Thursday, September 9, 2010

Yeat Ping 20th's Birthday @ Chulo!

It's Yeat Ping birthday last saturday, well, I want to apologize first because I thought yeat ping was wei jie, I mean I thought his name was WeiJie, until they told me he's Yeat Ping XD
Hahah, My mistake, Sorry !!! XD
By the way, I would like to wish you a very very happy birthday in KL!!!!!
I know you will be going to overseas to further your studies soon, so take good care kay!

*I didn't bring my camera along,  all of the pictures credited to Joey!
Have Fun!!!!
It's Yeat Ping and I, or they call him YiPiYAYA?????

It's ME~  A Lil Bit Tipsy 

Yeah, It's Joey and I!! Cute isn't she?

Camwhore freak!! XD

Me with the always drunkard, Ck Kher!XD


with Miki

We drank so much, but we weren't drunk???!!
I wonder why....HAHAHA!!!!
Maybe we upgraded ???

With the drunkard!! XD

It was a fun night with lotsa secret!!! XD!!!!!!!
Oh, I want to die when I think of it!!! 

~Crazy Night~
Vic Vicky Victoria

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