high tea and shopping!!

The main road becomes a cafe.

Another Louis Vuitton again!

Look, this building is cute!

The APPLE STORE in Ginza

  Tiffany and Co

Shopping Job done!!!

Heading to another place......

Next Up!!

Vic Vicky Victoria