Monday, April 4, 2011

I ♥ Thomas Sabo

LOL, It's still not too late to become 1 of the Thomas Sabo fans right?
Well, In fact, most of my friends were fans of thomas sabo long time ago, but I don't know why I wasn't into it when everyone were talking about it..
Guess I was way too crazy over Tiffany or Juicy couture, I couldn't see anything XD hahahahahha

Well, what makes me look into Thomas Sabo lately??? Hmm the first person was my beloved SIS, I flew to Germany for vacation last few weeks, and my sis showed me her very nice thomas sabo bracelet and at that time I knew I had fallen into the trap of Thomas Sabo..LOL XD hahahahaha
Second one was my friend, Maysun, she was a thomas sabo fan, and yeah, she knew that I was in Germany therefore she needed my help to get some Charms in Germany since it's cheaper there XD
She showed me an Eiffel Tower charm, it's so adorable, u don't know how much I love Paris,  and at the same time I became 1 of the thomas sabo's fans already!! HAHAHAHHA XD

Tadaaa!!! !! XD
Thomas Sabo was part of My shopping Spree from Germany!! XD

I love 2 of these among all the charms!! 
Because it reminds me to Fly to Paris all the time XD

Another love one, special Thomas Sabo Lip Gloss!!!

 Awesome isn't ?!!!
HAHAHA, more?? Gonna save it for myself, secret la XD  

Thomas Sabo Is LOVE!
~Vic Vicky Victoria ~

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