Saturday, November 29, 2008

Eve Ladies Pool Room @ Beside Barcelona

Few days ago, i went to a new pool club with Jim and his friends just for fun as i didn't know how to play at all...
It is so cute and I love the concept as the whole pool room is PINK in colour.

FYI : If  you are a guy ,you have to bring a girl partner to play with you or else you can't play.
this is the house rule and that's the reason why it is called Ladies pool room.

Eve ladies pool room 
Jim ,Calvin ,The national pool player ,weird me and baby jess.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

BearLim Calender 2009

Well , I bought a Special Edition Calender from BearLim about 3 weeks ago ,and I received it today ^^ I can't wait to share with you now !
The calender design is cute ,I like it ^^ Thx ya

Tada........... The cute calender and some free gift ^^

A very cute January =)

Yeah ...My birthday month XD, 14th July !

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Jim's birthday party @ Genting's Club Elite

Last Thursday night (20th November 2008) I went to Genting with Jim and his friend for his Private Party at the Genting's luxurious Elite Club (something like maxims club)...

I did't plan to stay over night there at first because i got class on the next day ..but the birthday boy didn't let me go ==' he said Birthday Boy is the KING.

The Birthday Boy ,Jim Foong .

The Indonesian Theme Suite !

Master bedroom :
Room 2 :
This is the bathroom at Room 2 ^^ i like this !

Room 3 :
The birthday boy is on the right ^^ We love this !

Unfortunately, something bad happened. Somebody spoilt the birthday boy's mood...
"Murderer" U know what ,u are such a shame !!!

And something very stupid happened again !!!! I LOST MY HANDPHONE AGAIN !!!!!!!!
Ar !!!!!! HELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i will try to get back my lovely number from maxis soon..Don't worry ,u all still can reach me with the same phone number .


Look at the Mess in the morning of the next day =='
Sunset at Genting Highland ?...I guess....
Jim and I ...Lolz..I like this picture .....look like it is a shadow .

We came back to KL at 6pm.
Then I met Kah Yong at center point as we were going to the Supper club Launch Party with a bunch of friends at night...I was rushing like MAD !!! Very very tired!
And the Party was bad Because of the smoke and one of my girl friend FFK !

And a Bad news again ,I became allergic to Smoke. I'll caught a flu if I smell too much of smoke! it is because i had been smoked by the smokers from thursday night till saturday morning ,NON STOP !!!

P/s : Jim..I am so sorry for the wines ..=(
Last few days ,I went to Pavilion with kah Yong for a Movie ^^ Madagascar 2 !
Nice movie..I like it ... Rate for the movie : 8/10

And I bought a new shoes from GUESS ....Love it ! Muacc !

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Who is going the party night ?

Hey ya,I just got an Invitation Card from Supperclub KL  for their Grand Opening Party on 21th November 2008 (This friday ), So who is going ?

Invited Guest are entitled to
*Free Entry to Supper Club KL
*Free Buffet Dinner from 7pm onward 
*Free flow cocktails ,Wines and Premium Liquor

So , Go and Get your Invitation Card from Supper Club now~
Let's Party !!!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Supper Club KL pre- Opening 7th Nov 2008

Last week ,i attended the Grand opening Party of Supper Club with My Classmates ^^ It was fun ...
I took some pictures using my camera but the quality of the pictures were bad because it was night. So, i got some pictures from the supper club's facebook for you ^^

the Supper club KL @ Desa Sri Hartamas

These are the club pictures that we took

woohoo..the party gang!
u know what , L purposely went to the club on the second day and took this picture to me.
Because i forgot to take picture of the club exterior design..thx ya