Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hallo "Freaking " Ween @ Euphoria by Ministry of Sound

31th Oct 2008
Woohoo...Happy Halloween ^^
As usual ,we celebrated it at our Favorite MOS ^^
Before that, Jesslin and I went to Pyramid. I went for hairdo and she went for make-up, ready to become the devil of the night. I got a perfect hairdo (forward hair style) which I loved a lot. There aren't many saloon that can do this.. It costed me Rm50 unlike the stupid Kimarie saloon which costed me Rm40 but made a stupid hairdo for me !

We reached MOS around 11 pm ...and u know what?
It was decorated in a very eerie ambience, just like it's haunted.. It was perfectly matched with the halloween theme and it was fantastic. But, I forgot to take photo !! What a waste!

And I saw MOS was haunted with 'ghost' that night. Everyone dressed up to their best. I guess this must be the most happening club in town on that night!
Anyways ,just let the picture speak everything ^^ :

woohoo..the devil ...^^me

Guess who is this ????? why she wearing a alien mask with kimono?

Taadaa...This is the ghost .... Harry and Baby Jess =='

L and I^^

My baby Jess with all the Halloween Freaks !

That is jess ,shryne ,L (wearing the mask) ,and the 2guys at the left ,i don't know who they are?

@@ ?? what's wrong??someone was trying to bully the devil !

oops ! a drunk devil!

=='who's hand??

Mr bean ?????
Baby Jess and Something @@?

Oops ,the ghost wants to kill my baby jess XD
Lolz...they look so funny! Happy Halloween !^^


kelly said...

seems like our princess
had a great time
on halloween night .

Angie said...

hi,first time visit.
1 word to describe

Barbie said...

Sexy devil ^ ^ So cute, my princess!!! <3 *muack* and oh my! Jesslin *nail biting* dressing up in komono with the blood on your face *nail biting* I feel scared already hah hah... but Jess? U're still cute ^ ^

jealous already! Seems like my princess had a great halloween this year >,< J/K ^ ^ keke happy to see u having a fun-filled time like that ^ ^ *hug*

Flying Kiss to BB! *muack*

BeverLy's Secret said...


p/s: you will do so!! US is waiting for you :)

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

So mang ghosts flying around!

YinYin said...

kelly " yea ^^ i did...Thx ya ..

angie : hey gal..thx 4 the visited and compliment ^^

Barbie : hey baby princess ^^ how are u there? thx 4 ur compliment always ya!Muacc ^^

Beverly secret : hehehe...thx

JeromeFO " yea...agree with u/

jia hao said...

u look like damn fat...friday supper club

nice9 said...

must have a very enjoyable nite ...

YinYin said...

Jia Hao : aiyo..jia hao...boh song i comment u Fat at Ck profile ady ?? hahaha..face the fact ...U are the fattest 1..if not u can ask weishen ck they all..muahahahahah..and of course..i am not fat at all....only u said that ..dun jealous lo wei....ngek ngek...

nice 9 : yea...i did ..thx ^^

Teddy said...

WOW!! Princess!!!!

ur halloween party is hot!!!! hehehe.. u reli look scary la!

Anonymous said...

wei yin yin actually u no need make up also like a ghost...

YinYin said...

teddy : hahaha..yea

anonymous : TAN JIA HAO !!! enough la !! so lame la u!!!!! KICK UR ASS AR!!!!!!