Friday, April 22, 2011

Königsallee, Düsseldorf, Germany

It's time for a post about the Germany Trip??? XD
Well, I am gonna write about my favorite shopping spot in my second home XD
(LOL, Germany is the country that I visited the most, so I call it my second home? )

It's Königsallee, well, what's it?? It's a street, a very LONG one, kinda big one, filled with Luxury/Designer Brands!!! Chanel, LV, PRADA, Gucci, Burberry and etc.

Well, hahah, I got this picture from the website XD

The followings are from my camera..XD Not as nice as the above as my hand was freezing!!

It's one of the weekend, mum wasn't free but our shopping mood kicked in, therefore both of us (My sis and I) decided to
go to Konigsallee by train desperately XD

Checking the route!! Blur with the map!!! We weren't a smart train passenger!!

One way ticket cost 9.6Euro (Rm40)
Kinda expensive as it's only a 20minute ride !! 
Well, Transportation in Germany is expensive!

My sis looked so cute in the pic! XD

So excited, never sit on a german train before?? XD

Do you know how much does it cost 
for using the public toilet in the railway station??

1Euro (RM4++) per entry!! @_@

The Classic!

Opps!! It's not mannequin! It's real human in it!!!!

You know what, there's a street named as Immermannstraße which is a Little tokyo in the town.
There are more than 7000 Japanese living in Dusserdolf. That means you can find awesome Japanese 
food along the street! XD I likey!!!


 Not cheap though, Euro 99.4 (Rm423) for 3 person,
 Most of the Japanese Foods are expensive in Germany.

Well, Last but not least, some of my spree from Konigsallee.
I couldn't find where I saved all of my spree photos so I am gonna show u some only.
The Double C ~~ XD 

 Thomas Sabo XD

Porsche Design, A surprise for him XD



There's more to shop in konigsallee,
it's just whether the "bullet" that your prepare is enough for you to use or not??? XD

 Konigsallee is LOVE
~Vic Vicky Victoria~

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sweet Indulgence

Oh yeah, it's another day out with the Love one!! You don't know how much I miss our Pavilion!! XD
It's been 2 weeks as I went to play around last 2 weekend XD

A sweet treat from my beloved... AW....

Well..another spree... The Msia TS is meeting the German TS!! XD

Off to KLCC after this as my beloved one wanted to get something 
from the Zara in KLCC..
Yeah, No stock..
BUT OH NO!!!! There's MiuMiu in KLCC!!
 There's always something to buy whenever I get step into Miu Miu..
Never Miss out!!

 His new PD collection..... I love it although it's not mine XD

Big one!

~More spree to come~
Vic Vicky Victoria

Thursday, April 7, 2011

- - - - ✈ - - Redang ~~~

Woohoooooooo, Morning peeps!! XD
We are currently at the Airport and ready to fly all the way to redang for a weekend gateaway!!!
(with Kay Yong this time)

hahahahaha, I remenbered the last time I went was with my family and Ky didn't tag along, and this time, his wish was granted XD He was so keen to pay a visit to Redang ><'
I wondered why, I wouldn't have this idea to redang if he didn't invite me go so...LOL

LOL XD Thanks to Mr.Ky for the trip invitation.

LOL ignore my stupid chubby face!!!

LOL,  purposely bought a new shade for the trip XD You need an awesome shade
on a sunny beach ~~ DIOR is Love! 

LOL, he bought all the Snorkeling Equipment instead of rent due to the hygiene problem.
And also because of his enthusiasm toward snorkeling / diving ><' "

Kay, Gotta fly, ready to board...
See ya guys soon..

~Vic Vicky Victoria~

Monday, April 4, 2011

I ♥ Thomas Sabo

LOL, It's still not too late to become 1 of the Thomas Sabo fans right?
Well, In fact, most of my friends were fans of thomas sabo long time ago, but I don't know why I wasn't into it when everyone were talking about it..
Guess I was way too crazy over Tiffany or Juicy couture, I couldn't see anything XD hahahahahha

Well, what makes me look into Thomas Sabo lately??? Hmm the first person was my beloved SIS, I flew to Germany for vacation last few weeks, and my sis showed me her very nice thomas sabo bracelet and at that time I knew I had fallen into the trap of Thomas Sabo..LOL XD hahahahaha
Second one was my friend, Maysun, she was a thomas sabo fan, and yeah, she knew that I was in Germany therefore she needed my help to get some Charms in Germany since it's cheaper there XD
She showed me an Eiffel Tower charm, it's so adorable, u don't know how much I love Paris,  and at the same time I became 1 of the thomas sabo's fans already!! HAHAHAHHA XD

Tadaaa!!! !! XD
Thomas Sabo was part of My shopping Spree from Germany!! XD

I love 2 of these among all the charms!! 
Because it reminds me to Fly to Paris all the time XD

Another love one, special Thomas Sabo Lip Gloss!!!

 Awesome isn't ?!!!
HAHAHA, more?? Gonna save it for myself, secret la XD  

Thomas Sabo Is LOVE!
~Vic Vicky Victoria ~