Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hello Kitty & Shopping at Ginza 銀座 @ Tokyo

Ginza, it's a shopping district that is full of luxury goods, Love it to the max!!!!
Guess what, I had been looking for the famous Hello Kitty in the town but I couldn't find one though,
it's weird right????
Well, I found them in Ginza in the end!!

I wasn't a fan of Hello Kitty, I was just curious about it as I always heard Hello Kitty was a signature in Japan, so I wanted to take a look at it, Plus some of my babes are the fans of HK, so all the pictures here might make them crazy ?? XD

Kitty Mac!!Rm5800++ only for the cover!  It's more expensive than a MacBook.

Kitty Flower!! What a good job!!!

Hello Kitty Bicycle.

Tadaaaaaa! It's Sanrio ``

 All of these different hello kitty shops were in a same shopping mall, I forgot the name of the mall though, so I named it as Hello Kitty Mall!! HAHAHA

 Here we reached the luxury shopping district !! 
Spot DIOR? LV?  Chanel?? Cartier ? Miu Miu??
Time to SHOP!!!!!!

OH! Nice one!! They blocked the main road in order for pedestrian to walk around, high tea and shopping!!

The main road becomes a cafe.

Another Louis Vuitton again!

Look, this building is cute!

The APPLE STORE in Ginza

  Tiffany and Co

Shopping Job done!!!

Heading to another place......

Next Up!!

Vic Vicky Victoria

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