Thursday, April 7, 2011

- - - - ✈ - - Redang ~~~

Woohoooooooo, Morning peeps!! XD
We are currently at the Airport and ready to fly all the way to redang for a weekend gateaway!!!
(with Kay Yong this time)

hahahahaha, I remenbered the last time I went was with my family and Ky didn't tag along, and this time, his wish was granted XD He was so keen to pay a visit to Redang ><'
I wondered why, I wouldn't have this idea to redang if he didn't invite me go so...LOL

LOL XD Thanks to Mr.Ky for the trip invitation.

LOL ignore my stupid chubby face!!!

LOL,  purposely bought a new shade for the trip XD You need an awesome shade
on a sunny beach ~~ DIOR is Love! 

LOL, he bought all the Snorkeling Equipment instead of rent due to the hygiene problem.
And also because of his enthusiasm toward snorkeling / diving ><' "

Kay, Gotta fly, ready to board...
See ya guys soon..

~Vic Vicky Victoria~


Lim said...


do u know how much thomas sabo bracelet sell in malaysia..? thx

Victoria Yin Yin said...

Hmm, different size different price.... which one u refer to?

Lim said...

if like (Silver bracelet in 925 Sterling silver -width:0.6cm)around how much..?

Victoria Yin Yin said...

I am not sure about the size u mention?
but i think it's around 200?

Lim said...

oh...thank u..will go their shop looking...^^