Saturday, November 21, 2009

Luna Then Luna !!!!

Friends, sorry for the lack of update. I actually got a lot to post but I haven't get all the pictures from my friends, that's the reason why I didn't put up some new update here...
How's my life recently ???
Still remained the same, kept telling everyone the same thing, "NONO, do not ask me to go out, I have got tons of assignments to do."
However, I went out almost everyday and chilling all around with my babes XD
Yeah, That's me ~~

I just got some pictures from my friends, it was some chilling session with my babes and another one was ZLing's(My classmate) Birthday .

ZLing XD... A little cute mousse cake prepared by Shryne and I XD

Victoria (Me) and BeeChen

The stupid 1...

When I first looked at this, I thought it was chicken wings XD

Then we all went tipsy !!! XD

The pervert shryne ...and me

Look at the ugly face beside the lesbian XD

Yee haa!!!!

From left to right, Johnson, BeeChen, STupid shryne, ZLing, Cutie me and Jessie

Tadaa... This is ZLing and her boy.

Zling, Wish you had a happy birthday .


This was another chilling session, but only with my freaky babes XD

U know what, we always get tipsy when we go to Luna Bar.

Woohoo...Who was this sexy babe.......
Guess ??
Guess ??
Guess ??
It was the freaky freak Peiling XD
This was the favorite picture of the night man....

Ngek ngek..My mama...XD

I need some milk ~~~~~ Milk~~~ Milky Milky ~~

Wanna act sexy...But failed.

DRUNK freak - Mia ...HAHAHAHA

Peiling ~~ U act cute huh???

~ Tipsy~
Vic Vicky Victoria


shryne shirly said...

swt.. no 1 normal pic from me.. next time must be normal..if not no boy wanna kao me after see u all's blog.. ngek ngek..

Victoria Yin Yin said...


Peiling said...

hahahhaha..I din act cute laaa!!i'm always cute!!!bahahahhaaaa