Saturday, November 22, 2008

Jim's birthday party @ Genting's Club Elite

Last Thursday night (20th November 2008) I went to Genting with Jim and his friend for his Private Party at the Genting's luxurious Elite Club (something like maxims club)...

I did't plan to stay over night there at first because i got class on the next day ..but the birthday boy didn't let me go ==' he said Birthday Boy is the KING.

The Birthday Boy ,Jim Foong .

The Indonesian Theme Suite !

Master bedroom :
Room 2 :
This is the bathroom at Room 2 ^^ i like this !

Room 3 :
The birthday boy is on the right ^^ We love this !

Unfortunately, something bad happened. Somebody spoilt the birthday boy's mood...
"Murderer" U know what ,u are such a shame !!!

And something very stupid happened again !!!! I LOST MY HANDPHONE AGAIN !!!!!!!!
Ar !!!!!! HELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i will try to get back my lovely number from maxis soon..Don't worry ,u all still can reach me with the same phone number .


Look at the Mess in the morning of the next day =='
Sunset at Genting Highland ?...I guess....
Jim and I ...Lolz..I like this picture .....look like it is a shadow .

We came back to KL at 6pm.
Then I met Kah Yong at center point as we were going to the Supper club Launch Party with a bunch of friends at night...I was rushing like MAD !!! Very very tired!
And the Party was bad Because of the smoke and one of my girl friend FFK !

And a Bad news again ,I became allergic to Smoke. I'll caught a flu if I smell too much of smoke! it is because i had been smoked by the smokers from thursday night till saturday morning ,NON STOP !!!

P/s : Jim..I am so sorry for the wines ..=(
Last few days ,I went to Pavilion with kah Yong for a Movie ^^ Madagascar 2 !
Nice movie..I like it ... Rate for the movie : 8/10

And I bought a new shoes from GUESS ....Love it ! Muacc !


Akira 思胜 said...

Walau eh, premier suite!!! How much is that?

jerine said...

Hi Princess,

OMG...those photos made me drool. By the way, regarding the anonymous commenter...I will guide you how to track it. Do you have an email address? It's better for me to tell you through email. It's my hard work to find out the tools and the technique. I don't want everyone to know. But since you ask, I'll email you instead. And we keep it private OK?

Yup, you can copy and paste that entry to your blog. But remember, my blog is under Creative Common. So you have to give me some credit Ok? But one thing, you probably will get even more anonymous commenter after the post :)

Kelly said...

Hai Princess ,
The Suite Look very classy ,
nice !

Darkhoe said...

Hey this friday dun ffk ah...for u entry is free wan...

angies moment said...

hey how you know jessie's bro??

YinYin said...

akira ; HEY YA...I NOT SURE..have to ask the birthday boy ..but mostly is around rm1.5-2k per night ba...

jerine: thx ya..i will contact u soon

kelly : yea..the suite not bad ^^

darkhoe: i try la...yong might nt going ..coz his final exam cuming soon..he still have to go hedkandi..worry he got no time to study ....

angela : hehe..i knew him at euphoria ^^

Darkhoe said...

then u golah...i go to fetch u...

jerine said...

i'm waiting and waiting for google to send you the email. but it's so slow.... i don't know what to do now. i'm just waiting and waiting. and google is still working... *yawn* i think the file is too big. but be patient... be patient.. i've been waiting for 3 minutes now. i don't know why google is taking so long. God damn, it!!! I didn't send virus.... it's just all text!!! I'm starting to loose my patient.

oh...finally. thanks google. the email is sent :)

EngHwa said...

That is pent house at 19th floor right? Not called suite room.. Suite room is at 17-18 level. Club Elite is actually for Platinum Genting Card holder. Those VIP Platinum member can stay FOC there by deducting Genting Point. An awesome one.. Outside the room got camera.. Less ppl staying there. How could your friend have that great idea of celebrating birthday there... it is really nice~