Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bvlgari Cafe at Ginza, Tokyo

Well, it's Bvlgari Cafe after Gucci Cafe!!!
HAHA!! I love both of them, especially bvlgari, their chocolate was decent!!!!!

This cafe also located at a 10 Level BVLGARI boutique !! It's awesome right??!!
Where can we find a 10 Level Bvlgari boutique in Malaysia??? No, never T_T

 U might spend at least 10,000 Yen (Rm370) for a meal in the cafe.
Nice one. =='

Here we were! The Cafe!

Aw!! It's the chocolate Bar!!!
And of course I got myself some Bvlgari Chocolate


AW!! Just couldn't resist !!!
Well, It's even more expensive compared to Gucci Chocolate.
It Cost 1500yen (RM56) each.
I got 5, so It's RM280 for a box of 5!!
Aw!!! I Just simply love it!! It's simply irresistible !!

~Do u love it?~
Vic Vicky Victoria

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