Friday, April 22, 2011

Königsallee, Düsseldorf, Germany

It's time for a post about the Germany Trip??? XD
Well, I am gonna write about my favorite shopping spot in my second home XD
(LOL, Germany is the country that I visited the most, so I call it my second home? )

It's Königsallee, well, what's it?? It's a street, a very LONG one, kinda big one, filled with Luxury/Designer Brands!!! Chanel, LV, PRADA, Gucci, Burberry and etc.

Well, hahah, I got this picture from the website XD

The followings are from my camera..XD Not as nice as the above as my hand was freezing!!

It's one of the weekend, mum wasn't free but our shopping mood kicked in, therefore both of us (My sis and I) decided to
go to Konigsallee by train desperately XD

Checking the route!! Blur with the map!!! We weren't a smart train passenger!!

One way ticket cost 9.6Euro (Rm40)
Kinda expensive as it's only a 20minute ride !! 
Well, Transportation in Germany is expensive!

My sis looked so cute in the pic! XD

So excited, never sit on a german train before?? XD

Do you know how much does it cost 
for using the public toilet in the railway station??

1Euro (RM4++) per entry!! @_@

The Classic!

Opps!! It's not mannequin! It's real human in it!!!!

You know what, there's a street named as Immermannstraße which is a Little tokyo in the town.
There are more than 7000 Japanese living in Dusserdolf. That means you can find awesome Japanese 
food along the street! XD I likey!!!


 Not cheap though, Euro 99.4 (Rm423) for 3 person,
 Most of the Japanese Foods are expensive in Germany.

Well, Last but not least, some of my spree from Konigsallee.
I couldn't find where I saved all of my spree photos so I am gonna show u some only.
The Double C ~~ XD 

 Thomas Sabo XD

Porsche Design, A surprise for him XD



There's more to shop in konigsallee,
it's just whether the "bullet" that your prepare is enough for you to use or not??? XD

 Konigsallee is LOVE
~Vic Vicky Victoria~

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