Monday, November 30, 2009

Jingle Bell Jingle Bell

"The best time of the year, when everyone comes home, with all the christmas cheers, is hard to be alone, putting up the christmas tree, when friends who come around, it is so much fun when christmas comes to town"
(Phrase from "when christmas comes to town")

CHRISTMAS is coming soon soon ...very soon ........
As I said before, Christmas is my favourite among all occasions....

I went to Pavilion few days ago with Kah Yong,
U know what, Pavilion always has the nicest christmas decoration....

Yeah, This was their previous year decoration, a romantic white christmas.

How about this year ?? I wished I could show you, but I didn't bring my camera, so I captured it by phone camera.
It might not look as good as what I saw, but at least I could roughly show you how it was...

Well, when I was walking all around Pavilion, I saw the christmas decoration everywhere, I was so touched, I was so happy at that time, U know, Christmas always cheer me up ...
Besides, Tangs was having a christmas fair, they were selling all the Christmas stuffs, like Xmas Trees, Bells, Xmas Decorations and I couldn't resist to buy some too (although, there is no place to decorate in Ky's crib).... XD

MUAHAHAHA.. Love it .....

Then we got Dinner at our favourite TonyR.

Last but not least, Let me introduce you guys my favourite music album, Sympathique by Pink Martini ....

Mine Mine, My Favourite XD

I wish I could live in the fairy tale..
~ Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle all the way ~
Vic Vicky Victoria

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Luna Then Luna !!!!

Friends, sorry for the lack of update. I actually got a lot to post but I haven't get all the pictures from my friends, that's the reason why I didn't put up some new update here...
How's my life recently ???
Still remained the same, kept telling everyone the same thing, "NONO, do not ask me to go out, I have got tons of assignments to do."
However, I went out almost everyday and chilling all around with my babes XD
Yeah, That's me ~~

I just got some pictures from my friends, it was some chilling session with my babes and another one was ZLing's(My classmate) Birthday .

ZLing XD... A little cute mousse cake prepared by Shryne and I XD

Victoria (Me) and BeeChen

The stupid 1...

When I first looked at this, I thought it was chicken wings XD

Then we all went tipsy !!! XD

The pervert shryne ...and me

Look at the ugly face beside the lesbian XD

Yee haa!!!!

From left to right, Johnson, BeeChen, STupid shryne, ZLing, Cutie me and Jessie

Tadaa... This is ZLing and her boy.

Zling, Wish you had a happy birthday .


This was another chilling session, but only with my freaky babes XD

U know what, we always get tipsy when we go to Luna Bar.

Woohoo...Who was this sexy babe.......
Guess ??
Guess ??
Guess ??
It was the freaky freak Peiling XD
This was the favorite picture of the night man....

Ngek ngek..My mama...XD

I need some milk ~~~~~ Milk~~~ Milky Milky ~~

Wanna act sexy...But failed.

DRUNK freak - Mia ...HAHAHAHA

Peiling ~~ U act cute huh???

~ Tipsy~
Vic Vicky Victoria

Monday, November 16, 2009


Hello ^^I am here again.....

I was kinda busy this month because of my so called very busy for assignment schedule..
However, my assignment board was still covered by the spider net and dust XD

So, what was I busying these few days ????
-- -- LOL ...Kah Yong's 21st birthday is coming soon, and a good girl friend like me is preparing his surprise party for Him...
By the way, what is my plan ???

Here they are:

Overseas Trip

Romantic Awesome Paradise


Room like this, suite with direct pool access.

SPA & Relaxation:

Surprise and presents

I am planning to give him a present on 13th Dec 09, a present that will lead him to the airport and meet me there...
I won't let him know where I am planning to go, only by the time we reach the destination, he will know...
It is his favorite Paradise XD
He loves sunshine and beach like a freak, but I don't, that's why even we have been together for almost 5 years, we've never been to any beach or paradise for vacation XD
Besides, there will be a romantic room set up by the crew in the HOTEL, and we will have a fine dining cuisine in our room, our room has direct access to the jaguzzi and swimming pool, and I personally think that, it is freaking romantic ...I just love it ........

So what do you think about my plan???
Isn't that romantic ???? HAHA





BUT!!!!! TODAY??????????
Why did I post about this topic ??? Wasn't this suppose to be posted only after we come back from the trips?????

Unfortunately, Kahyong's told me that, he isn't allowed to take any annual leave as this is only the first month he is in the company and is on tranning until the end of december.
They are not allowed to take any leaves during training period !!!!

I WAS LIKE : WHAT THE FREAKING HELL ?????????????????????

OK, Now I am lost...I have nothing to plan, I don't know how to plan now...
I couldn't find any nice place in malaysia ...
And and and..... My brain is blank, BLANK !!!!!!!!!!!'
U know what, I am not a surprise person, I never do any surprise thingy for my friend or bf ...
This whole thing took half of my brain juice to did it .....
Because of his company ..
The use of my brain juice wasted....
WASTED !!!!!!!!!

NOW WhAT?????
The worst part was........
I already booked everything !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Halloween HELL & HEAVEN Party @ MOS Euphoria

Yeah yeah, Finally I got the pictures from lawrence.
Many thanks to him, our camera man of the night, for all the photos XD ...
YO YO !!!! HELL & HEAVEN PARTY began !!

Kah Yong met someone from the ancient and the pirate

Woohoo... This was when we got into the Party .... OH MY FREAKNG GOD!!! The club decoration was awesome !!! It was much more better than last year, I love IT !!!! BUT No photo, sorry........

B*Shryne and B*Peiling.... The mysterious couple...

B*Mia and I , de Angel and de Devil XD

AR!!!! The Angel bullied the Devil.....
or It should be Angel from Hell and Devil from Heaven ..HA XD

All the Freaky FREAKS

Woah, our B* Peiling so cool lo ~~ No more freak lo ~~

Then we met the little cute fatty angel on the stage ...CUTE !!!

The stupid me... Obviously ...

That's all??????? HAHAHAHA....
Yeah, due to Lawrence's camera went out of battery, we only managed to took a few pictures there....
By the way,
I was waiting for the photos from MOS....
Hope that they will upload it very soon.....

Scary Scary night
-Vic Vicky Victoria-

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

His Smile..

I was Chilling all around with my babes almost every alternate day, it was so lovely and I love it.
Here comes the hair trimming session! Kahyong, Shryne and Jun accompanied me to Pavilion A cut Above for my hair trim ...

See, she was disturbing the hair stylish there..

Yeah, My freaking long long hair now no longer available, I trimmed it, 5 inches of my hair lost, but it looked nicer though XD ....

After this, we went for dinner and Movie - Surrogate, god, I love all of their dolly make up ...It was so nice....

Then I got KahYong a Godiva, I love to see him smile, and a Godiva can make him smile all night long! The way he appreciated the Godiva was even cuter ......

When you see someone is very appreciating something that u give them, I guess u know how good you will feel..

BTW, I was forced by my lovely babes to wear my bf's oversized T shirt + Boxer to chill out at FULL HOUSE, GOD !!! IT WAS my first time K!!!!!!!
Image spoiled ........................
And still, the freaky babe still asked me to take a picture with the romantic bed ==' so that she could blog it out ~~~~~

p/s : You guys must be waiting for the halloween post, but I haven't get the picture from my friend yet..I forgot to bring my camera again ....XD
Will blog about it immediately once I get the pictures from my friend ...

~I love the way he smile~
Vic Vicky Victoria